Chapter 83 – The wandering diviner

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Occasionally other than the sound of the wind blowing over the sand, there was a slight mule ringing sound. It produced ding-dong sounds, extremely pleasing to the ear. There was a mule, and a person? Qiqi struggled for a few moments, her eyes searching around the vicinity. However she had no strength to call for help and fell down into the scorching desert once again.

Wei Qiqi thought that she would die just like this and become a horrifying dried corpse in the desert. Either that or she would get devoured by the desert vultures. However, she is still alive. She was lying in a tent, a temporary tent. On the side there was a long-haired woman, skinny to the extreme, causing one to feel pity just by looking at her.

“Who are you?” Qiqi sat up.

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“Little lady, have a drink!” That woman revealed her yellow teeth and offered Qiqi a bowl of water.

Qiqi was too thirsty and drank in big gulps. She then suspiciously looked at the woman. Why would there be a lone woman in this vast desert?

“You saved me?”

“Indeed! I was just passing by when I saw you in the desert. You had already fainted!” The woman put down the bowl, took out a piece of dried lamb meat and passed it to Qiqi, “Eat, there’s nothing else. It’s not easy to find something to eat in the desert!”

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“Why are you alone in the desert?” Qiqi continued asking.

“Aren’t you alone in the desert as well?”

“I…I lost my way.” Wei Qiqi didn’t wish to mention about her own matter to outsiders, especially the thought of her wanting to die.

The woman started laughing. Her dried up fingers was playing with her black long hair. Her eyes were focused on the ugly face of Wei Qiqi, her gaze fixed on Qiqi’s eyes.

“Your eyes are very tempting, in the future you will mesmerize a lot of men!”

“Mesmerize men? With this ugly face of mine?” Wei Qiqi nearly laughed out loud. Could all the men in Great Han like ugly women? Either that or they were mentally unstable.

The woman’s fingers flipped, revealed two set of cards and threw it in front of Qiqi, “I’m a wandering diviner. If you don’t believe, I can read you. Try throwing these two cards!”

“Diviner, you really know how to b*******. If you can divine where I come from, I’ll believe you!” Qiqi picked up the cards and realized that the cards had some tiny words written on it. What lousy thing was this, to cheat people. Qiqi decisively threw the cards on the ground.

That woman looked carefully, “Strange, why can’t I see your past. It’s so far away, you…” That woman suddenly looked at Qiqi’s face, “You were poisoned by someone?”


“Yes, the cards say that you were struck by two kinds of mysterious poison, which is a kind of curse, hence you were sent to the Great Han!”

Wei Qiqi nearly jumped up, the dried lamb meat in her mouth dropped out. She looked at the woman in front of her agitatedly, not knowing what to say. The vast Great Han lands actually had someone who understood her problems. Qiqi couldn’t care anymore. She grabbed onto the woman’s clothes, her eyes full of tears.

“I want to go back! You help me to go back, please!”

That woman furiously pushed Qiqi aside. She seemed to be someone who liked cleanliness. She tidied the clothes that Qiqi messed up, “No solution to that, you are destined to not go back!”

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