Chapter 94 – Is the Royal Concubine pregnant?

The maid Xiaotao extended her tongue and left quietly. She knew that Third Duke was angry. The ugly Royal Concubine was probably in trouble.

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“This Duke just came back and heard that you caused a ruckus in the manor. Tell me what did you do!” Liu Zhongtian sat on the chair and looked at Wei Qiqi with a strange look. When he saw Qiqi’s clothes, he involuntarily frowned.

“Why are you so fierce?” Qiqi tidied up her clothes which Liu Zhongtian messed up. She pointed to the outside of the door, “Isn’t that just a bicycle?”

“What else?”

“Clothes, I made a few sets of casual clothing!”

“What else?”

“What else are there?” Wei Qiqi touched her hair, “Oh! Hair! I didn’t comb to that fanciful rooster head, instead I tied up a ponytail, is that worth being angry about!”

“What the Duke wants to hear is not this. Come over!” Liu Zhongtian looked at her ponytail and the set of clothing. Indeed she looked much more cuter and lively, having a different taste when layered with this set of eyes.

“It’s only a ponytail, why do you want to look at it!” Wei Qiqi reluctantly walked to the front of Liu Zhongtian.

Liu Zhongtian pulled her into his embrace, “You ordered people to empty out a room. Are you thinking of telling the whole manor that the Duke and Royal Concubine are sleeping separately?”

“Is that important? Everyone knows that you are under orders to get married. I’m so ugly, so it’s normal to sleep separately!”

“However, did no one tell you that there are alot of people who like to hear interesting news like this?”

“Whoever likes to speak, let them be! As long as I’m happy!”

“However this Duke is not happy!” Liu Zhongtian exerted force in his hands, almost hugging Wei Qiqi, “The Emperor is waiting for our good news!”

Wei Qiqi felt that her own hair was already dangling on Liu Zhongtian’s face. She was put in a somewhat difficult position.

“What kind of news does he want to hear?”

“Is the Royal Concubine pregnant?”

“Hey!” Qiqi pushed Liu Zhongtian, “Does that Emperor-brother of yours have something wrong with his head? We are not a real couple. I’m already in a bad enough state because of him, what else does he want? Could I really have to fake a stomach for him to see!”

“We can give him a real one to see!” Liu Zhongtian laughed lightly, a face full of teasing.

“Liu Zhongtian, you’re also getting crazy like your brother. Quickly put me down!”

Liu Zhongtian let go of Wei Qiqi and she quickly jumped to one side, on guard against Liu Zhongtian, “I already told you clearly, the reason why I’m staying in the manor is because I don’t have anywhere else to go. I’m borrowing your place to stay. Don’t treat me like a real Royal Concubine. I don’t like to be restricted!”

“Then what should I treat you as?”

“Little sister, or a friend! Your manor is so big, it’s nothing much with an extra me around!”

“However I’m not in lack of sisters or friends. I lack a concubine!” Liu Zhongtian looked at Wei Qiqi teasingly. He was unable to treat this ugly woman as a little sister or whatever friend. She had a thing in her bones that was exuding temptation while standing there, causing his heart to palpitate.

Wei Qiqi suddenly perked up and went to Liu Zhongtian’s front, “Duke, do you have someone you like?”

Liu Zhongtian’s face darkened, “Why are you suddenly asking this?”

“It’s fine if you don’t answer directly. Is it Miss Yun-er?” Qiqi playfully laid down on Liu Zhongtian’s knees, trying to probe something out of him.

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“Don’t speak nonsense, Yun-er is just a lonely girl.”

“However you must have contemplated marrying her before? Who doesn’t want beautiful girls, but want an ugly woman instead?” Qiqi thought about that green-clothed woman. She was gentle like water. She should be the type of girl that a chauvinistic guy like Liu Zhongtian would like.

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