Chapter 106- Grand Adventure: Astrid and Kevin

Even though Astrid7Astridcharacter was in a hurry to see the display, that didn’t mean that she was going to drag KMega6KMegacharacter straight there. After entering the building and getting their ID’s checked, they started touring the different booths. Their first stop was emergency survival kits for space travel that increase your survivability in the vacuum of space for about five minutes. However, it doesn’t increase your survivability in the traditional sense; it keeps your brain safe. Astrid asked KMega to make an ownership donation, or a way for regular people to use current technologies in order to finance its advancements. This way, the people that pay to use the technology at an early stage can have rights to the variants, while the creators keep the overall rights of their own brand.

The donation was five thousand coins, which is more than enough to feed KMega for half a year when he was by himself.

In truth, KMega had money to spare and was intrigued by Astrid’s curiosity since she didn’t actually need something like that to survive.


They then walked around and saw commercial space diapers, podless VR stations, then something that even Astrid would have a hard time explaining its uses. Over an hour had passed and nothing caught their fancy until they walked over to the demonstration area.

Just as Astrid planned, they arrived right when her planned material was on show.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you redux rubber; an impact resistant packing material.

It doesn’t rot and has been designed to be inertial dampeners.” (Announcer)

After the announcer’s introduction, a black box fell from the ceiling with a loud thud.

A few stagehands walked over to the box and unlatched a few latches before pulling the box apart. Tens of thousands of bouncy balls came out and hit the floor, stopping dead in their tracks. A figure wearing a helmet suddenly appeared. With the help of the stagehands, the figure made their way to the podium.

“Thanks, guys.” (Announcer)

As the figure spoke in the same voice as the announcer, KMega started to recognize the voice. The figure then pulled off its helmet, confirming KMega’s suspicions.

It was his brother.


The whole demo took less than half an hour to finish. If Astrid knew that KMega’s brother was the one presenting, she would have gone alone.

After the demo, the public was allowed to take turns playing with the material.

However, the line wasn’t very long, so Astrid and KMega quickly got close to his brother.

“Hello, I’m glad you came to the Gorner Company’s…” (KMega’s Brother)

“Kevin?” (KMega’s Brother)

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KMega’s face turned sour, “ Hey, Jake.” (KMega)

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It took Jake a moment to process his greeting before growing angry.

“Where’s the money you owe?” (Jake)

Kevin was surprised that his own brother would try to shake him down in this setting.

“Don’t you remember that I paid it off already?” (KMega)

Jake eyed him suspiciously.

“I remember a large payment, but you still owe over ten thousand coins with interest!” (Jake)

After saying so, Astrid interjected as she stared at one of the black rubber balls.

“According to phone and financial records of the conversation under common loan laws, KMega paid a total sum of 17,650 coins. Based on the equation you supplied and the total amount for the loan, he overpaid you. If you wish to go back even further than that, he has paid a total surplus of over six thousand coins.” (Astrid)

Astrid spoke loudly as she mentioned the financial details so that several people in their vicinity can hear and record the conversation. Astrid then cast the rubber ball aside because it didn’t meet her requirements.

Jake quickly acted to protect his character.

“The first and second loan is different.” (Jake)

Astrid eyed at him coldly. “ Is that so? Kevin, I’ve lost interest. Let’s get you something to eat before we return to the others.” (Astrid)

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