Chapter 79: 7 Ticks

“Tri-part Sword Style, to transform one sword into three.”

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist first practiced the Tri-part Sword Style.

The Tri-part Sword Style was one of the top ten peak-tier, yellow class sword arts within the Cang Lan Sect. It didn’t emphasize only on quickness, but also required a vast amount of qi as well.

The more robust one’s qi, the stronger the sword art. If there wasn’t sufficient qi, the Tri-part Sword Style would be nothing be another quick sword style.

“Dripping Sword Style, concreting all the sword force on the tip to puncture. Like how water dripping can erode a rock.”

Similar to the Tri-part Sword Style, it didn’t emphasize much on any physical requirement.

What is required, is the extreme and delicate control of the sword art.

The better one’s control; the stronger the sword force can strike with a fine tip that would even pierce steel armors.

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“Soaring Dragon Sword Style. Sword like a streaming dragon, it specializes in oppressive sword presence.”

There is a saying that goes, ‘A mighty strength is enough to slay ten average martial artists.’

The Soaring Dragon Sword Style expends qi at a rate that is at least a few times more than the Dripping Sword Style and twice that of the Tri-part Sword Style.

But in comparison, the sword force of the Soaring Dragon Sword Style is fearsome like no other. The Dripping Sword Style is still dodgeable, but in the face of the Soaring Dragon Sword Style, there would be no chance for escape.

With the swing of the sword, the sword presence would first entrap you and allow no escape.

Just like the Tri-part Sword Style, the Soaring Dragon Sword Style is also one of the top ten peak-tier, yellow class sword arts.


One week later…

Tri-part Sword Style, Dripping Sword Style, and Soaring Dragon Sword Style are all at the sub-completion stage.

One month later…

All three sword styles are at the completion stage.

Two months later…

The Tri-part Sword Style and Dripping Sword Style are at the perfection stage, while the Soaring Dragon Sword Style is at the sub-perfection stage.

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“Eight ticks… Incredible, Yu Wen Tian actually surpassed and overtook Li Fuchen.”

“With pressure comes drive. Previously Yu Wen Tian didn’t have any rival and became complacent. Now with Li Fuchen around, he gained a sense of threat and had his potential unleashed.”

“Eight ticks is already logic defying in the outer sect, I’m afraid there is no one else who can surpass this result.”

“I agree, the best would be to be on par with Yu Wen Tian’s result. It is impossible to surpass him.”

On this day, the area around the Tower of Tribulations bursted into a commotion again.

Seeing his plaque once again at the top spot, Yu Wen Tian let out a cold smile.

“Li Fuchen, your result will never be able to surpass mine. It would only be even with me at best. Your outer sect no.1 disciple is nothing but a title with no real ability.”

Muttering to himself, Yu Wen Tian left the Tower of Tribulations.


“Li Fuchen, your ranking has been overtaken by Yu Wen Tian.” Zhu Hongxiu who got the information, came to Li Fuchen’s yard just to inform him.

Li Fuchen replied, “Oh? Has he? That is within my expectation.”

Yu Wen Tian who is a 5 star bone frame, is fast in all cultivation aspects. With a few months time, it was enough for him to progress to the next level.

“Are you not surprised?”

Li Fuchen replied, “Should I be? Anyway, what is his result?”

“Eight ticks.”

“Eight ticks… That is still fine.” Li Fuchen nodded.

If it was eight ticks, he was certain he could surpass it.

“Come, accompany me to the Tower of Tribulations.”

Li Fuchen estimated that Yu Wen Tian was close to breaking through to the Origin Realm. Since he already offended him, Li Fuchen would show no mercy.

He wanted to let Yu Wen Tian progress to the Origin Realm with regrets.

In a short moment, Li Fuchen and Zhu Hongxiu arrived at the Tower of Tribulations.

“Look, Li Fuchen is here.”

With the appearance of Li Fuchen, he immediately became the center of attention.

