Chapter 25: Chicken Talking To Duck


If Su Le were to speak of her useless father, the large majority of the women present would surely grit their teeth and send their condolence.

Before Su Le’s mother reached her twenties, she married Su Le’s father, who travelled away from home to make money before even a year had gone by. And when Su Le was born, Su Le’s father never returned.

By the time Su Le was able to eat, her mother found out that her husband had a mistress outside. When everyone thought that Su Le’s mother would make a fuss, they were surprised by the way she responded to the event for all she did was hire a lawyer to conduct the divorcement procedure and gain payment for the child support she deserves. Also, she did not act like those female leads in dramas where they would secretly cry her heart out. Su Le’s mother was an optimistic woman. She ended up opening a store and bought pretty clothes and nice food like normal. The only problem was that she never went to find another husband again. She was a capable woman. All on her own, she opened up a small clothing factory and the business was not doing badly so she sold the factory two years ago when she felt she could relax a little. At present, she had started a Shu embroidery workshop and hired a few female employees. She was now able to pass her days comfortably and would occasionally meet up with her friends to travel, visit a spa, or play mahjong. It was impossible to even see a hint of suffering in her a woman.

When the locals talked about Su Le’s mother, their first impression was of how capable she was and the second was that she was a enviable woman who lived a carefree life. Only at the end would they remember that Su Le’s mother was a divorcee.

According to Su Le’s mother’s wise words, a woman does not need to rely on a man to live well. Success is relied on one’s own ability and not based on a man’s confirmation.

Thinking about her mother who recently went to Lugu Lake for a trip, Su Le looked at Wei Chu’s mother helplessly, “I got a call from my mother a few days ago. She said she joined a travel group to visit Lake Lugu. My mother is the type who actively seeks activities to occupy her free time.”

Mother Wei had originally wanted to change the topic as she was worried that Su Le might have some family issues that she would want to keep to herself, but after listening to her mentioning only about her mother, Wei Chu’s mother reacted with a smile at Su Le before carrying on the conversation.

Wei Chu knew about Su Le’s family situation but he never thought that Su Le would be so open minded about it. Then, he suddenly felt that Su Le had always been that way, she was one who would let herself live even better and not let anything weaken her. Whoever was able to move this type of woman’s heart must really be a very fortunate person.

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After a while, it was time for the bride and groom to toast with the guests. There was also a person following behind the couple recording their every movement on camera.

Xiao Yao went to her relatives table. It was unnecessary to introduce themselves as everyone on the table would recognise each other. The bride glanced around and was surprised when she saw Su Le standing next to her older cousin’s side. And so, she introduced Su Le to the groom, “This is Su Le. We usually don’t meet up often so you might not recognize her since you’ve never seen her before.”

“Hello,” the groom guessed that the woman, standing next to his cousin-in-law, was probably one of Xiao Yao’s writing friends. He smiled and did a greeting before toasting again.

Xiao Yao took a peek at her cousin and she beamed. Looking at the situation, it seems that her cousin must be interested in QiQi. But thinking back to QiQi’s usual valiant arguments, Xiao Yao gave Wei Chu a look of sympathy. Although unfortunate, it seems that his path ahead would be like a mountain road with eighteen twist and turns.

At the end of the wedding reception, Su Le chatted with Xiao Yao for a bit, and because Li Yu Xiao and Zhou Shuang had to catch a plane to return home, they only spoke for a short while with Su Le before hastily catching a taxi to leave for the airport.


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Xiao Yao who got dressed into a long red qi pao walked towards Su Le. Seeing that Su Le was just staring blankly as she watch her two friends leave, Xiao Yao reached out her hand to poke her on the shoulder and said, “What are you thinking about?”

Su Le turned around and saw Xiao Yao before letting out a sigh, “I’m lamenting about the large disparity between different people. My life just seems very small.”

Xiao Yao opened a chocolate and popped it in her mouth. She swallowed it before rolling her eyes, “Alright, being sad does not suit you. How is that two-timing ex doing?”

“I beaten him up a few days ago and he hasn’t showed up for the past two days,” Su Le smiled while she pinched on Xiao Yao’s cheek, “You husband seems not too bad. I’m sure you will be happy.”

“Thanks for the blessing,” Xiao Yao pushed Su Le’s hand away, “I, Wei Jing Yao, will of course have a good husband.”

