Chapter 93 – Duke thinks that I’m ugly

Butler Liu Quan quickly came in, “Royal Concubine, may I know what orders you have?”

“Invite Chang-an’s best seamstress, woodworker, artisan, blacksmith and cobbler over.”

“Yes! Any other orders?”

“Is there any empty room in the backyard? Prepare one for me!”

“We do have a lot, may I know what Royal Concubine wants to use it for?”

Qiqi lifted her skirt and stood up. She cleared her throats and said without courtesy, “I want to stay there!”

When Liu Quan heard that, he immediately looked at Qiqi suspiciously, “Isn’t the Royal Concubine staying together with the Duke in this room?”

“Why are you bothering so much? Must you meddle in this issue?” Wei Qiqi stared with her eyes wide open. It couldn’t be one more Wu Zhongyi right?

“No, this old servant will see to it right away!” The butler no longer dared to ask further and respectfully retreated.

The butler emptied out a room beside the Duke’s. The people he invited were all brought to the backyard of the Duke’s manor and entered Qiqi’s room. Apart from Qiqi and Xiaotao, no one knew what they were researching. There were a lot of cloth, wood, metal instruments etc entering and exiting. The butler Liu Quan paid silver for the materials bought while being confused in his heart. What was the Royal Concubine doing?

Actually, Wei Qiqi didn’t make a fuss, she only hoped to return to her previous lifestyle in the modern world. After a few days of busying, those invited people left. Wei Qiqi comfortably stretched her waist. The maid Xiaotao had already figured out some of Qiqi’s lifestyle and habits. Furthermore this Royal Concubine was not picky, and was cheerful. Slowly, the feelings of fear dissipated.

“Royal Concubine, the Duke will not like to see you wear like this!” Xiaotao reminded her.

Only allowed on

“I’m not wearing for him to see!”

Her body felt much more relaxed. That was the casual clothing that she had the seamstress prepare for her specifically. Faint pinkish sweaters, with pink laces on the chest. Pink flowered dress that reached her knees. She knew that the Great Han women couldn’t reveal their legs, hence she had the seamstress to make her pink mini stockings, with white flowers wrapped around it. Wearing this was cool and comfortable, causing her to feel at ease.

“Royal Concubine! Why are you not staying together with the Duke?” Xiaotao spoke in a soft voice.

“Duke thinks that I’m ugly. He couldn’t wait to not live with me?”

“Oh!” Xiaotao no longer asked further. She then place her focus at the corner of the wall. The Royal Concubine asked the woodworker and blacksmith to work for three whole days before they constructed this weird thing that had wheels on it. “What is that?”


“There are only two wheels. Royal Concubine, how can it be used?” Xiaotao went around the bicycle and looked, feeling extremely curious.

“Let me demonstrate for you to see!” Qiqi rode the bicycle and said proudly, “I intend to travel through the Great Han’s Chang-an and be a real Great Han person, admiring the views of the Great Han!”

Xiaotao excitedly dodged to one side. Wei Qiqi stepped on the pedal and the bicycle miraculously turned. Qiqi and the bicycle speedily rushed into the courtyard. She happily extended her arms and smiled excitedly while looking behind at Xiaotao.

“I’ll perform some stunts!”

Wei Qiqi intended to ride the bicycle and rush out when she bumped into a person who just walked into the backyard. That wasn’t anyone, but Liu Zhongtian who just came back from the palace. He grabbed onto the handle of the bicycle and easily raised Wei Qiqi up from the bicycle. Without saying a single word, he lifted Wei Qiqi into his own room in big strides, shutting the door behind him.

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