Chapter 107- Grand Adventure: Emma

Elsa ran off with Emma to the food court just like Astrid7Astridcharacter did with KMega6KMegacharacter.

“What do you want to eat first?” (Elsa)

Since Elsa has been in the GSP for about a year now and mostly interacted with Winter and Emma, she knew them fairly well. When Emma walked her over to a waffle stand, she wasn’t surprised in the least. After ordering some waffles, they sat down at an empty table and Emma grabbed a piece with her fork before blowing on it.

Elsa stared at her with an amused expression on her face.

“Emma, you know about it right? It was written on their faces the entire trip here.” (Elsa)

Emma blushed as she put the piece of waffle in her mouth.

“Emma, I can hear you moaning his name when you’re in the shower. I know you have a crush on him.” (Elsa)

Emma lost her appetite and placed her fork on her plate.

“I know.” (Emma)

Elsa was surprised.

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“You’re a pervert, Elsa. That’s why I wasn’t sure until you said so.” (Emma)

Elsa was stunned before giving off a proud laugh.

“You’re d**n right. I know more about relationships than others.” (Elsa)

Emma blushed in embarrassment as half the food court heard her boast.

“Elsa!” (Emma)


After a few minutes passed, normality returned and their conversation continued.

However, Emma’s cheeks were red, and Elsa was finding it hard not to poke them because they were so cute.

“Emma, it’s not like they’re a thing; they just slept together. You have to go confront him and say something like ‘Take me now, I can’t stand it anymore! My toy ran out of power and…” (Elsa)

Emma exploded in embarrassment and dug her face into her hands.

“No, no, no, no, noooo!” (Emma)

Elsa watched the cute scene of her shaking her head before continuing.

“Emma, just go for it. If it’s not to be, there’s always plenty of fish in the sea. Like that guy over there.” (Elsa)

Emma peaked through the cracks in her fingers to see that Elsa was pointing at a foreigner with a pressurized get-up and an oxygen tank strapped to his back.

He was either a very lame cosplayer, or he was from Mars.


The foreigner noticed her pointing and wondered if it was an Earth custom before continuing to look for something to eat.

“Earth girls are weird.” (Martian)

He said to himself, as he was still trying to adjust to the culture. The first thing he noticed when he arrived was that the populous was walking outside without protective gear or emergency air tanks. Unlike the twenty and twenty-first century, the twenty-second had an atmosphere and environment scrubbing technology. The once-dying world became healthy for everyone.

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After WW3, the world was united under a single governments rule and there were many scientific, cultural, and medicinal advancements. This gave comfortable lives to everyone. After doing away with archaic hard currency such as dollars, yen, and the like; a completely digital currency was created. This currency gradually took over and became universal for everyone where you can buy land, air, rare metals, food, or even knowledge and intellectual property with it.


After ordering some pizza, the martian noticed that several men were at the table with the women who pointed at him before. On Mars, soliciting with the opposite gender is a punishable offense, but he knew that Earth was more lenient.

However, he recently learned about something else that was forbidden on Mars, Religion!

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