Chapter 480: The magic array in the secret room, murderous intentions

Long Yi was startled. Rubbing his nose, he had else to say to the girl. He allowed her to leave the room, leaving Mist Fairy and himself in the room. Long Yi walked over to the bedside and sat down as he stared at Mist Fairy who was still in a coma. It seemed like this woman was sufficiently mysterious. Other than Mu Hanyan, he was afraid that no one else knew about her existence.

As for the identity of Mu Hanyan and Mist Fairy, Long Yi was very curious about them. However, it was not that he didn’t want to investigate their backgrounds. It was just that he had no way to investigate. Skynet Intelligence Organization had been investigating Mu Hanyan for several years now and they had yet to dig out any useful information. She seemed to have appeared on Blue Waves Continent ten years ago out of thin air. She used her ample funds to establish Beauty Shop. Her store sold female clothing which was sought after by lots of women. In just a few years’ time, Beauty Shop opened up their branch stores in every part of the continent.

Thinking about Mu Hanyan’s appearance, Mist Fairy’s appearance was more sudden. No one had seen her before the change in rule happened in the Nalan Empire. Even Skynet had no information on her. However, Long Yi didn’t know why, but whenever he saw her, he would feel a strong sense of familiarity. The problem was that no matter how he thought about it, he couldn’t find a reason for the way he felt.

“I hope that you two are friends, not enemies.” Long Yi talked to himself. Regarding the matters he could not wrap his head around, he had no choice but to be careful and alert. Mu Hanyan was the first woman who was able to confuse Long Yi. He had no idea where their relationship started and the feelings between them were even more confusing. Were they lovers? Friends? Or were they enemies? He had no idea.

After thinking about it for a long time, Long Yi had even more questions. He thought about why Bai Yu was following Mist Fairy instead of Mu Hanyan. Unless Mu Hanyan gave Bai Yu instructions to follow Mist Fairy, it should not be beside Mist Fairy at all. Could it be that Bai Yu was actually Mist Fairy’s magic pet? When Long Yi thought about it, Mist Fairy was more suitable to be Bai Yu’s owner as Bai Yu was an extremely noble magic pet.

When Long Yi was deep in his thoughts, Mist Fairy who was in a coma, knitted her brows and a groan escaped her lips. Her complexion became even paler and beads of sweat rolled down her forehead. Her petite body convulsed and trembled. Anyone who saw this could understand that she was in great pain right now.

Long Yi sympathized with her in his heart. He placed his fingertip on her forehead and injected his spirit power to help her ease her pain.

Mist Fairy gritted her teeth and suddenly reached out her jade hand to grab onto Long Yi’s hand. She then struggled to sit up on the bed. When he saw that she was trying so hard, Long Yi decided to help her.

Puff, Mist Fairy vomited a mouthful of blood which dyed the whole brocade quilt red. It appeared just like a red flower bursting into a bloom in the middle of a snowfield. It was beautiful and desolate at the same time.

Long Yi was flabbergasted. Misy Fairy’s injury should be more serious than he thought. Long Yi immediately injected a powerful internal force into Mist Fairy in order to protect her heart meridians. He quickly poked the acupoint between her chest and her abdomen.

Mist Fairy’s trembling body eventually calmed down. Her eyelids moved and she opened her eyes with great difficulty. Those noble and beautiful eyes which were once dazzling were dim and lusterless. However, the tenacious aura around her was still the same.

When she saw the concerned expression on Long Yi’s face, Mist Fairy’s expression fluctuated. She forced a smile on her face with much difficulty and she said, “The opposite wall…… The magic lamp on it is a mechanism. You… You should hold onto the lampstand and turn it three times towards the left. After that, turn it three times towards the right. Carry me into that secret room…”

After hearing what Mist Fairy said, Long Yi didn’t think too much about it. He carried her and used the method she said to turn the lampstand on the wall. The wall slid open all of a sudden. He remembered that Mu Hanyan came out from this room the last time he was here.

In the room, Long Yi saw that there was a long flight of stairs leading underground. There were magic lamps on both sides illuminating the path. After walking to the bottom of the stairs, Long Yi saw that there was a stone room which was closed. Long Yi opened the stone room according to the instruction of Mist Fairy. Inside the room, other than a stone platform and a small magic lamp, there was nothing else.

Long Yi placed Mist Fairy on that stone platform and Mist Fairy sat cross-legged on it. When he saw the complicated and mysterious lines on the stone platform, a hint of surprise flashed in Long Yi’s eyes. If he was not mistaken, an extremely complicated magic array was engraved on this stone platform. There were circular grooves on it where magic cores or such things should be placed in order to activate the magic array.

“Thank you, Ximen Yu. You can leave now. I am going to use a secret technique to heal my injuries. If you meet Mu Hanyan, you can tell her everything without hiding anything.” Mist Fairy already seemed a lot better after sitting on the stone platform. The hidden meaning behind her words was definitely to tell Long Yi to get out. He knew that there was no chance for him to stay in the stone room any longer.

Long Yi swept his gaze around the secret room and said with a smile, “Then, I will not bother you any longer. You can heal yourself slowly. This kind of injury to the soul is not a joke.”

“Thank you for your concern.” Mist Fairy said. After speaking, she didn’t bother with Long Yi any longer. She closed her eyes and emitted a purple mist around her. The mist rotated around her and it seemed as though it possessed intelligence.

