Chapter 109- Grand Adventure: The Tournament Part 2

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When Sword Kingdom came out, Emma easily beat the newest speedrun record, so she had a lot of free time. When she learned that the main team will be playing it, she made her own character.

However, she was still a beginner when it comes to VR.

She tried to fight like a normal person dozens of times in the beginning, but she kept dying.

She became a gatherer and support character because of this.

For a full month, she completed a lot of different gathering and crafting quests before an adventurer NPC requested her support. This NPC’s job was to fill out a player’s random orders that they didn’t want to complete themselves. After fulfilling the request, a loyalty system appeared before quickly swelling to a large number.

By the time KMega6KMegacharacter signed up with the Green Corporation, she was a mercenary guild master.


While the others greeted each other, Emma immediately brought up her menu and looked over the tournament’s rules. Unlike a normal PVP tournament with brackets and individual fighting, this tournament was a capture the flag with up to twenty teams participating. Essentially, it’s base defense where your team is still playing only as long as they have their flag.

Since the tournament is four hours long, the teams are given a full day in-game.

The crafting time for items has also been shortened because you can’t keep whatever you make during the duration of the tournament.

Emma then opened up her map and noticed that they first had to claim a flag.


She then looked up and noticed that the others were looking at her, so she decided to take charge.

“Well, we need to go here.” (Emma)

Since KMega was a base commander, he knew that the place was decent, but there were obviously better choices.

“Why here? It’s a good place strategically, but not that great.” (KMega)

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Elsa looked at KMega with annoyance. It’s been a while since she had to ‘explain’ her reasoning.

“Well, the more strategic areas will be taken over first. If we attack right here though, then we can easily claim a lower tier base. If it’s not claimed, it will be easier to hold with a mechanic like Winter…” (Emma)

Winter quickly cut her off.

“ IGN please… It’s proper etiquette…” (Winter-> 112%)

Emma nodded.

“I’m sorry, my IGN is Silent.” (Emma -> Silent)

They all nodded as the tournament timer started to tick down.

“Either way, her build speed will be rather helpful. I also have a passive bonus that allows us to get more experienced mercenaries cheaper and faster.” (Silent)

KMega hummed for a moment.

“I have a commander and hero title. I can be on either the front or back line.” (KMega)

Astrid7Astridcharacter grabbed his arm tightly before kissing him on the check.

“I’m going to protect my darling.” (Astrid)

It was then Yowlo’s (Lewis’s) turn to tell them that he can contribute.

“My passive is healing. I pray as well…” (Yowlo)

The angel stepped forward this time.

“In the name of the gods, I will shine through with my companions spirit. Set him up with a grand cathedral and not even a dragon4dragonspecies can stand up against me! Call me Berry” (Berry)

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KMega quickly whispered in Astrid’s ear to calm down since he knew that she took offense.

“She must be talking about other weak dragons, not a brood lord like you.” KMega)

Astrid smiled widely at his words. He didn’t know that when a dragon talks their position it was equal to ‘dirty talk’.

The only one left was Elsa.

“Since I normally get the flags in these kinds of settings, I’ll get them while you guys distract the other teams.” (Asgaber)

They all nodded before continuing to scheme as the timer counted down.

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