Chapter 123- Second Wave

Naturally, KMega6KMegacharacter did not conduct relations with Astrid7Astridcharacter for six straight hours; they were bound by the same system that normal players were. Most of the time, KMega ate, rested, and recovered from his fatigue. Taking off his armor and other items, Astrid placed them in her personal forge and got to work. As a dragon4dragonspecies, she had pinnacle fire and smoke control, so even in a sealed room, nothing would contaminate their air supply. It took several hours to repair the other pieces, but eventually she arrived at the sword she had forged for the two of them. For a dragon to die defending one’s lair against invaders was an honor. KMega had slept through most of her work, but awakened now, looking at Astrid while eating some bread and cheese he had warmed up with his own fire breath as he had not yet reverted from a second-stage draconian. He saw her staring at the sword with grief. Sighing, he took out a pouch he had been saving. During his time without Astrid in the Dark Sky Brood, he had been safekeeping his lost scales, some stained with his blood. She heard the rattling scales and glanced up.

“It was a child pushed too hard at too young an age, Astrid. Let it rest with honor and move on. Whatever you need, just ask for it.” (KMega)

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Astrid looked at him in surprise. With tears in her eyes, she put the bag along with her other belongings into her inventory. Astrid had a whim and jumped onto KMega’s neck, kissing him on the lips. “Romance timer *1 is over,” she whispered in his ear as her tail exposed his lower body.


Six hours had passed since the demon attack, and the city was still in high alert. Yirk had instructed the advanced troops of the outpost to patrol nearby while the city guard duty tripled. What concerned him was an infiltrator. Word had reached him of it; as it was not a large incident, he quietly went to the church where a nun led him to an underground chamber. Here, Xandor and J held a bound demonic succubus. She was in obvious pain beneath the purifying light. “Can she even talk with that much pain?” (Yirk)

The demon glared. “I want them to cast more little lights, but these p***ies refused. I do not give a f***ing d**n anyway. I’m happy to be free of that d**n An*l ret**rd. He’s definitely an a*s man. The number of times…” (Twi Do)

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Her rant brimming with intense language lasted a few more minutes. Had a player been there, the system would have forced her to mellow her words, but because there were none, she could be unrestrained. Yirk listened to every word of it. She divulged secrets about her commander, their plans, their numbers, the characteristics of their special units, and even the fact that their secret weapon was a dragon that her general had acquired a few months back. While he had still not fully broken her, she was powerful, worrying Yirk. After her rant, he was finally able to ask his questions. The first was more to himself than the woman: “What am I going to do with you?” (Yirk)


The city remained in a quiet, solemn state. A great battle had just occurred, but they were told that this might have only been the prelude to a larger fight. Suddenly, a child NPC started crying, and the realizations dawned. For many NPCs who were created after the first war in the game, this was new for them. A sensation swept over the city like a wave. Fear gripped the citizens. Panic and uncertainty swelled. Even the elite guards were uncertain of their futures as they began to become paranoid. Then, as suddenly as it had begun, it ended. “RAAAAAAAAAAARRR!” (>???)

An exotic roar boomed from the center of the fortress at the core of the city. It was not loud, but with no sound to counter it, every ear in the city heard the feminine dragon’s scream of pleasure. What happened next became a figment of many’s imagination of a great torrent blasting the sky, but the sound was real. “ROOOOOOOAAARRR!” (???>)

The scream of a strong proud dragon breached the minds consumed by fear and disbelief. For a brief moment, they had all forgotten that they had a powerful champion by their side. For those that understood what had occurred, they saw their hero unconcerned with the troubles of the future. He had spent the better part of his last six hour breeding his soul mate after what they considered him thinking of as the warm-up act. Every NPC within the city walls, if ever asked of the greatest man alive, would, without doubt, say Commander KMega.


Astrid was spread-legged and numb atop KMega as they had not yet separated. For her, this moment was second only to their wedding day. For her, it was as if the only ice cream she had ever known was vanilla-flavoured and then she had been introduced to chocolate. However, for Astrid, this flavor was called Passion. KMega looked at her pleased, flushed face and smirked. “I love you Astrid.” (KMega)


*1 this is timer not time, as in a countdown timer ending.

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