Chapter 91: Black Wind Bandit Band

Back at the sect…

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist handed over the mission and took up another one.

This time it wasn’t a low-tier mission, but a mid-tier elite class mission.

The mission details: Eliminate the Black Wind Bandit Band that is situated in the eastern part of Qinglin City. Retrieve the head of the Black Wind Bandit Chief.

Mission reward: 8000 contribution points.

“Has he gone crazy? He actually took up a mid-tier elite class mission.”

“Normal fifth level Origin Realm inner sect disciples don’t even dare to pick up a mission of this class. A minimum of 3 or 4 mid level Origin Realm disciples are required to complete this mission.”

“I know him. He is Li Fuchen, he was once the outer sect no.1 disciple.”

“So what if he was an outer sect no.1 disciple. We have many hidden talents in the inner sect and no one dares to claim they are the strongest.”

“That’s right, the Black Wind Bandit Band has a crew of over a hundred. The chief is a sixth level Origin Realm martial artist. Going there alone is just seeking death.”

In the mission hall, many inner sect disciples were pointing and criticizing Li Fuchen.

“Are you sure you are going to take this mission?” The mission hall inner sect deacon frowned while asking.

“Yes.” Li Fuchen nodded.

“Alright then!” The inner sect deacon had nothing else to say.

He actually took up such a mission, the deacon wondered if Li Fuchen had lost his mind.

But the mission hall’s rules stated that only the first mission must be low-tier, any missions after that was up to the disciple. He didn’t have the rights to interfere, but if he had a choice, he would stop Li Fuchen from picking this mission as he felt Li Fuchen wasn’t qualified.

Under the eyes of a bunch of people, Li Fuchen left the mission hall.


Qinglin City was very far from the Cang Lan Sect, even further than Heishi City.

Li Fuchen insisted on not using a demonic blood horse, but instead relied on his Wind Shadow Steps.

Two weeks later, Li Fuchen finally arrived in the eastern part of Qinglin City.

It was late at night, there was a small town that could be sighted at the horizon. Under the light of the sunset, the town gave off a serene and peaceful atmosphere.

In the only inn of the town, there were several martial artists drinking liquor.

Seeing Li Fuchen enter, the few of them had a flash of doubt in their eyes.

Making one’s way in the outside world at such a young age meant either he was outrageously strong, if not young and reckless.

Not having his meal in the lobby, Li Fuchen instructed the shop assistant to serve his food in his own room.

“Young master, your food is here.” The assistant knocked on the door.

“Put it on the table.”

Li Fuchen was taking a shower in the bathroom.


The assistant opened the room door, placed down the meal, then closed the door after leaving.

Gently closing his eyes, Li Fuchen comfortably laid in the wooden barrel.

(TL note: During ancient times, people bathed in wooden barrels)

The reason why Li Fuchen took two missions back to back, was to not allow himself to be too relaxed.

There was a saying, ‘Thrive in calamity and perish during peaceful times.’

Being buried in one’s cultivation may seem like an easier way to get stronger, but it is not so.

A martial artist needed to have the fighting spirit to go against the heaven, earth, and other martial artists. Without this fighting spirit, even if one had an exceptional bone frame, they would not be able to bring out their full potential its limits.

Within the Cang Lan Sect were restrictions that states disciples weren’t allowed to kill, and that was why there were sect missions.

If the sect missions were too simple, it would not have any effects on tempering the disciples.

Li Fuchen needed to find out his own limitations.

This was the main reason why he picked an elite class, mid-tier sect mission. Earning points and gold coins were the secondary objectives.

The next morning, Li Fuchen set off for Lianyun mountain.

Lianyun mountain was Qinglin City’s largest mountain, it was actually linked with many other cities too.

Lianyun mountain stretched far with many peaks and endless caverns. Everytime the Qinglin city lord sent out the military to eliminate the Black Wind Bandit Band, they would always get away. As time went by, the city lord lost his original drive and didn’t continue his persistence.

On the road, Li Fuchen saw many devastated villages.

