Chapter 92 – It’s not bad being a Royal Concubine

Within the camp in the Great Han desert, there was only Wei Qiqi this ugly woman. Now that they’ve reached Chang-an, there were pretty and cute ladies everywhere. There was no room for Wei Qiqi.

Wei Qiqi was brought into a room that was elegantly decorated. It had an ancient color and smell. It was much more comfortable here than the big tent. Especially that bed. Even though it couldn’t compare to the big soft bed she once had, it was at least better than living in the desert. Qiqi happily laid down and asked the maid in a soft voice.

“Will this be my room in the future?”

“Royal Concubine, this room belongs to Duke and yourself. The Duke lives here alone in the past!”

“What?” Wei Qiqi sat up immediately. She had to keep living together with Third Duke in the same room? The manor was so big, wasn’t there other rooms? No matter what she couldn’t stay with the Duke. He was definitely a dangerous character.

“Royal Concubine! This maid has prepared water and clothes for you. Please enter the shower and change up!”

She could finally bathe properly this time around. The environment in the manor was not shabby. Qiqi was brought by the maid into the exclusive bathtub. There was a slight fog in the room, emitting a faint fragrance. Qiqi walked to the front of the tub. The maid also followed and began helping Qiqi to undress.

Wei Qiqi quickly swatted her hands away and jumped up sensitively. She looked at the maid embarrassingly. Really, they had to serve her until this extent? Thinking about this causes goosebumps all over her. It was not bad being a concubine, it simply feels like she was being a parasite.

“It’s alright, there is no need to do that. You may get out!”

“This maid wants to serve Royal Concubine!” The maid spoke softly.

Qiqi immediately looked at her alertly and tried to evade the maid, “Quickly get out! I have no need for your service!”

“Royal Concubine, this maid doesn’t know what wrong she committed?” The maid was somewhat scared, her head drooped and she did not dare to make any noise. Her tears were almost falling.

“No, I’m just not used to it, I can do it myself.”

“Then this maid will wait outside the door!” The maid spoke and retreated cowardly.

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Wei Qiqi scratched her head. Really, these women were all the same pattern, bowing and bending their knees. It was difficult to adjust to them. It was actually so awesome to be a Royal Concubine, to even have someone serving her while bathing. Who knew whether women would serve the Duke when he was bathing too. What a lecherous Duke. When Qiqi thought about this she got furious.

Qiqi immersed herself in the hot water. There were many flower petals on the water surface, causing a soothing smell to permeate the place. Maybe this was the highest standard of living in the Great Han. Sadly, there wouldn’t be a big tub used for massaging.

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Wei Qiqi wore the previously prepared Royal Concubine clothing. She was smiling bitterly while standing. What the hell, this was like an opera. How could she freely walk and jump? She was only 17 and should still have a long happy and blissful life. Must she really live like this?

Qiqi opened the door and saw that there was a person in eunuch clothing standing outside. He raised his head to see Wei Qiqi once before bowing his head and said, “Royal Concubine, the Third Duke has ordered me to report to you that he might stay in the palace for a few days!”

“Stay in the palace?” Qiqi thought for a while before nodding, “Understood!”

The eunuch ran off in small steps. Qiqi pulled over the maid and asked curiously, “Is that person an eunuch?”

The maid’s face reddened, “Yes, Eunuch Xiaoyu from the palace!”

“Eunuch Yu?” Qiqi laughed. She could actually see a real eunuch in Great Han. Clean chin with no beard, a feminine appearance, it was really funny. She turned around and asked the maid, “What is your name?”

“Replying to Royal Concubine, this maid is called Xiaotao!”

“Xiaotao, ask the butler Liu Quan to come see me!”

“Yes!” Xiaotao replied and hurriedly left.

Wei Qiqi looked at the clothes on her body. No matter what she had to change this situation. Since she had decided to stay in Great Han, then she should live according to her own design and intentions. To wrong herself was not Wei Qiqi’s style.

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