Chapter 569 – Joyous Union Snake

Ji Mo Ya closed his eyes and sent out his divine sense to investigate.

Very quickly, he opened his eyes, The Greater Demon should have left, only something that possessed demonic energy was left behind. Lets go take a look.

Huan Qing Yan said, Okay.

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Ji Mo Ya drove the flying carriage to land at the outlet of the inactive volcano.

When they left the carriage, Huan Qing Yan saw a huge circular hole which covered several square kilometers; the surroundings were all made of reddish black rocks and with no signs of life present, the hole itself was very deep, the bottom was out of sight and pitch black.

Outwards from the volcano crater, the surrounding was covered in neat layers of volcanic ashes, volcanic pebbles, volcanic rocks, volcanic sulfur, volcanic sand etc., each layer was distinct and define, with no signs of human visitation ever.

Surrounding the entire volcano, was a sea of green; if one were to look from the sky, it would look a piece of jade with a dark red spot in the center, a mysterious vibe given by the volcano.

It also would make men sigh at the marvels of Mother Nature.

After Ji Mo Ya determined their general location, he leaped down and into the volcanic hole.

The circular hole was found to be not deep; at most a little more than a dozen meters deep, and in addition, there were multiple irregular protruding rocks jutting out of the walls that could be used as platforms to control the fall.

Therefore, even a Nine Star Spirit Master like Huan Qing Yan might leap down without experiencing any problems.

What was more, she had also learnt Phantom Shifting Steps from Ji Mo Ya.

So, she copied Ji Mo Yas actions and followed him down the volcano, in a short while, they discover the thing that was left behind by the Greater Demon

The thing looked like the transparent wing of a cicada and looked very light, had there been wind blowing, its flight it would likely been agile.

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Young Master Ya, did you smell that? Theres some sort of strange fragrance? What is that?

With great curiosity, Huan Qing Yan approached the thing and sniffed.

Ji Mo Ya displayed a meaningful grin, but he did not stop her, That is the skin shed by the Joyous Union Snake Demon, does it smell nice?


The pitiful Huan Qing Yan quickly retreated several steps back with a flushed face.

Joyous Union Snake? The name sounded evil! Can it be that the fragrance had aphrodisiac properties? When a person smells it, they would

Then she looked at Ji Mo Ya and felt that he has become very handsome and manly.

Huan Qing Yan knew that she cannot let herself continue like that and wanted to leave immediately to get some fresh air.

I might have been poisoned, I will go out and get some fresh air…”

Ji Mo Ya looked at her with his starry eyes, there was an interesting glint coming from it.

Huan Qing Yan started to jump up the way she came down, but it was unknown if she got too nervous or because she had really been poisoned, her limbs were not as agile as she thought it would be. After only jumping twice, she slipped on the second rock and fell.

And perfectly fell within the embrace of Ji Mo Ya; Ji Mo Ya had not taken a single step and all he did was open his arms and caught her.

Little One, can I treat this action of yours as attempting to seduce me? Hmm?

His last sound was filled with unlimited desire.

With Huan Qing Yans hands wounded around his neck, it allowed their faces to be in close proximity, and her heart started to beat really quickly

How can he be so handsome! Be it from afar, up close or 360 degrees, there were no blind spots.

How can there be such a heaven-blessed individual existing in this world.

The more she looked at him, the more affection she felt for him.

Huan Qing Yan finally understood the term, love has no limits so this was what it meant.

After waking up from her fangirl mode, she replied with determination, What? What did you just say? Young Master Ya, I might have been poison, please bring me out of here.

Ji Mo Yas eyes were aflame with desire as he ridiculed, What type of poison? I can help you neutralize it…”

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