Chapter 479: Who injured Mist Fairy?

Long Yi who was feeling so much pleasure that his soul flew to the ninth heaven was startled by Nalan Ruyue’s sudden intrusion. He had no idea how to respond to her sudden intrusion into the bathroom. As for the Little Lolita, she was still moving her small head up and down. She focused all her attention on ** and she didn’t notice Nalan Ruyue’s arrival.

“You…… You two!” Nalan Ruyue was extremely furious when she saw what was going on between her younger sister and her husband. She was so angry that she was almost able to breathe out a fire. She placed her hands on the door frame to support herself and she was speechless.

When she heard Nalan Ruyue’s voice, the Little Lolita realized that something was wrong and her charming body stiffened. She spat out the big fellow and turned her head to look at Nalan Ruyue. She still had some glittering milky white liquid flowing down from the corner of her mouth when she turned her head. Nalan Rumeng instantly knew that she wouldn’t be able to explain herself with just words anymore.

“Big sister, I……” The Little Lolita mumbled and she used her little hand to cover her mouth. As she had been sucking for quite some time now, her jaws were stiff and numb.

“Why are you still here? Hurry up and get out.” Nalan Ruyue furiously scolded Nalan Rumeng. She was angry in her heart but her body was limp.

“No, I am not leaving!” Although this Little Lolita feared the majestic aura coming from her big sister, she was filled with courage right now. She shrunk behind Long Yi and stuck her tongue out towards Nalan Ruyue.

Nalan Ruyue gritted her teeth and walked further into the bathroom. She wanted to drag Nalan Rumeng out of the bathroom. It wasn’t entirely correct to say that Nalan Ruyue was jealous of Nalan Rumeng. It was more like she cared for the younger sister. However, there was definitely some jealousy in her heart right now. Although she was already prepared to serve the same husband together with her younger sister, complicated feelings appeared in her heart when she saw that her younger sister was already serving her husband.

When Nalan Ruyue was about to grab onto Nalan Rumeng, Long Yi came back to his senses. He was somewhat surprised by Nalan Ruyue’s reaction. In the past, Nalan Ruyue and Wushuang had slept with him together. Moreover, the Little Lolita was her younger sister. As such, she shouldn’t be so jealous. Pulling Nalan Ruyue into his bosom, Long Yi threw caution to the wind and kissed her lips.

As for the Little Lolita, she mischievously opened the magic shower device. Water suddenly came out of the shower device and it drenched the two of them.

Nalan Ruyue had basically no immunity towards the hot kiss Long Yi gave her. After his tongue skillfully entered her mouth, her entire body turned limp and weak. Long Yi was able to do whatever he wanted in her mouth.

Since matters have reached this stage, Long Yi decided to follow through with his actions no matter the consequence. He got rid of the drenched clothing on Nalan Ruyue’s body while kissing her. Before long, everyone in the bathroom was naked.

Nalan Ruyue’s figure was completely different from Nalan Rumeng’s. Nalan Rumeng had an unripe figure, but Nalan Ruyue had the body of a mature woman. After Long Yi’s constant guidance, Nalan Ruyue had developed a mature charm. Her snow white full ** were very elastic and her plump and smooth buttocks were quite attractive. The burning hot breath and passionate moans coming from Nalan Ruyue’s mouth were quite alluring. She could trigger the brutish nature of men.

Nalan Ruyue placed her hands on the white marble wall and stuck up her snow buttocks. As for Long Yi, he stood behind her and sprinted rapidly. Her buttocks made waves after waves, and moans constantly escaped her lips. At this moment, Long Yi was feeling so much pleasure that he felt as if his soul was flying away. Among all his women, Nalan Ruyue could be ranked quite high.

