Chapter 160: He looks like someone who can be knocked out with one blow in the head.

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A short while after the large part of the city got hypnotized, Shibata and Yanagi gazed at the area from the rooftop of the station.

“AHAHA!! Look at them!! Look! They’re all frozen!”

Yanagi watched Shibata rolling on the floor and laughing with cold eyes.

“Be quiet, you there. What are you going to do if someone who didn’t get influenced by your hypnosis sees us?”

He then scolded him for his loud laughter that resounded in the entire area. Shibata obediently stopped laughing and sat down on the floor while wiping the tears from his eyes.

“Sorry, sorry. I just couldn’t hold my laughter. This is so funny.”
“I let you do what you wanted now, so you’d better move as I tell you in this plan.”

Shibata agreed with Yanagi while nodding cheerfully.

Just what is interesting in this?

Yanagi wondered to himself as he fixed his glasses by pushing them with his finger. Their original plan was to aim directly at the building instead of brainwashing the entire area. The reason Yanagi had to shift his plan was because Shibata insisted on doing it. It took him a while to find someone who can hijack the monitors for them and luckily managed to execute the plan without any trouble. Yanagi arranged his thought while gazing at the street and eventually noticed someone who was moving there. The moment he narrowed his eyes and took a better look, he frowned.

“What is he doing here…?”

The person who was walking around in front of the entrance was Yato. regardless if it’s a coincidence or not, his presence in that place is a huge inconvenience for Yanagi. He wished he could do something to deal with him as soon as possible, but that’s most likely impossible for him.

“We don’t have much time left. You will have to do what I tell you, Shibata.”

In the end, he decided to execute the rest of the plan a bit earlier and get the revenge he waited for 15 years. Preparing his resolve, Yanagi gave his first order to Shibata.


Saya and I didn’t know what to do since the moment when the monitors got turned off.

“They’re really not moving.”

I waved my hand in front of a person who was frozen in their place and didn’t get any reaction back. It felt like time had stopped for them. Well, that’s normal since they were hypnotized by Shibata.

“W-Wait, Yato-kun…?”

Saya called me from behind in a slightly trembling voice.

“W-What are you doing?”
“I’m checking on this person here as you can see.”
“No, what are you checking!?”

She then asked again with a scream and approached after she looked around her in a haste.

“Can you at least explain what is going on? I can’t understand what’s happening here…”

She asked for an explanation as she looked at the people surrounding her and frozen in their places. Well, I guess she wouldn’t grasp the situation from this much.

“This is the result of the ability of that skill holder I told you about. Everyone here got hypnotized by him.”
“H-Hypnotized?! Are they really okay?”
“They’re not moving at all as you can see. But I think they will be okay.”

The man that got hypnotized yesterday, to lead me to that deserted district, didn’t have any memories of the time he was under Shibata’s influence. So nobody here will remember that I waved my hand at them.

“Wanna try waving to someone too, Saya?”
“I can’t do something so daring!”

Yeah, I don’t think she has the nerves to act that way towards someone who is frozen in an unusual position. Saya firmly refused my suggestion while shaking his head left and right. However, the next moment…


Everyone who was frozen abruptly starting moving. With slow but coordinated steps, they walked as if they were guided to somewhere. Saya and I were taken aback to see them move all of a sudden, however, they didn’t seem to be aiming for us in any way.

It seems that they are gathering them in a single spot…

I realized that fact when I noticed that all of them were heading in the same direction. The place where they are gathering is obviously the Organisation building. They surrounded every angle of the building, pushed each other and crammed the place before they froze again. They stood there to block anyone who tried to escape the building.

“How convenient.”

Their plan was in my favor as well since I can move without fearing the arrival of the police. I can see the members of the Organisation inside the building holding their mobile phones while looking frightened. They probably informed the police by now.

“Anyway, I will enter the building. Are you going to stay here?”
“Actually, I don’t want to stay in this place…”

Even though she wasn’t in danger, I doubt that she will accept to stay alone in such a peculiar place.

“Well then, we will be parting here. I will send you somewhere else before you get caught in a police interview.”

She said that she was on an errand, then I will just teleport her somewhere distant from this building. Saya agreed with my suggestion and grabbed my hand.

“Okay, later.”

Informing her that she will teleport, Saya hurriedly asked me to wait.

“I forgot to tell you something.”
“What is it?”

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I tilted my head and waited for her to continue. Saya smiled at me while blushing.

“Thank you for talking to me about your situation earlier. I know that you did it to cheer me up, but I was happy.”

She looked at me right in the eyes despite her face that got dyed in red. I lost my words for a second from listening to her, but I eventually smiled back at her and replied.

“Well, I got scolded by Lina yesterday. Of course, there is no way that I won’t tell you.”
“I know. Lina got really angry when you left us yesterday all of a sudden.”

Both of us laughed while looking at each other and holding hands.

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“Alright, I will teleport you now.”
“Okay, do your best.”

