Chapter 110- Grand Adventure: The Tournament Part 3

When Astrid7Astridcharacter and Berry teleported, Yowlo took to the sky. They picked alternatives beforehand in case they got a bad spawn, but they were rather fortunate that they weren’t far from the woods. Asgaber also vanished, but she didn’t go very far. Her role was to counterattack until they secured the enemies flag. 112% had a flintlock pistol and several handheld grenades to be used as covering fire, while KMega6KMegacharacter was up front protecting their weaker team members.

Not even a minute had passed before arrows began to fall on their location.

KMega signaled everyone to get behind as he pulled out his shield. The green dragon4dragonspecies’s eye emblem shone with a bright light as the arrows rapidly dinged off his shield. Astrid loudly roared with the level of a mid two hundred lesser brood lord dragon finding her ‘queen’¹

Everyone paused for a few seconds as a mountain roared with fire.

112% peeked over KMega’s shoulder and shuddered.

“Remind me to never piss her off.” (112%)

KMega looked behind him slightly.

“We got married yesterday you know, and she knows what we did.” (KMega)

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If it wasn’t for the rampaging dragon, you could have heard Winter swallow from a mile away.


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After retrieving the flag, she melted some metal into a steaming puddle before returning to camp where 112% already had a basic wall watchtower already built. Astrid then landed on the ground before transforming into her draconian form and placing the enemies flag over theirs, causing their income to increase. With KMega on the lookout, Berry scouted around camp and Asgaber already left to get another easy flag capture if she could. They then built a simple shrine where Yowlo prayed for them to have passive regeneration. Silent was already helping 112% on the next structure, a basic command post. In truth, this scenario put KMega at a disadvantage.

He was never a team player to begin with, and his character was built to focus on simple movement patterns. Even though he does have a few flashy moves, his range is limited and they’re rather slow. His character is more built for solo raiding then base defense.

This is why making him the commander and using his title was for the best.

Asgaber quickly sneaked through the woods before finding a ten person party arriving at a base location nearby. Unlike KMega’s group that had stronger wood and other resources, their base was by the river outside the woods on a plain. As she swam down the river, something didn’t feel right to her as she headed to the base. She considered them to be amateurs since they left their backs open to the waterside. All she needed to do was quickly grab the flag and get back. Even with a 15% speed reduction, she figured that she would be gone long before any of them noticed. As she reached for the flag, something triggered inside her brain, so she instantly took a step back as earth spikes shot from the ground.

She barely dodged serious damage as she heard someone curse behind her.

“…and here I thought I could trap the rat in one shot.” (???)

Asgaber scanned her surroundings and saw that half of the enemy team members encircled her. Someone with a Markwell Empire officer’s pin took a step forward before smirking.


¹ I’ll explain later, but the rankings for dragons aren’t gender specific. Thier ranking system is as follows; The King, Lords, Nobles, then the leaders of different houses and bloodlines. Since the Dragon King personally visited Astrid, she has been formally recognized as a brood lord. The breeding partners of the King and the Lords are called queens.)

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