Chapter 161: This is pretty plain compared to other situations.

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The moment I teleported I noticed that the President was about to get caught, so I quickly stopped Yanagi from grabbing him. He started cursing and shook away my hand while making an irritated face.

“You arrived too quickly! The members on the other floor should have stopped you from reaching us if you only use teleportation. As I thought, you have more than one ability.”
“Well, you guessed it.”

He calmed down and talked while being vigilant from me. On top of the teleportation skill that Yanagi has, I also have the space magic that lets me teleport anywhere I want even though I never saw it or went to it before. When I replied to him with my casual way of speech, he stared at me with his sharp eyes and glanced at the President of the Organisation repeatedly.

“How did you know that we’re aiming at the President of the Organisation?”
“My skilled daughter looked you up and found out about your entire life and how you spent it.”

Both Shibata and Yanagi looked clearly astonished when they heard my reply. However, the one who was astonished the most was the President of the Organisation.

“Y-You are lying! There is no possible way that such information could get leaked to the public!!”

He started to yell at me while still standing in the corner of the room but I ignored him and turned to talk to Yanagi.

“By the way, stop glancing at him every second and go kidnap him now.”

I talked while pointing at the President. Yanagi has been glancing at the President for a while now and waiting for the good timing to teleport him somewhere else.

“Well, that is if you can use your ability.”

Yanagi didn’t understand what I meant by my last line and stared at me until he noticed the chance that happened to him.

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His pupils trembled and he looked around his body with his jaw almost dropped. He realized that he can’t use his teleportation ability.

“Keisuke? What’s wrong?”
“What did you do…?”

Shibata addressed Yanagi to check on how he was doing, but his voice didn’t reach him as Yanagi was overtaken by the extreme shock.

“It will be troublesome if you were to escape. Don’t think of it badly.”

I calmly declared to Yanagi who was clearly shaken. I erased his teleportation skill the instant I got inside this room. I can’t afford to let him escape again. I didn’t touch Shibata’s skill because that will disturb the formation surrounding the building and open a path for the cops. The only target he can use his hypnotism against is the President, so it’s not that big of a deal. As he accepted the fact that he can no longer teleport, Yanagi moved his hand into his pocket.

“I won’t escape until I achieve my goal and I won’t let you stop me. Besides, I already expected that you’d be here.”

The next moment, he took out a small remote control from his pocket and clicked on its button while directing it at me. The remote controller started letting out a high pitched sound and nothing else happened. I didn’t sense any change in the building too.

What is he doing?

“Nothing is happening…?!”

When I expressed my doubt on the remote controller, I suddenly felt something strange in my body. My eyesight was swaying for some reason and my head was slightly aching. I couldn’t think properly. It felt as if my brain were getting stirred and the high pitched sound gave me nausea. I closed my mouth with my hand and looked at Yanagi who was smirking.

I have no clue on what he did, but that remote control must be the cause. I fixed my gaze on the remote controller and heard a groaning noise coming from behind him. It looks like the President got influenced by its effect as well since he was kneeling down with a pale face.

“It’s painful, isn’t it? This is one of the countless experiments we had to go through in that institution. It sends electromagnetic waves directly to your brain and blocks you from concentrating. I brought it for me just in case something happens and turned out that I made the right decision.”

“As long as you receive those electromagnetic waves, you can’t use your ability.”

Huh, seriously?

“You need a great amount of concentration to use your ability. If that concentration gets interrupted, then naturally, you won’t be able to use your ability. Now stay in your place for a while.”

Are you serious…?

I tried teleporting as a test and found out that I really can’t activate my teleportation skill. It only makes me feel worse by blurring my vision. I was honestly surprised to realize that I can’t activate a skill that used to be as easy as walking. I never knew that concentration was this important. I contemplated this new information I discovered today with my usual carefree attitude. Yanagi who was watching my painful reaction turned to look at the President who was kneeling down.

“Well then, come with us now.”

He insisted on taking the President with him despite not being able to use his teleportation skill. I watched Yanagi slowly walking towards him while doing my best to not fall unconscious. They don’t allow the target to even walk normally. These electromagnetic waves are quite effective against normal ability holder… but not me.

“This is quite effective…”

The second I made a step forth, I teleported behind Yanagi and caught his right arm while talking in a bitter voice. Yanagi turned around and made the same stunned reaction like the first time, but this time around, I didn’t stop there and stole the remote controller from him then crushed it. The remote controller turned into tiny fragments while Yanagi stiffened in his place, unable to overcome the shock of seeing me moving.

“W-Why are you moving?! The electromagnetic waves didn’t work against you…?!”
“No, it did work. I’m still actually feeling like throwing up.”
“Then why are you moving!!?”
“The answer is simple. You just need to spirit to get over it.”

I answered him with a smirk and looked at him making a confused face. I am still a human despite my level and skills. Usually, I would have either fainted or kneeled down like that President if I received the electromagnetic waves. However, there is one thing besides the skills and levels that made me stand their influence. That is my physical ability. The more I level up the stronger and faster my body becomes. I grow physically stronger every time I level up.

Moreover, I already have a passive skill that doesn’t need any concentration to be activated. That is【Mental Resistance (Max)】, no matter how powerful those waves could get, they will never give me a mental break down, which is why I was able to move through motivating myself and stole the remote controller from Yanagi. I wasn’t intending to teleport behind him to be able to take the controller, but I couldn’t help it in that condition.