Getting done with laughing together, I bid Saya farewell and teleported her while still smiling.

How could she say something like that despite being bad at talking with boys? She was even holding my hand.

I stopped thinking about that mystery and changed my mind by looking back at the building. I saw Shibata and Yanagi entering it as I was talking with Saya. They didn’t lay a hand on the Organisation members. They were aiming only at the President of the Organisation.

“Alright, let’s do this.”

Motivating myself, I teleported inside the building.


The first thing I saw on the first floor of the building was the members of the company wearing suits and freezing in their places. They got probably hypnotized as well. The moment they saw me, all of them jumped at me.


I unintentionally uttered that word when I saw them assaulting me silently but in a terrifying vigor. I teleported and dodged all of their attacks.

What is this? Am I playing some virtual reality zombie game?

They acted exactly like zombies. Once they lost sight of me, they looked around them and scattered. It’s more scary and intense in reality. The zombie members were most likely ordered to stop anyone who steps on the first floor. I watched over them in a nonchalant attitude and analyzed the situation before they found me again and rushed in my direction.

“I don’t have time to spent with you.”

This time, I didn’t escape and remained standing in my place.

“Sorry, but I’m gonna have you sleep today.”

I snapped my fingers and watched the Organisation members crumbling on the ground one after the other. All of them looked as if they were having a sound and comfortable sleep. I also made everyone in the building sleep except for those two and the President. I need those three to stay awake until I’m done with them. I didn’t influence the ordinary people surrounding the building from the outside since they were doing a good job of blocking the police from reaching us here.

Let’s get right to the point now.

Shibata and Yanagi should be facing the President by now. After finishing my preparations, I directly teleported to their place.


Meanwhile, Yato teleported Saya away and was dealing with the Organisation members, Shibata and Yanagi were facing their foster father, the President of the Organisation.

“It has been a while, foster father.”
“Long time, no see~”

Yanagi greeted the President with a sarcastic attitude and Shibata followed him with a carefree mind. Both of them were pleased to have achieved their goal. On the other side, the Organisation President, a man with a beard and wrinkles in his forehead looking to be in his fifties, didn’t look very composed. He was the person who imprisoned them in that building for 15 years. Despite not being able to hide his nervous expression, he kept feigning composure.

“W-What are you two doing here…?”
“You don’t know what we are doing here? You don’t know the one and only reason that would bring us all to way to this place?”

After getting his question answered with another question, the President of the Organisation closed his mouth. There was no meaning in pretending to not know. He knew the severity of his actions better than anyone else in the world. That’s why he couldn’t speak about that reason. He realized the dire situation he was put in and kept quiet for a few moments before heavily opening his mouth again.

“You came to kill me.”
“I waited 15 years for this day.”
“Then why aren’t you killing me immediately? I am sure that you can readily kill me by using Shibata’s ability.”

The President raised his voice as if he didn’t understand the reason they are keeping him alive until now.

“You think just killing you will make up for all these 15 years?”

As a response, Yanago asked him again while lowering his voice tone.

“I prayed every day. I had the same dream every night of this very day. Killing you plainly like this wouldn’t satisfy me now.”

Grasping tightly the area of his heart, Yanagi spoke with a bitter expression. He spent every day of those 15 years of hell waiting for the time of his revenge. He even accepted his death countless times in the process. There is no way he would let him slip by killing him a single time. That would be unfair and too light for a punishment that he deserves.

“I will make you pay for the hell you made me go through.”

“What are you intending to do…?”
“I’m going to have you come with us. There is a certain someone who may get in our way, so we will leave this place now. Let’s deliberately enjoy our reunion somewhere else.”

Yanagi made a step forth.

“D-Don’t get close!”
“Blame yourself for digging your own grave.”

Each step Yanagi made forth, the President stepped back until he got drove into a corner. Only a few more steps and he will reach him. A few more steps and his revenge will begin. The moment Yanagi confirmed his victory and reached his hand, he heard Shibata’s displeased voice.

“This is bad, Keisuke.”
“What is it?”
“That guy is inside the building. I tried stopping him but for some reason, I lost all control on the Organisation members.”

Shibata was making a grim face due to this unexpected occurrence. Yato’s face flashed in Yanagi’s mind the moment he heard ‘that guy’ from Shibata. He hurriedly tried to catch the President and teleport him away before it gets late, but…

“Stop right there.”

He got caught by something from behind. He turned to see what was behind him and lost his words from the intense shock.

“W-Who are you?!”

The President who got confused as well shouted that question when he saw Yato appearing before him.

“I’m just a mediator. It’s about time for you to grow out of your rebellious phase.”

Yato declared to the two of them with a sharp gaze.



“What are you guys planning to do after you get your revenge?”
“I will look for a nice place where I can live peacefully. I just want to relax after this.”
“Well, I thought you’d say that.”
“Besides, something like rehabilitation won’t work on that Shibata guy.”
“Yeah, I doubt it will…”

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