“It seems he couldn’t leave the result as it is. Everyone knows Yu Wen Tian shixiong1shixiongsenior brother (disciple) is about to progress to Origin Realm. If Li Fuchen can’t surpass Yu Wen Tian before he progresses, there would be no meaning to it.”

“But to surpass eight ticks result would be an impossible task!”

“Yes, I wonder what result Li Fuchen would obtain this time.”

The spectators held their breath as they saw Li Fuchen enter the tower.

First floor, instant kill.

Second floor, instant kill.

Third floor, the pattern formation lit up and a giant energy wolf appeared.

With a flash, Li Fuchen brandished at the giant energy wolf.

His movement was of an extreme speed, so was his sword speed.

With a single swing, three sword flashes oppressed the wolf.

The light on the giant wolf’s body flashed intermittently.

Peak-tier, yellow class sword art – Tri-part Sword Style.


The giant wolf gave a loud howl, then arched his body before springing at Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen constantly used the Tri-part Sword Style to suppress the wolf.

A few breaths later…

Li Fuchen’s eyes shone brightly.


Visible to the naked eye, a spot of pale red light was congealed on the sword’s tip. Li Fuchen then thrusted towards the giant wolf, aiming at the root of the ear.

Peak-tier, yellow class sword art – Dripping Sword Style.


With the sword penetrating deeply, the energy giant wolf dispersed.

“This should be enough to surpass eight ticks!”

Li Fuchen felt this attempt was much faster than his previous attempt.

Walking out of the Tower of Tribulations.

As expected, he saw the astonished expressions of the spectators. That’s when he knew his result surpassed Yu Wen Tian.

Seven ticks.

For this attempt, Li Fuchen’s result was seven ticks.

“Incredible, unbelievable, is he still human?”

“Legend… No matter what happens in the future. Li Fuchen has become a legend of the outer sect who no one can surpass.”

“Yu Wen Tian shixiong is going to be mad for sure.”

“There no first place in the literal arts, but not for martial arts. There is always yet another stronger opponent!”

Not bothering about the praises from the people, Li Fuchen said to Zhu Hongxiu, “Let’s go.”

“If this child can break the limitations of his bone frame, his future would be limitless.”

Today, the tower elder came for a rare visit and couldn’t help but think about Li Fuchen’s potential.


In a courtyard, an enormous tree got forcefully broken in half by Yu Wen Tian, scattering all its leaves.

Yu Wen Tian almost vomited blood.

“Li Fuchen, you and I will never exist at the same time!”

Yu Wen Tian roared with bloodshot eyes.

Since the day he was born, he has never been second and would easily obtain first place without any effort.

During normal days, he would appear to be well mannered and gentle, not putting on any airs. As he thought that boasting was an action of a lower class individual.

But right at this moment, his mindset had some changes.

Unresign, anger, jealousy, and warth.

Endless negative thoughts gushed into his mind, putting him in a state of chaos.

“Yu Wen shixiong, congratulations for getting the first rank again.” Wu Qingmei6meiyoung or little sister opened the door to the courtyard and walked in.

She only got the news from morning time and hadn’t receive the news from this afternoon. She didn’t know that his first rank was overtaken again.

“Get lost!”

Yu Wen Tian gave a vicious stare at Wu Qingmei while shouting at her.

Wu Qingmei was shocked and had an instant change in expression. She then turned and left.

Only after leaving did she hear that Li Fuchen surpassed Yu Wen Tian with the result of seven ticks.

Wu Qingmei sighed, “Two suns cannot co-exist in the same sky. Since there is Yu Wen Tian, why does the outer sect have another Li Fuchen?”

Giving a bitter laugh, Wu Qingmei muttered to herself, “Forget it, I will not have anymore ties to Yu Wen Tian.”

She admired the strong, but that didn’t mean she had no pride. Wu Qingmei would never allow herself to become the kind of women who gets treated like a servant.

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