Chapter 572 – Brother Ya?

The two were still connected; Ji Mo Ya continued on with his task and worked hard, their bodies drenched in slippery sweat.

Huan Qing Yan had already released Ji Mo Yas hand and no longer sucked his blood, the climax she experienced earlier on had strengthened her bodys adaptability and she was now more or less able to fit him.

The two did not bother to check their new surroundings as they continued their passion.

Suddenly, the muffled voice of Huan Qing Yan was heard, Dont go all the way in just half is enough…”

At the height of his passion, how could Ji Mo Ya properly listen to her request; his eyes had turned crimson red and his actions got even more vigorous, quickly sending her into another climax.


It was unknown how long passed when the two finally stopped and took a break from such passion.

Huan Qing Yan, giddy from fatigue, noted that there was a little light where they were,s Young Master Ya, where is this place?

Ji Mo Ya, who remained in a position above her body by using an arm to support himself so that he would not squash her, kept himself inside her, The bottom of the volcano. Dont call me Young Master Ya from now on, it sounds so formal.

Huan Qing Yan tried pushing him away but to no avail, Can you go out first then talk?

No need. Its fine this way.

Since he was already a huge rogue, Huan Qing Yan decided to let him be.

Ji Mo Ya?

How audacious! Ji Mo Ya started to move inside her body again.

Hey! Can you let me rest! A round just ended yet you tried to start again because you dont like what you hear!

Man God Ya? Handsome Ya? My Ya? Husband? Brother Ya? Huan Qing Yan started a sarcastic spew.

Who knew that the shameless Ji Mo Ya would smilingly reply, Brother Ya? The brother that is pinning you down? That sounds good!

Huan Qing Yan was so embarrassed that she cursed, Scram! Ji Mo Ya, your morals have been thrown so far away that it cant be retrieved!

From now on, she would just call him Ji Mo Ya and never change.

Even if she might be beaten up, she will never change the way of calling.

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Ji Mo Ya himself also laughed out loud, and as he laughed, the hot thing inside Huan Qing Yan had also started to grow again.

Huan Qing Yan immediately reacted and tried to push him off.

Suddenly, Ji Mo Ya mysteriously whispered to her, Little One, do you want to learn a new technique?


Of course!

The more powerful the better!

But how to learn a technique when they were in this situation?

Huan Qing Yan stopped pushing as she gave him a questioning look, and that was when he continued with Dual cultivation technique!

As expected, nothing good will come out from him!

Huan Qing Yans face flushed and decisively replied, Not learning.

This Young Master had said before that I will teach you what I read over the past few days, and you also agreed, how can you go back on your word? That will not do. Ji Mo Ya looked at her charmingly, his voice was enchanting.

So that wordless book is actually…” Huan Qing Yan was unable to look him directly in the eye.

Huan Qing Yan felt that the so called dual cultivation technique was just the karma sutra equivalent from her world; something to increase the fun between couples or used by seductress of evil cults.

Ji Mo Ya was already so vigorous, if he was to apply the techniques, she can forget about staying alive!

Not learning, absolutely not.

Ji Mo Ya smiled, Little Ya, you are overthinking it. The dual cultivation technique of the Ji Mo Clan is very proper, not like those random and messy stuff from the outside…”

I am not overthinking, when did I? Huan Qing Yan was determined to not admit.

Since my blood can trigger the development of your second spirit treasure and boost your cultivation speed, then I also believe that my essence would give you great benefits…” Ji Mo Ya said with a serious expression!

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