“Stop it now.”

I calmly told him to stop what he was doing after I let out go of his right arm. Yanagi stepped back and took a distance from me while revealing a frightened face.

“J-Just… What are you…?”
“I’m a human with abilities just like you. Expect, I’m a little bit unique.”

I casually replied to Yanagi who couldn’t follow with me anymore. All that was left of him after I erased his skill and blocked his plans was to fear me. I could just knock him out now and take him with me, but that would be unfair. Therefore, I decided to propose another plan to him.

“I will let you punch him once before you get caught, so, what do you think about the proposal?”

I suggested to the two of them while staring at the Organisation evil President. Shibata and Yanagi are more of victims in this situation so I gave them a choice. The President yelled at me when he heard that suggestion, but I just ignored him. Yanagi bit his lips and remained quiet before he eventually looked down as if he gave up.

“… Whatever. I understand that we can’t do anything about you.”
“Then give it up alre—”
“But I told you this from the start!!”

He suddenly widened his eyes and looked at me with a determined face.

“I’m not planning to escape and I won’t let you stop me!! SHIBATA NOW!!”

Following that reply, Shibata looked in my direction. He knows that he can’t use his ability against me. That leaves a single person that’s still possible to be hypnotized. The next moment, the Organisation President rushed behind me and tried to hide behind me while looking scared.

I’m not really into getting hugged by old men…

I got taken aback for a few seconds by him before I caught him from his collar and pushed him away. Those few seconds were plenty enough for Yanagi to take out his trump card.

“We will accomplish our revenge no matter what happens!!”

The next thing I saw when I pushed off the President was Yanagi holding a weird switch that wasn’t with him just now. He already pushed before I reacted and caused an explosion sound to reverberate in the building.

Could it be…

“Are you intending to blow up in this place…?”
“Initially, I was intending to teleport away, but now that I can’t use my ability…”

So they decided to accomplish their revenge even if it leads to their direct death. Following the explosion sound, this time the floor started to gradually break apart. All the items inside the room slid in one direction as the sound of the building falling reached our ears. They blew up the base of the building and made the building to crumble entirely. I contemplated what to do with a calm mind. The outside was brimming with cops, hypnotized people, and cars and press corps. The pathetic screaming voice of the President didn’t halt as he clung to the floor.

… What a persistent old man.

If the building falls down right now, it would lead to a heavy damage afterward.

“My life ended the day I found myself inside the Organisation. I won’t have any regrets once I get my revenge!”

Yanagi yelled as he leaned with the floor. The building inclined further and it became difficult for us to stay still.

No regrets, huh…

Shibata seemed to be agreeing with him since he wasn’t panicking at all.

“I don’t care about you. I will have regrets if I died here.”

I recognize your guts, but if you were going to commit suicide, then don’t drag me with you.

“I told you this before. You’re going to give up or I will make you know your place.”

I placed my hand on the leaning floor and took a stance.

“All what you are doing is meaningless.”

Following my words, four green magic circles appeared outside the building as if they were surrounding it. Their light increased in a fast pace until they released a sudden gust of wind to the sky.

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“This building will not fall, too bad for you.”

The green light enlightened the room through the windows. It then gently covered the entire building lifted it back slowly to its initial position. A few seconds later, the building completely halted from shaking and didn’t budge an inch.

This should do…

The place became quiet again and Shibata and Yanagi who prepared for their death couldn’t speak a word.

“I gave you guys a chance to punch him, but you refused it.”

I declared to both of them before I knocked them out with a neck chop. If only they accepted punching him before ending up being knocked out by me anyway. That was the main reason I didn’t knock them out the moment I entered the room. I felt slightly sad for them.

“W-What happened…”

The President who was clinging to the floor until now stood up. I quietly walked near him and…

“You’re the main cause of all of this.”

I punched him in the stomach with a little strength. The President, who didn’t understand what happened to him, held his stomach while groaning like an idiot. He then slowly kneeled back on the floor. He is the main culprit behind everything that happened this time. I even punched him using more force than usual as sympathy for Shibata and Yanagi. I didn’t go too far fearing that I may cause an air hole in his stomach. With everyone losing consciousness, the room became quiet. I caught the murderer and settled the situation. All that’s left now is to clean up the place.

“What should I do with this building now…”

I made a troubled face while gazing at the outside. The building is still standing only due to my magic. I don’t have any real skill that could fix the damage on its base. I considered the option of creating a skill that can fix it, but if I were to run out of magic and faint here, that would be the real disaster. I also need to erase the memories of everyone who saw my magic. It’s difficult to do all of that without risking to run out of magic.

It can’t be helped. I will ask for help.

“Let’s call Lina.”

I’m sure that she has a convenient magic tool to use in this situation. I took out my phone and called her number.

Under this clear weather, the area got engulfed in an irregular ambiance and the building was surrounded with four magic circles. Everyone who saw that building thought that they will never forget about it in their life. However, soon after that, nobody remembered what happened that day.



“It’s insufficient…” ← Yato
“What is insufficient?” ← Lina
“Well, first, I didn’t create any new skill in this arc, but what is really insufficient is the strength I put in punching that Organisation President.”
“You can’t punch him stronger than that.”
“Yeah, but still. It just feels insufficient when I don’t punch someone with at least 10% of my strength.”
“You already broke a few of his ribs by that punch. Give it a break already.”

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