Long Yi stared at Mist Fairy for a long time before he turned around. He slowly walked out of the room.

Just when the door of the stone room was about to shut behind him, Long Yi heard Mist Fairy’s voice again, “Be careful of Light Pope.”

Long Yi was startled. Could it be that the Light Pope was the one who injured Mist Fairy? Unless that Light God was still possessing Charles, it was impossible for Charles to injure Mist Fairy like this. However, didn’t the Light God said that he was unable to possess Charles’ body for a long time?

“Strange, I should ask Mist Fairy about what she meant by that…” Long Yi couldn’t afford to leave without getting an explanation about the Light Pope. He used the method which Mist Fairy taught him a moment ago to open the door. However, he discovered that the door didn’t even budge.

“A wily hare has three burrows… Sure enough, I’m all by myself now.” Long Yi’s eyes shone. He felt that the thinking of this Mist Fairy was truly not inferior to Mu Hanyan’s. It seemed like birds of the same feather flock together.

Inside the stone room, after Long Yi left, Mist Fairy retracted the purple mist around her. Her jade hand dazzled and a stone with lustrous and transparent light circulating inside it appeared in her hand. She inlaid this stone into that groove and the mysterious pattern carved on the stone platform instantly began to circulate. In the next moment, a myriad of lights flashed inside the stone room. When the light disappeared, Mist Fairy, who was one that stone platform, had also disappeared without a trace.


Strange… This is really strange. Long Yi was pondering with a frown as he flew towards the imperial palace. He thought about everything from the start to the end, He felt as though he grasped onto something. However, when he was about to gain insight about the matter, he would suddenly lose all the clues in his head. Whenever he thought about how close he was to figuring it out, he would be depressed.

Mist Fairy told him to be careful of the Light Pope, what does that mean? Didn’t the Light God say that Charles would keep quiet for at least ten years? Could it be that he was speaking nonsense?

When Long Yi returned to the imperial palace, he discovered that the entire palace was brightly lit. He remembered that the entire imperial palace was immersed in slumber when he had left.

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“Young Master, you are back.” When Long Yi entered the sleeping quarter, Liuli stood up from the sofa and greeted him.

Long Yi wrapped his hands around Liuli’s soft waist and asked, “What is going on here? Where is Yue’er?”

“Young Master, Yue’er had said that you should go to the hall when you return. They say that the people from the Light Church have been looking for you for an urgent matter.” Liuli said.

They were here again? Long Yi was confused in his heart and thought about Mist Fairy’s words. Could it be that accurate? Long Yi subconsciously became alert. In any case, he wouldn’t lose anything to be more careful.

When he arrived at the hall, there were several priests standing in the middle of the room. Sure enough, they were dispatched by Charles to look for him. They said that it was an urgent matter and the Light Pope wanted to summon Long Yi to the Light Church as quickly as possible.

Long Yi didn’t think too much and decided to go to the Light Church to take a look. He wanted to know what was going on. Even if the Light Pope want to harm him, it was not difficult for him to escape relying on his current strength. Unless Charles was still possessed by the Light God, otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to stop Long Yi.

The rain was still falling and when Long Yi looked at the Light Church while he was in the sky, the Light Church looked ghastly and strange with several milky white lamps illuminating its surroundings in this weather.

In the same stone room, Charles was standing there but the soul was different. At first glance, Long Yi knew that this was the case. Clearly, the Light God that had possessed Charles had already withdrawn. Charles was currently in possession of his real body.

The stone door closed but Charles stared at Long Yi without uttering a word. The atmosphere around became tense as the both of them had a stare down against each other.

“Charles, I am truly incompetent and powerless. I can’t help you with the inheritance of the spirit tablet. You should go and beg the Light God.” Long Yi made the opening statement with the exact same words he used the last time.

A trace of a cold smile appeared on the corner of Charles’ mouth. His mighty aura suddenly burst out of his body and covered the entire room. He appeared as though he was a violent storm about to destroy Long Yi.

Long Yi’s heart tightened, but the smile on his face became wider. He understood that the Light God had cheated him. Charles was not going to be silent for ten years… Does his appearance now look like someone who was about to be silent for ten years?

Long Yi neither retreated nor dodged and his smile became even more magnificent. However, his eyes had turned ice-cold as he forcefully resisted the pressure coming from Charles.

“Anyone that vainly attempts to control me will pay a heavy price. Ximen Yu, tactfully return the light spirit tablet and tell me the secret of the inheritance. Otherwise, I’ll not only kill you. I’ll make your Ximen Clan and everyone related to you die. The Light Church will use all of its power to destroy them.” Charles gave a sinister laugh and it was clear that he had gone crazy.

The entire body of Long Yi suddenly stretched taut and he tightened his fists. He could clearly see that Charles wanted to kill him. However, Charles wasn’t the only with a killing intent right now. Long Yi never felt so much rage in him before. He swore to himself that he would kill Charles no matter what. This was because the situation had already changed for the worst. As long as Charles was still alive, everyone around him would not have a good life.

“Do you think you can kill me?” Long Yi laughed mockingly. A trifling Magic God wished to kill him? Charles was truly underestimating Long Yi.

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“Of course I can’t kill you alone. However what about them? What if we joined forces?” After Charles spoke, the four corners of the stone room flashed with white light and four old men appeared in the room. They were wearing water, earth, fire, and dark magic robes respectively.

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