Only after inquiring, did he know that the Black Wind Bandit Band came by a few days ago. Not only did they plunder all their gold coins, they also kidnapped all the village’s most beautiful women.

“This bandit group sure is a bunch of savages.”

Truthfully, the chief of the bandit band is just a fifth level of Origin Realm martial artist, thus it cannot be considered a true bandit band.

A true bandit band, would surely contain Earth Realm martial artists.

As the higher hierarchy in the Cang Lan Sect didn’t bother with the matters of the region, it would always be attended to by the city lords. Thus, as long as the bandit band didn’t destroy any towns and remained low profile, they would generally survive for a long time. Until some unexpected disaster disbanded them.

Black Wind Valley, a treacherous place in the Lianyun mountain.

On both sides of the valley were high peaks and steep slopes. There was only a small narrow path in the middle. When a huge batch of horsemen entered, there may be a possibility that boulders would come crashing down from the peaks, burying everything and leaving no corpses.

Li Fuchen had great ability and was fearless too. He didn’t hesitate one bit and entered Black Wind Valley.

“Leader, someone entered Black Wind Valley.”

On the side of the slopes was a cavern, in it a ninth level Qi Realm martial artist instructed to a skinny man, “Go take a look.”

The skinny man came to the entrance of the cavern and took a look down.

On the narrow path of the valley was a youth in grey clothings, walking towards the deeper parts of Black Wind Valley.

“It’s a brat. From his qi presence, he seems to be at the sixth level of the Qi Realm. Let’s go capture him. Doesn’t the third chief like handsome youths? Let’s gift her one to cheer her up.”

The skinny man laughed loudly before taking a piece of rope from the walls of the cavern and tossing it down.

The grey clothed youth was naturally Li Fuchen.

When in the outside world, the inner sect disciple robes had pros and cons.

Pros were that trouble did not typically invite themselves.

Cons were, if there was trouble, it would be serious trouble.

Li Fuchen didn’t want his inner sect disciple robe to alarm his targets, thus, he changed to a set of grey clothes.

As for the ability to mask his qi presence, it was due to his talent in soul spirit. As such, he had long mastered this skill during the Qi Realm.

An Origin Realm martial artist and a dozen of Qi Realm martial artists came sliding down using the ropes.

The skinny man pointed at Li Fuchen, “Tie him up!”

“Let’s do it!”

Two ninth level Qi Realm martial artists rushed towards Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen obviously didn’t give up without a fight and began to struggle with the two and got knocked out by one of them with a single palm strike.


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Tens of miles2miles1 Chinese mile = 500 meters away was a mountain peak that wasn’t the tallest, but looked sturdy.

There were plenty of caverns. In the main cavern was a huge holding area which extended in all directions, setting a grand and beautiful scene. In the middle of it was a large pool.

In the pool were dozens of naked women playing around in flirtatious poses.

But with careful observations, one could see deep in their eyes, was actually hatred.

In front of the pool were two buff man sitting on stone chairs having a discussion.

“Black Wind Chief, my stronghold chief has spoken. As long as you are willing to join our Lianyun Stronghold, this technique manual will be yours to keep.” A masked man presented the manual and placed it on the stone table.

The Black Wind Chief was a huge man with a beard. He glanced at the manual, assuming this was a yellow class, high-tier technique manual.

Although yellow class, high-tier technique manuals were precious, he already had one.

But once he opened the manual, his expression changed.

“Yellow class, peak-tier technique manual?”

The masked man laughed, “Precisely.”

“What do I have to do?” The Black Wind Chief asked.

“Very simple, hand over a tribute of 100,000 gold coins every year to the Lianyun Stronghold.”

“Deal.” The Black Wind Chief made no hesitation.

“No wonder Black Wind Chief is able to form this Black Wind Bandit Band. A man who is able to make wise decisions and has a quick understanding.” The masked man was pleased with the Black Wind Chief’s attitude.

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The Black Wind Chief was pleased too, he clapped his hands, “All of you come over here and serve this lord well.”

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