Chapter 568 – There’s Demonic Energy!

You dont want to check out the event? Ji Mo Yas refreshed voice asked as he laid down on his side, leaving only the sideview of that sculpture-like handsome form for Huan Qing Yan to view.

Huan Qing Yan was awestruck for a moment before she said, Go, of course we must go!

Why avoid the chance of having some fun?

In addition, she had a feeling that Ji Mo Ya was not only there to join the fun; he likely has something else he wanted to do over there. Since he needed to attend, she wanted to follow without being a hinderance.

Ji Mo Yas lips lightly curled before he lowered his head and resumed reading his book.

Huan Qing Yan peeked over and curiously asked, Young Master Ya, what are you reading? It dont  look like there are any words on it?

Its a good book. This is a secret manual of the Ji Mo Clan, it requires a special technique handed down within the Ji Mo Clan to see its contents, you want to take a look? Ji Mo Ya stretched out his hand and hugged her, and as she felt the hot breath of his words on her ears, Huan Qing Yan frozed for a moment.

Ah, since it is a secret manual of your family then I better not read it. How can I learn the special techniques of others secretly?

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Ji Mo Ya raised his brows and chuckled, There is no need for you to learn it secretly, once I learn it, I will naturally teach them to you…”

Huan Qing Yan have a weird feeling that his reply was somewhat strange.

Before she could ponder about his words, she suddenly noticed that the three spirit treasures within the carriage had disappeared!

The two versus one fight had turned totally intense; the dragon spirit treasure play of taunting the two spirit treasure illusions caused them to fly further and further away

Hey, come back now, dont go too far!

Ji Mo Ya put down his blank book and calmly said, No need to worry, they will come back after playing.

Suddenly, Ji Mo Ya received a message sent to his mind by his dragon spirit treasure, Lets go take a look.

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The flying carriage turned and went after them.

The huge gooseberry called Mo Si had been blasted away by Ji Mo Ya and was following them from behind, together with the Feather Guards.

Ji Mo Ya personally drove the flying carriage; however, he did not use his hands but used his divine sense to steer instead.

Huan Qing Yan was confused, Why did you suddenly say to check it out?

The dragon spirit treasure says it felt demonic energy!

Theres demonic energy?

Huan Qing Yan was startled.

She had been sensitive about the word demon ever since Huan Jiu Li was possessed by the Greater Demon, and it was still currently unknown if he was still alive or not.

Ji Mo Ya was also ambushed by a Demon King before and had nearly died from the incident.

She herself had also been framed and called a Demon Man, and was sent to a water prison

In this life, she believed she would always have a fear of the word Demon.

She asked nervously, Will it be safe? Is it a normal Demon or a Greater Demon?

Ji Mo Ya saw her expression and curled his lips, Why? Afraid to die?

Am not…”

As the two spoke, they caught up to the spirit treasures; below them was a mountain made of red rock, and as they approach they noticed that it was emitting higher temperatures then normal.

It seems to be a volcanic region!

However, unlike ordinary volcanic regions, the mountain top was made of red rock and was bare, while the bottom of the mountain was covered with vegetations, filled with a large variety of large, tall and dense trees.

Huan Qing Yan guessed that this might be an inactive volcano, one that has not erupted for a long time already.

Ji Mo Ya exclaimed, Hmm, theres a natural spell formation…”


Look at the vegetation at the foot of the mountain, the placement of the large trees there are over a century old, and those are all formation nodes; when used properly, it could be turned into a long term and durable large-scale Maze Formation. No wonder there is demonic energy here, it is likely a Greater Demon had used this place to hide in the past…”

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