Su Le laughed after she hearing so but she sincerely hoped that Xiao Yao would be happy for a lifetime. Even though being strong alone isn’t bad but if there was someone to tackle the future with, that would be even better, “Yes, yes, your family husband is the best.”

Listening to Su Le’s desire to tease, Xiao Yao interrupted, “You know my older cousin?”

Su Le nodded, “Wei Chu is my Senior from university but we only met at the last student reunion.”

“Do you used to be in the Student Union’s publicity department?” Xiao Yao suddenly asked and her eyes were filled curiosity.

“How did you know?” Su Le was shocked as she looked at Xiao Yao, “Could it be that you and I were both schoolmates?” Was her memory really that bad that she couldn’t remember both Wei Chu and Xiao Yao?

Xiao Yao’s eyes brightened and she became excited, “So it was you, I was wondering what was going on. Let me tell you …”

“Xiao Yao, why are you here? Your second uncle and aunt are looking for you. The guest are leaving so you should see them out.” At this moment, Wei Chu came over and tapped at the top of Xiao Yao’s head.

Xiao Yao hurriedly left as she could not stay and chat with Su Le any longer.

Su Le watched as Xiao Yao walk away and shook her head while sighing, “All women that are basked in happiness are all like that.” Who would have known that the usual lazy and careless Xiao Yao would, one day, become like this.

“It seems to me you know Xiao Yao really well,” Wei Chu stood beside Su Le said, “Xiao Yao has been pampered and spoiled since young so it’s fortunate that there is someone who can bear with her temperament.”

“You’re wrong, it should be said that it’s because of his fortune that the pampered Xiao Yao would fall for him,” Su Le confidently defended her friend, “Our family, Xiao Yao is beautiful, smart, and proper so what is there not to like?”

“Our family?” Wei Chu’s lips rose into a smile as he stared at Su Le.

Su Le realised that she had just said something wrong. Usually in the group chat, everyone likes to jokingly say ‘our family [name]’ when mentioning each other so for her to say this in front of Xiao Yao’s actual relatives, she really felt a little embarrassed. Su Le laughed dryly twice, “It’s just a joke.”

Wei Chu didn’t mind about the joke. In fact, it was obvious that he enjoyed hearing her say ‘our family’. His smile did not dim the slightest as he went on, “En, what you said makes sense.” But only he knew in his heart why that made sense.

Su Le glanced at him once and then thought about what happened at the table during the meal. She looked towards Wei Chu, “Speaking of which, it seems that your relatives misunderstood our relationship. Don’t you think you should explain to them?”

“There’s no need to,” Wei Chu, seeing Su Le casting side glances at him, smiled, “After all, they would understand as time goes by.”

Su Le, after she hearing that Wei Chu did not seem to mind, thought that she was looking at the issue too closely. After all, all elders were like that when they see their family’s child with someone from the opposite gender and they would all be curious. But since their child didn’t say anything, their curiosity would soon pass quickly.

“About what happened during the meal, I am sincerely sorry. My mother’s personality is a bit rushed …”

“Auntie is a good person,” Su Le interrupted, “Anyway, it was you who took me to the table to prevent me from being awkward by sitting at another table all by myself, so how is it that you’re apologising.”

After hearing this, Wei Chu readily accepted Su Le’s words and carried on chatting with Su Le. And as for their previous conversation that was like chicken talking to duck, only he knew whether it was intentional or not.


“Third sister, I think that girl isn’t bad,” Xiao Yao’s mother stood next to Wei Chu’s mother while secretly taking glances at the two young people who were chatting with each other, “I just asked Xiao Yao. She said that girl’s character isn’t bad.”

Mother Wei could clearly see that her son was anxiously trying to get closer with the girl and smiled, “She’s truly very good and I like her as well. Seeing how Xiao Chu is acting, it seems he has set his heart on her and I will not step in the matters of those two youngsters but if that girl can really become my daughter-in-law, then that would really be great.”

“Relax, we are all clear what Xiao Chu is like. There are so many girls that like him so for him to get together with her, it shouldn’t be something difficult,” Xiao Yao’s mother was not worried at all.

Wei Chu’s mother smiled but remained silent. She was clear how much her son liked this girl but she was afraid that the other party would not reciprocate the same feeling because it was so difficult for her son to like someone. After all, how could she not tell that Su Le wasn’t actually her son’s girlfriend.

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