Chapter 122- Lover’s Life

As soon as KMega6KMegacharacter said those words, he fell to a knee and vomited blood. His body was riddled with cuts, and his armor had several holes. In his human and first draconian forms, his body was completely covered by armor save for a few places such as his joints. However, in his second draconian form, the area of protection remained the same while his body gained about sixty percent more surface area. In that form, he towered over ten feet tall in that form and could wield his great sword with one hand, almost like a normal sword, but that meant he had to shift his protective armor. Eventually, his armor had shielded his joints as they were his weakest spot. In addition, they were also where his scales were hardest. Because he wore armor, his body had evolved to protect these areas rather than more important parts such as his chest. Nonetheless, the attack had been unleashed by over a thousand demon beasts and at least one mid-tier demon officer, yet he could still take the brunt of the attack despite his unbalanced armor.

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According to draconic tradition, the ‘husband’ left the nest to protect it from invaders while the ‘wife’ acted as the last defense between attackers and their young or nest eggs. With KMega’s sudden charge, their respective roles had been reversed. However, Astrid7Astridcharacter was actually pleased with the situation. As a woman, she was uncomfortable with playing the man’s role in this scenario. The reason this situation could occur was that while KMega was weaker than her, that did not mean he was lacking. After the training at the Dark Sky Brood, he had reached an astronomical level of 190 while other top ranking players had yet to even reach the 180s. To top it off, he had an insane method to build stats. After hitting 180, he ‘gained’ the ability to seal his stats. By restricting them, he could rapidly grow them by taking a semi-permanent penalty. This, in particular, had increased his newest stat, fortitude, which increased his stamina and resistance to mental restraints. When this skill had unlocked at the start of KMega’s and Astrid’s union at their wedding, the two had received a temporary buff of unlimited fortitude. So for three consecutive days straight without stopping, resting, or intaking food or water… Then, on the journey back, whenever they would rest, they would spend a little time to treat themselves to one another, which Lazar understood as them being lovey-dovey. After returning to Jork, the rate of these events had increased three-fold. The duos in game sleeping hours had been cut in half because of this. Also because Winter was avoiding him, KMega had not had any further relations with her, and he was starting to feel awkward about that IRL.

As quickly as possible, Astrid moved to her husband, pride in her eyes. This was the first real step to fixing the roles in their relationship. So, when she saw him out of breath and injured, she turned to her full-dragon4dragonspecies form. Taking a deep breath, she cleansed the area with fire. The soldiers were naturally alarmed by her actions, but she had a reason. KMega took out the broken hilt of his sword and cast purification on himself to detox the poisons. As soon as he was able to stand again, he pulled out his normal short sword, which seemed almost a dagger. He did that to not reveal the secret of the dragon-bound Great Fang sword to his viewers. He them put all his equipment away, leaving him with only a loincloth as he joined Astrid. “Hey, you all. Me and the Missus are going to be busy for about six hours. Keep your guards up for a second wave. Unless it is the f**king Armagedon, do not disturb us. You all just saw what I do to people who interrupt my courting.” (KMega)

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Romance in games and romance IRL was very different. Generally speaking, IRL was better. However, while IRL had quality, VR had quantity. If one built their stats enough, or got special potions and buffs, then a whole day of romance was not out of the question. That being said, a few hours was generally still the limit. So, when KMega scheduled ‘six’ hours of down-time, strange thoughts, some respectful and others envious, crossed the minds of all the players who had responded to the emergency quest. Added to the fact that the majority of them were Astrid fanboys, KMega felt more killing intent from the players than from the entire legion of demons he had slaughtered moments ago.

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