Chapter 571 – Neutralizing The Poison

Huan Qing Yan felt a chill on her chest as Ji Mo Ya removed her clothes.

Huan Qing Yans snow-white skin was covered in a red flush and as she grabbed his hand, she asked Hey, what are you doing? Are we doing it here?

Out in the public?

Oh mummy, but why did she feel so excited!

However, Ji Mo Yas hand did not stop and somehow managed to remove her outer clothes within a couple of moves, Correct, this husband needs to neutralize the poison, so lets make do and settle it here.

But, but, what if someone comes, like your guards…”

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Ji Mo Ya replied, Good, Little One, seems like you can still afford to think of other things, this shows that this husband is not working hard enough…”

Immediately with a violent tug he removed her clothes; only the two-magic equipment, the chest armor and waist belt were still intact, the rest had been destroyed by his spirit energy and torn to pieces.

Both magic equipment would be hard to remove without Huan Qing Yans agreement; that chest armor protected her chest and hid the wonderful sight behind it from him.

The purple hue from the silk attached to the waist belt when matched against her snow-white skin created a mysterious and sexy look

Ji Mo Ya was so excited by the look that he decided to leave them be, This creates quite the look, this two seductive innerwear from Dorna looks good!

Huan Qing Yan nearly vomited blood from such embarrassment; she had just discovered that her man god had discarded all his moral principles and she hoped he could collect them back as quickly!

If Dorna, a few thousand kilometers away, were to learn of it, he would also vomit blood. The equipment was given with the intention to protect Little Yan! To protect!

Ji Mo Ya lifted one of Huan Qing Yans leg before lifting the translucent silk of the waist belt, seducing her with his actions. Their lower regions were placed together and they started to grind against each other.

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Huan Qing Yans blood circulated quickly as her breath shortened, her waist was as arched as a bow and sounds of pleasure emitted from her lips.

Ji Mo Ya teased her with a hoarse voice, So, are you still bothered about others?

Huan Qing Yan replied panting, Wuu wuu wuu, I dont care…”

Within the empty volcano crater, the structure of the crater caused even the tiniest sounds from the two to echo loudly and continuously; when Huan Qing Yan heard these embarrassing noises, she could not help but want to find a hole and hide in it.

Yet, it also created a strange stimulation that caused her want to continue making sounds.

Ji Mo Ya was unable to endure any longer and with a slight adjustment, he entered her.

The two held their breathing at the same time for a moment when he entered.

He started to move gently while Huan Qing Yan started a ruckus, No, no, it is still painful, get out…”

Seeing that the situation was repeating, he once again bit into his palm and stuffed it into her mouth to appease her.

Within her short while later, her body started to relax and allowed him to resume moving.

Just as they were to reach climax, it was unknown if it was due to their violent actions or because of the volcano was too old, the ground where the two were on started to crack

Ji Mo Ya, Huan Qing Yan and that carpet started on a downwards fall!

What made Huan Qing Yan even more embarrassed was that despite the situation, Ji Mo Ya was still calm throughout the falling process and continued to

It made the whole experience even more stimulating and passionate; and large beaded sweat continued to fall off them.

She even managed to ignore the pain due to the size and felt a unique state of pleasure, causing her to experience a violent wave of climax

Huan Qing Yan was so embarrassed that she wished she could die.

Several seconds later, Ji Mo Ya and Huan Qing Yan reached the bottom of the volcano.

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