Chapter 125- Charge!

General Enel looked at the small fortress city with an amused expression on his face. It was a fairly good location to set up their new base for the campaign. Perhaps King Baal will make him the leader of this speck of land and let him keep several thousand mortals as slaves for all eternity. He snickered at the thought as he yelled a single command, “Charge!” (Enel)


With the city’s forces on high alert and the civilians evacuated, they were ready for the siege.  However, what they got instead was a half *ssed assault by ten thousand demons.

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Other than some demons with flying abilities, they didn’t have a concrete way to counter the walls without breaking them down with brute force. On the other hand, KMega6KMegacharacter has been preparing for a full-on siege by thirty thousand Markwell Empire soldiers ever since the tournament last year. He only had about a thousand soldiers under his command, but each of them was worth ten and had some knowledge about war. More importantly, they knew what would happen if they ever lose; the older NPC’s will lose their identities, homes, government, protectors, and last of all, their dignity. Even their allies were expecting the worst and were planning on capitalizing on it. However, thanks to a single player, they kept their identities and homes. They also rebuilt their government, fostered new protectors, and earned back their dignity. On the other hand though, the newer generation built on the ruins of the old and made something new and admirable.

General Enel waited until the mortal’s hero went to sleep. He knew the so called soul travelers normal patterns from his spy. After a period of action, they must rest for several days. There are always exceptions to this rule, but Twi Do learned that the fortress leader is normally active for three days and rests for four.

To make sure that the information is correct, he waited until the second day into their sleep cycle before making his move. In the opening moments of their charge, his eyes went wide with disbelief.

“What the f*ck just happened!?” (Enel)

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As soon as the first demons got into range; fire, ice, and earth magic; accompanied by arrows and cannonballs, rained down on the demon soldiers from above. For the first few minutes under the barrage, hundreds of demon soldiers fell. The next attack came directly from the magicians themselves. Even though they were smaller AoE attacks, since they were cast over a wide area, they did a decent amount of damage. Since the fortress city of Jork was famous IRL, many players have gathered here to enjoy the rich growth of the city and questing environment.

Without these players, Jork would have never been the place it is today.

After the magicians, the archers started their assault.

Since the Demon Invasion is a world event based on contribution, the players knew that the best way to increase their standing was by dealing damage. It’s way more effective to deal a single attack worth five damage then it is to deal five attacks worth a single point of damage each time and in the same timespan. The reason is because the enemy can adjust their strategy during those five attacks and make it possible for them to miss. However, dealing one attack for five damage gives them less time to react. You also need to take into account their defensives. If your attack deals ten points of damage and the enemy has two defense, then that’s eight points of damage getting through. However, if you deal two points of damage during your attack and their defense is two, then that means you have a very low chance, if any, of getting through and doing real damage. Of course, like everything else, there are always exceptions.

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