Chapter 570 – Itchy, Don’t Touch.

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The hand which was hugged her started to slide down, towards her waist

As Huan Qing Yan had on the Purple Cloud Runic Belt, it was hard for his hand to enter, so he could only gentle stroke her with the belt in between them; the atmosphere surrounding them immediately rose by a notch.

Huan Qing Yan tried to hide, Itchy, dont touch.

Itchy? Where? Here? Ji Mo Yas large hand gently prodded at the left and right of her lower abdomen, each poke left behind a small fire.

Huan Qing Yan caught a whiff of his sweet and seductive fragrance, causing her to uncontrollably swallow her saliva.

Oh god, she must have really been drugged, he only touched a few times and she already felt her body going soft and limp, she was even salivating like a fangirl now

As though possessed, she played along with his question, It itches everywhere…”

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Oh no! That was definitely not her real intention, it must be due to the aphrodisiac poison of the Joyous Union Snake.

Ji Mo Ya revealed a smile with deep meaning, This husband really likes it when you are honest, let this husband help you.

Hee! even Huan Qing Yans ears were red now.

Huan Qing Yan suddenly felt an empty feeling as Ji Mo Ya released his two hands, however, she did not fall but simply floated in midair in a horizontal position in front of him.

It felt indescribable and strange.

Ji Mo Ya acted as though he was appraising an artistic item and started to caress Huan Qing Yan from top to bottom, and when he spoke it was with an indifferent expression, This husband will perform an investigation now, is it itchy here?

His hand was currently on the perky soft peaks on her chest

Huan Qing Yan endured the urge to moan as she said, Hey, you stinky…”

Before she could say the word rogue, his lips have sealed her lips and stopped her voice.

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Preventing her from speaking any further.

His other hand was already starting to undo her clothes, while sliding deeper, he spoke with obscure words, Or is it itchy here?

Wuu wuu wuu…” the stimulation was causing her body to shudder uncontrollably as tears was welled up in her eyes.

Stinky rogue, stinky rogue how could you bully a poisoned person!

Yet she did not possess the strength to resist, her body felt so soft; bones did not seem to exist while her lips have been sealed by his mouth preventing her from speaking

It has only been a few days and he was starting to eat her again.

Huan Qing Yan placed her hands on his chest and tried to push away from his binding, yet the act lacked strength and looked as though she was not trying to reject but looked like she was enjoying while trying to resist, and it only fanned his desires even further.

She clamped her thighs tightly to prevent his fingers from entering, however Ji Mo Ya suddenly released her lips and bit on her earlobes, the shock from the pain caught her by surprise as her body trembled.

He used that opening to access her lower region.

It was already wet and moist, when Ji Mo Ya spoke with a smile, Little One, its only been a few days. Are you missing me so much?

Get lost!

To hell with missing you!

Young Master Ya, you are a just perverted hungry wolf!

I am not, I am not…” Huan Qing Yan firmly denied.

Her phoenix eyes were currently squinted, while her cheeks were deep red. She had a drunk look while her body felt extremely weak and soft. The exquisite image was like a top-quality food being presented and waiting for the gentleman to try.

The flames within Ji Mo Yas dark eyes were flaring up.

While his lips curled up with a teasing look as he started moving the finger that was inside her, You really dont want?

Huan Qing Yan was a wise person who would submit to circumstances, since the rogue has already taken the upper hand, she could only admit defeat, I want. Wuu wuu wuu…”

With that, the hearts of the two immediately started beating rapidly as their bodies started heating up.

Suddenly, a huge soft carpet appeared underneath Huan Qing Yan and she was lowered onto it

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