Chapter 124- Right Before the Full Frontal Assault

General Enel was furious. First, his preemptive strike failed. Next, he had been forced to waste the fear mist. And now, after all that sacrifice, he had just received the order to withdraw. After smacking the imp that had delivered the message, he gazed over the hill where his army camped. Because his best lieutenants were gone, he relied on one of their captains, a young demon that Twi Du was training. This youngling had enough potential to warrant a slave hair while undergoing training to assure that Twi Du could not use that minion to do him in. This preparation would be good enough for that unexpected scenario.


After leaving his chambers, KMega6KMegacharacter went to the food hall to grab something to eat. Ravenous, he gathered enough to eat well, even by his draconian-sized standards. After living in it for so many months in game, he rarely used his first draconian form anymore. So KMega sat in the dining hall and ate his fill. After he was near finished, he noticed several soldiers looking at him. They all wanted to cheer but refrained; maybe he was a little hard on his men by denying them a celebration.


After his meal, he went to the fortress command post and found Yirk, Xandor and J. J had a complicated look on his face. “Yirk, later, when we confirm it is safe and can relax a little, arrange a little celebration for the men and the civilians. I fear I might have denied our people the joy of victory.” (KMega)

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Xandor shook his head. “Nay, your decision was not made in undue haste. The threat still looms above our city. We have captured a spy who turned traitor, and she speaks of an army that exceeds ten thousand.” (Xandor)

Contrary to expectations, KMega was not surprised. The army had sent a thousand demon beasts at them led by only one officer. Because he did not know about the other incidents yet, he had little reason to believe that was even a fraction of what the enemy had. “Put the guards on rotation. Grant a bottle of wine to any man who finishes his shift. We earned a victory, and they deserve a reward. If two days pass without further incident, we can consider relaxing.” (KMega)

Yirk heard his orders and was a little puzzled. However, this was a mere common world-scale event in video games5video gamestheme, the demon invasion. Normally, it employed some predictable patterns. At the start, the demons would assault nations. The weaker ones fell and became footholds while those stronger countries would band together for the common good. “Furthermore, if nothing happens in about a week’s time, I can expect messengers from allied nations to arrive asking for aid. I am not sure how much we can give, but we will do all we can for them.” (KMega)

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An obvious worry appeared in Yirk’s mind. “And what if the empire takes advantage of this situation?” (Yirk)

KMega glancing at Xandor, implying he should answer that one. “This is a time to battle the enemies of gods. The gods will not condone one nation taking advantage of another in this time of need. If you send support to your allies, that would be acceptable as you are responding to pleas of aid. However, if the empire were to send troops here, a hostile nation, then that would be a crime against the gods.” (Xandor)


General Enel watched at the last of his army appeared: a force of twelve thousand demon soldiers, six hundred calvary, thirteen hundred archers and a hundred fifty magicians, numbers exceeding what Eastguard had sent against the empire in the first battle of the war. With his soldiers’ levels in the two hundreds, he was confident that he could overwhelm this small country. However, he had taken too many losses and decided to get directly involved.


Lazar lounged at the entrance of the lair he was guarding. He thought it rude of him to enjoy this by himself, so he asked his father to come over. Since his father wanted to visit his aunt’s grave, he arrived with a few of his queens and strong children to enjoy the experience. This remained unnoticed by humans and demons alike until General Enel made the greatest mistake of his life.

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