Chapter 120- The Twi Triplets

While the youngest, Twi De, attacked what the demons believed was the weakest force, Twi Do and Twi Du attacked the fortress city. Since Twi Do had infiltrated before as a slum girl worker, she knew where the avenue was. Her pride was deeply hurt, but compared to the things that General Enel has done before or would do to her, being with vile humans was nothing.

Something tugged at her as she worked though; as a succubus half breed, she was sensitive to humans emotions. She looked around and noticed a single man in a place with a low female population. She was fed up with all the beatings and harsh conditions, but the place she worked at was surprisingly clean. There was even a doctor on staff to treat illnesses or injury, and the place also had security. This wasn’t one of those high-end brothels either. Still, for the first time in ages, she had let her guard down and relaxed. It broke her spirit when she got a call from her master for an update. She had learned many things; the commander was currently training for a few weeks and his wife went to fetch him, and she also knew the average level of the soldiers, their gear, their numbers, and the weaknesses of the town. If it wasn’t for the puppet string caught in her brain, she would have rebelled long ago and abandoned her mission to live the rest of her life here in a place that she was comfortable with. Fate wasn’t so kind though.


Per her master’s orders, she had opened the gate that had been preparing to let in an elite squad of her masters forces. Their goal was to cause a distraction if need be so they can open the main gates. As soon as the first demon came across, she heard a wolf’s howl and she immediately knew about the beast they brought back. After losing the wolf, she had been the focus of many beatings. The wolf and the dragon4dragonspecies; both were strong, but the dragon had to truly worry about what she was told, so she just ignored it. Fate is unfair to those that aren’t blessed and ignorant to it. In this case, Twi De was truly unlucky.


Twi Du, the oldest of the Twi siblings, soon arrived at the main gates of the fortress city where a thousand lesser demons were standing in front of him.

At the minimum, they were each as strong as the demonic bear that KMega6KMegacharacter slew.

With a single motion of his hand, the demon horde was sent charging into the unaware mortals and a smirk of satisfaction plastered his face as a cry rang out from the defending soldiers.

“METEOR FALL!!!” (KMega)

Twi Du stared forward with surprise as something crashed into his underlings on the front lines. The impact was strong enough to be felt by all of the three siblings. As the dust settled, the twenty or so demons in the front line were reduced to mere meat paste under the glaring eyes of a green true draconian in full silver armor. Twi Du then lowered his shoulders.

He was told about a dragon before that was strong enough to resist their master.

“Oh, f**k me.” (Twi Du)

He said, as the draconian pulled his sword out of the ground.

Astrid7Astridcharacter and KMega had just ‘disappeared’ for one of their romantic encounters when they began an aerial dance. This dance was to properly adjust to the transformation that was so difficult for KMega’s normal body and to allow for his bodies natural instincts to kick in. To be more accurate, all KMega really needed to do was grab hold of Astrid and hang on tight. She’s never been in her second draconian form before even though she can, but it feels more comfortable to stay in her first.

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It was simply easier to be her natural self.


It was just after they finished their dance and was about to embrace did they both feel something happening from below. It wasn’t hard to find the attacking army with the eyes of a dragon.

After realizing what was going on, KMega took out his greatsword, causing Astrid to become angry.

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Lazar watched as the two of them danced from their new lair all the way up to sky.

This wasn’t the first time he’s seen it before, but it was rather entertaining to watch.

When he noticed the demons, he chuckled to himself before grabbing a barrel a beer that he saved for himself for a later date. He decided to have it now since a show was about to start. Even for dragons, it’s not often that you find a creature foolish enough to interrupt a couple in mating season.

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