Chapter 481: Five Magic Gods

There was a serious and ice-cold look on their faces. Long Yi instantly felt a dangerous feeling coming from all of them.

The air flowing inside this stone room gradually stagnated. The four magicians who had just appeared emitted the radiance of their respective origin magic power. Long Yi felt suppressed by the pressure coming from the four of them and a feeling of unprecedented crisis welled up inside him.

“Yo, I didn’t expect that you would have relative decent dogs working for you.” The internal force in Long Yi’s body began to surge around as it resisted the pressure coming from the four of them.

“Ximen Yu, don’t try to sow discord. They are all dogs raised by me.” Charles laughed loudly and the four magicians were expressionless. They were giving Long Yi a death stare.

Long Yi still had a resplendent smile on his face. However, the beads of sweat sliding down the side of his face showed that he was not as relaxed as he seemed.

“What level are they?” Long Yi asked with a smile. The blood vessels on the back of his neck were already bulging. However, his back was still as straight as a mountain.

As a matter of fact, he had already guessed the levels of those four magicians the moment they appeared. After all, the strong pressure coming from them was definitely not fake. It was just that Long Yi didn’t dare to believe it.

“Why are you asking when you already know the answer? I’ll give you one last chance. Hand over the spirit tablet and tell me about the secrets of the inheritance. Otherwise… You know what will happen. I, Charles, always obtain the things I want.” Charles had long removed his outer mask. It was replaced by a gloomy, cruel, and insane expression.

Long Yi was shocked in his heart. There was no doubt that Charles had already reached the Magic God realm. From what he said, the four other magicians in the room were also Magic Gods. Although this was something hard to believe, when did Magic Gods turn into cabbages on the side of the road in the Blue Waves Continent? Not to mention that four of them were Charles’ dogs.

“It is not impossible for me to give you the spirit tablet. However, the five of you should relax a little. You know, I have always been a timid person and your aura is making me scared. My hands and legs are not listening to my commands now. How can I give you the spirit tablet when I can’t move?” Long Yi said with a smile. However, his smile appeared somewhat unnatural under the pressure of the five Magic Gods in front of him.

Charles watched Long Yi and said with a sinister smile, “Don’t play tricks with me. I can agree to your request if you cut off your left hand.”

Long Yi’s eyes flashed and he joked, “Is it fine to cut off my right hand instead?”

“Ximen Yu, I have no time to talk nonsense with you. You should be able to feel that we isolated your left hand. You should know that your secret has already been compromised a long time ago. I’m afraid that the god beasts in your dark space dimension won’t be able to help you. I’m reaching the limits of my patience soon, you should hurry up and make your decision.”

Long Yi laughed hollowly. It was not surprising for Charles to know about his left hand. Long Yi knew that Charles knew a lot about him through Dongfang Kexin.

Light, dark, fire, water, and earth. There were five Magic Gods here right now… What kind of situation was this? If it was only one or two Magic Gods, Long Yi was confident that he could run away easily even if he couldn’t win. However, with five of them surrounding him, there was basically no chance to escape. Moreover, they were constantly pressuring him and Long Yi felt that he was forced into a desperate situation.

As he struggled to maintain a smile on his face, Long Yi’s brain was thinking extremely hard. He decided on something and replied to Charles with a smile, “Don’t you want the spirit tablet? Here, take it.”

After speaking, soft rays of light shot out from the space between his eyebrows. The spinning light spirit tablet instantly shot towards Charles.


Nalan Ruyue opened her drowsy eyes and looked beside her. She discovered that there was only Niur who was sleeping soundly beside her. Liui had already disappeared without a trace and only the sound of rain could be heard.

Lifting the bed curtain, Nalan Ruyue jumped out of bed. She saw the lonely back view of Liuli standing on the balcony.

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“Liuli, you can’t sleep?” Nalan Ruyue walked to the side of Liuli and asked. She knew that Liuli was the woman Long Yi brought back. Although she had never seen her before, the gentle and refined temperament Liuli possessed allowed Nalan Ruyue to form a good opinion about her. Besides, she was also Long Yi’s woman. They naturally had to get along well. Nalan Ruyue didn’t have a complicated feeling when she looked at Liuli. It was Nalan Rumeng, her younger sister, that caused complicated feelings to well up inside Nalan Ruyue.

Liuli turned her head back and her beautiful face was pale. She had an agitated look on her face and she said, “I don’t know why but I am feeling ill at ease. It’s as though Young Master met with an accident!”

Nalan Ruyue was startled and explained, “It’s unlikely as it’s just the Light Pope looking for our husband to discuss something. Why would he meet with an accident?”

Liuli closed her eyes and her long eyelashes quivered. All of a sudden, her eyes snapped open and her azure pupils flashed with a hint of odd light. She suddenly grabbed Nalan Ruyue’s hand and exclaimed, “Younger sister Yue’er, take me to the Light Church! I have a soul contract with Young Master. Something bad must have happened to him!”

Nalan Ruyue became nervous when she saw Liuli’s worried expression. However, she was unwilling to believe that Light Pope Charles would do something bad to Long Yi. Light faith was already deep-rooted in her mind. However, when she thought about how Long Yi might really be in trouble, she gritted her teeth and said, “After I change my clothes, we’ll head over to the Light Church to take a look.”

Just as Nalan Ruyue was about to change her clothes, the sound of knocking filled the room. Liuxu’s voice could be heard from the other side of the door “Princess Ruyue, it’s me.”

When she heard Liuxu’s voice, Nalan Ruyue quickly got dressed and she ran over to open the door.

“What happened?” Liuxu asked indifferently. She had just woke up from her meditation in the room next door. When she left the room to take a breather, she heard the voice of Nalan Ruyue and another unknown female voice coming from Nalan Ruyue’s room. As such, she came over to take a look.

At this moment, Nalan Ruyue had already calmed down. She recounted everything Liuli told her and she told Liuxu about how they suspected that something happened to Long Yi.

“Dragon Race?” Liuli stared at Liuxu for a long time before asking her.

A radiance streaked across Liuxu’s eyes when she stared at Liuli. She could feel an unusual aura coming from Liuli.

All of a sudden, Liuxu’s body trembled and her body emitted a black and gold radiance. The two rays of light made peculiar lines on the ground which formed a strange magic array.

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“Long Yi truly met with an accident!” The expression of Liuxu changed. She immediately entered the magic array. At the same time, Liuli and Nalan Ruyue charged into the magic array behind Liuxu. The three women who entered the array instantly disappeared from the room.

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