The Little Lolita was dumbstruck as she stared at the lovemaking session between Long Yi and her big sister in front of her. Currently, there was nothing in her mind and her eyes were glued onto Long Yi’s actions. She didn’t blink a single time when she stared at him. It seemed as though she was shocked. Of course, the Little Lolita wasn’t the only one who was dumbstruck. When Nalan Ruyue entered the bathroom, she did not close the door. As such, Liuli who was outside the bathroom saw everything. From the very beginning when Long Yi ejaculated inside the Little Lolita’s mouth, to the point where Long Yi started taking Nalan Ruyue from behind. She had never imagined that the matter between men and women could be so licentious. It seemed as though her adulthood ceremony which was carried out on the surface of the water yesterday was only the appetizer.

The amorous feelings were overflowing and went completely out of hand. In the end, Long Yi didn’t take the virginity of the Little Lolita. However, he grabbed Liuli who was standing outside the bathroom. After pulling Liuli into the bathroom, the battle between one dragon and two phoenixes began. In addition, one little girl was cheering from the side. One could well imagine how intense this battle between a man and two women became.

After a long time, Long Yi hugged the two of them and he was extremely tired. He was so tired that he wasn’t able to move his toes. As for Nalan Ruyue and Liuli, they were lying inside the bathtub in Long Yi’s embrace. The Little Lolita was unable to endure till the end and had already disappeared in the middle of their battle.

“My husband, you are really a scoundrel! You are always taking cheap advantages of people.” Nalan Ruyue half opened her blurred eyes and lightly bit Long Yi’s chest.

“If you don’t let me take advantage of you, would you let other people take advantage of you?” Long Yi complacently said as his big hands softly kneaded and pinched the buttocks of the two women around him.

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Nalan Ruyue was startled. She knew he was right. If she didn’t let him take advantage of her, who should she let? She was somewhat confused when she saw Long Yi and Nalan Rumeng in the bathroom just now. Her state of mind became complicated when she pushed open the door of the bathroom. Could it be that she took it to heart because Nalan Rumeng was her younger sister? Although women should only marry after turning 15 according to the customs of the Blue Waves Continent, there were many girls who got married before they turned 15. Could it be that she insisted for Long Yi to wait for Nalan Rumeng to turn 15 as she was jealous of her younger sister?

This was also a question in Long Yi’s mind. However, he didn’t say anything about it. He knew that the mood of women could change at any moment. Some minor change in their feelings would cause their mood to fluctuate. Long Yi didn’t worry too much about it.

Perhaps because they served Long Yi together just a moment ago, Nalan Ruyue and Liuli quickly became very close. Nalan Ruyue was an intelligent woman. Seeing as Long Yi was unwilling to talk about Liuli’s origins, she didn’t ask too much about it.


All of a sudden, dark clouds covered the magnificent starry summer night. Lightning started to flash and thunder roared. A heavy downpour started and the temperature instantly dropped. It became a cool and comfortable night. This time, it was really raining. It wasn’t magic casted by magicians.

Long Yi sat on the balcony of Nalan Ruyue’s sleeping quarter as he silently watched the rain. It was late at night and no one else was awake. As for Nalan Ruyue and Liuli, after being tossed around for a long time by Long Yi, they had already fallen into a deep sleep.

The rainy night caused a sense of nostalgia to creep up Long Yi’s heart. It caused a trace of sadness to appear in Long Yi’s heart as well. Now, the mood of Long Yi became even more complicated. His soul and body had already integrated with this world long ago. As such, the Violent Dragon Empire became his root and he involuntarily missed his father, Ximen Nu. His father always had the face of a dignified father and Long Yi really missed him. He also missed his mother, Dongfang Wan, who doted on him. There was also Murong Bo… Of course, he missed his wife, Nangong Xiangyun, who was waiting for him at home. He had been away for nearly two years. He felt really sorry for her.

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Softly sighing, Long Yi leaned on the back of the chair and picked up a bottle of wine on the table. Drinking a mouthful of wine, he muttered, “Unfortunately, nothing is left of Nalan Wuji’s good wine Sea Soul. It is comparable to the Elf Clan’s Hundred Flower Wine… However, it is really hard to brew good wine. ”

As the proverb goes, “It is easy to go from frugality to extravagance. However it is difficult to go from extravagance to frugality.” After drinking first-class good wine such as the Hundred Flower Wine and Sea Soul, Long Yi found that the fruit wine which was served elsewhere to be lacking.

