Chapter 121- Demon War

Demon General Enel grumbled in annoyance as his two lower lieutenants were killed almost instantly and one was captured. He put a great effort into raising the three of them, so it was especially hard. He had to bribe his superior with several women to plant their seed in them, and he had to protect the ones that survived from other demons. Only three of them weren’t tainted by his superior bloodline. Their arduous training soon began after that, and Enel destroyed their individuality and rebelliousness.


Twi De, the youngest of the three, had the same father as the other two, but different mothers. He is a b*****d child of a minotaur and a great demon. He isn’t the brightest compared to his half-siblings, but he’s as strong as an ox like his mother.


Twi Do, the middle child and daughter of a succubus. She was the only one to survive the child yearning and the only sibling to be captured instead of killed. Inside the fortress city is a really strong magic of the gods, so only two demons managed to infiltrate. If he had to guess, the c**t noticed that he can’t give orders to her and that she ‘had’ to obey in the city. This became clear when she didn’t die when he ordered her to do so. The only comfort he had was the holy magic causing her pain.


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Twi Du, the eldest, was born of a rebel demon general’s daughter. Like his grandfather, he had natural charisma and charm. He was equally skilled with arms and words. The dragon4dragonspeciesoid that impeded his forces went on a rampage, buying time for the fortress to better organize a counterattack. Since General Enel’s last order was no retreating no matter what, he lost another valuable pawn for nothing.

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Xandor worked at the disintegrating demon corpses as he looked to the fortress city of Jork.

He then sensed a great number of demons and a foul stench in the air.

“Paladin’s; the gods have blessed us with an easy victory. However, let us not forget that these beasts are just scouts and the calm before the storm. To me, valiant warriors. Let us cleanse these unholy monsters from our precious lands!” (Xandor)

As the last of the demons vanished into nothingness, the strongest one that seemed to be part bull charged forward. Xandor mounted a horse in response and rushed forward with well over a hundred elite warriors of Eastguard.

Each of them is proficient in holy magic and was a master of at least one magical element.


J looked down at the woman on her knees with the hearts of two other demons in her hands.

J wasn’t sure what had transpired, but he could instantly tell that the woman wasn’t from here. Her hidden form was nothing to his holy senses. He had also sensed something else; the only sin she’s committed is being born a demon. In the world of Heiror, there are many races and discriminations, but the church is above such petty things. All souls are worth saving.

The wolf that found out this information was rather perplexed.

“This woman is a puppet just like my pack that that b*****d took.” (Wolf)


The blood in KMega6KMegacharacter’s eyes faded as he began to regain his senses and stared at the sword in his hand. The sword that was made from their blood and bodies was split in half. He then breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the other end in a nearby demon’s chest.

He pulled the tip out of it’s chest before putting both pieces inside his inventory and taking out a short sword and shield. He then turned around and saw the soldiers cheering their victory.

With a deep breath, he silently prepared himself.


Suddenly all the soldiers went quiet.

“Do not be conceited with such a small victory! Let us not forget what becomes of people that celebrate a victory in battle and lose focus on the war. Until these demons are purified from our land, we will remain forever vigilant and keep fighting!” (KMega)

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