When Long Yi was thinking about wine, the cry of a crane came from the sky. Long Yi was immediately startled.

“Bai Yu? Did Mu Hanyan meet an accident?” Long Yi didn’t think too much. He immediately flew into the dark rainy night. In any case, god beasts were very intelligent and Bai Yu was no exception. The cry which Long Yi heard coming from Bai Yu just now appeared anxious and sad. As such, the first thing Long Yi thought of was that something bad happened to Mu Hanyan.

Following the direction of the cry, Long Yi used Great Cosmos Shift and he started to look for Mu Hanyan’s figure.

After searching for a long time on the beach, Long Yi finally sensed Bai Yu’s aura. It was hiding at a deserted corner of the beach. Long Yi’s figure flickered a few times just like a ghost as he moved quickly towards Bai Yu.

He saw that Bai Yu had spread open its huge wings and it was using its sharp beak to continuously move the figure lying under the protection of its wings. It issued sad calls frequently.

“Hanyan……” Long Yi felt as if his liver and gall were torn apart. He shouted loudly and rushed towards the figure lying on the ground. He shouted Mu Hanyan’s name as he moved towards her.

However, when Long Yi supported the figure lying on the ground, he was dumbfounded. He discovered that the person who was in a coma wasn’t Mu Hanyan. Instead, it was that peerlessly graceful and elegant Mist Fairy.

“How could she be here? How did she become like this?” Long Yi muttered. Although Mist Fairy’s body was stained with blood and her beautiful face was pale, he recognized her. The seven orifices of her body had traces of blood and her injury seemed extremely serious.

Long Yi didn’t have time to think so much. Placing his hand on her back, he injected his warm internal force into her body. He wanted to see what happened inside her body and he wanted to heal her as well. According to his preliminary estimation, the soul of Mist Fairy was seriously injured. Bleeding from all seven orifices of the body usually indicated that the soul had sustained some damage.

“What a powerful spirit power… Who has the ability to injure her like this?” Long Yi retracted his hand. He had already determined that this was the result of a spirit attack. However, he also knew that Mist Fairy’s spirit power was extremely strong. Not to mention the fact that he had exchanged blows with her before. He was unable to hurt her in the slightest. When he saw that she was seriously injured, he knew that the person who injured her was much stronger than himself.

Using a barrier spell, Long Yi picked Mist Fairy up. He quickly jumped onto Bai Yu’s back and he said, “Bai Yu, take us back.”

Bai Yu was intelligent and it also seemed to trust Long Yi. When it heard Long Yi’s words, it soared into the sky. It was extremely fast and in the blink of an eye, it arrived at Emerald Mist Pavillion.

Long Yi carried Mist Fairy and entered Mu Hanyan’s room. The room was pitch-black which clearly indicated that Mu Hanyan was out.

Long Yi placed Mist Fairy on the big bed and he wanted to remove her muddy clothing. However, his hand stopped before he took off the belt on her chest. He retracted his hand and thought about his actions. After all, Mist Fairy wasn’t Mu Hanyan… She wasn’t his woman. When she was seriously injured like this, Long Yi felt as though he should not take advantage of her. Although he was very willing to appreciate the noble ** of Mist Fairy, this mysterious woman.

After pondering for a little while, Long Yi went out and called the girl he saw the other day. He asked her to change Mist Fairy clothes.

This girl knew the relationship between Long Yi and Mu Hanyan. When they ran into each other before, she had joked around with him. After changing Mist Fairy’s clothes, she came out with a smile on her face. She giggled, “Lord son-in-law is truly daring enough. You actually brought another woman when proprietress is out. If Lord son-in-law doesn’t bribe me well, I will have to make a small report to proprietress when she returns.”

Long Yi was startled and said in surprise, “Don’t you recognize her? Isn’t she living together with your proprietress every day?”

“Nope! This is the first time I’m seeing her. Proprietress always enters and leaves alone, no one lives here other than proprietress.” This girl was also surprised when Long Yi said that Mist Fairy lived with Mu Hanyan.

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