Chapter 478: Stirring of love in the bathroom

Such intimate contact made the blood in Long Yi’s body boil. With the pair of firm and small Jade Hare rubbing his arm, coupled with the aphrodisiac-like body fragrance coming from the Little Lolita, Long Yi felt as though his life was going to end soon.

“Meng’er, you… Quickly get out of here.” Long Yi said with the last trace of reason left in his mind.

“I won’t! I want to take a bath with brother-in-law.” The beautiful face of this Little Lolita was burning as she muttered. All of a sudden, she wrapped both her arms around Long Yi and gave him a hug.

Long Yi’s entire body stiffened and he gritted his teeth as he pushed the Little Lolita away. However, when he raised his hand to push Nalan Rumeng away, he was completely exposed. His thick and big little brother ferociously threw out its chest and showed off its might.

“Ya……” The Little Lolita screamed in panic after seeing the big fellow on the lower part of Long Yi’s body. Her tender body softened as her heartbeat accelerated. She felt as though all the strength in her body disappeared and her legs became jelly. She slowly fell towards the ground.

When someone fell down all of a sudden, they would usually reach out to hold on to something. This Little Lolita was no exception. Reaching out her hand, she tried to grab anything which would stop her from falling. However, the only thing within reach was Little Long Yi. Little Long Yi was obviously not enough to stop her fall, as such, she continued falling towards Long Yi.

Long Yi hissed. The place she grabbed was extremely vulnerable. Such a ferocious pull was painful. However, when the Little Lolita’s hand pulled his little brother, her face pressed up against it. Long Yi was stunned when he saw that her face was right in front of her **.

One of them was standing and the other was squatting. Nalan Rumeng not only grabbed onto Long Yi’s lethal weapon, she even pasted her face against his high spirited little brother. This was too stimulating for him. Currently, all the thoughts of chasing the Little Lolita out of the bathroom flew out of his mind.

Nalan Rumeng looked up with her little hand still grabbing his little brother. There was a blank expression on her face.

“You are going to kill me one day…” Long Yi groaned when he saw that Nalan Rumeng’s little mouth was only inches away from his little brother. He could feel the hot air she was breathing out on his **.

Instinctively, Long Yi pushed his hips forward and little Long Yi entered Nalan Rumeng’s mouth. However, it did not fully enter and only half of little Long Yi was left outside. When little Long Yi made its way into Nalan Rumeng’s mouth, it pushed past her tender and lovely lips, making her little mouth form an ‘O’ shape.

Long Yi was startled and his entire body felt a tingling sensation. He felt as though he was electrocuted. This scene was truly too wicked and so simulating that he nearly laid down his arms and surrendered.

As for Nalan Rumeng, she woke up from her daze after a while. She instantly realized what she was holding in her hand and that little Long Yi was in her mouth. She panicked and wanted to spit it out. However, even though her brain started working again, her body was still limp. She didn’t have the strength to do anything.

“Ah…… Meng’er, help brother-in-law!” Long Yi moaned and began to move slightly. His movements were small and light as he was afraid that he would injure the Little Lolita.

Nalan Rumeng looked up and saw the burning hot gaze in Long Yi’s eyes. His comfortable and refreshed look caused the courage in her heart to triumph over her shyness. She recalled that she came into the bathroom with the intention to give her body to him.

Making love was the instinct of all animals. Seeing as she was able to satisfy Long Yi, Nalan Rumeng started to cater to Long Yi’s movements. Moreover, she used her fragrant tongue to tease him often and this greatly stimulated Long Yi. His movements started to become stronger when he realized that the Little Lolita was going along with him.

However, the Little Lolita’s mouth wasn’t big enough and Long Yi didn’t consider so much. The Little Lolita didn’t have the deep throat techniques and with such big movements from Long Yi, she was unable to endure the invasion of little Long Yi in her mouth.

Long Yi who couldn’t himself to the fullest was unwilling to stop so suddenly. As such, he started to give her guidance on the spot. The range of movement, tongue techniques, the cooperation of hands and so on… Long Yi explained them to her slowly.

Fortunately, this Little Lolita was intelligent and sharp. She was also determined to make Long Yi feel good. As such, she learned everything pretty quickly. As for Long Yi, he concentrated on enjoying the sensation. This kind of opportunity was rare.

While they were enjoying themselves in the bathroom, Liuli was restlessly sitting on the sofa outside the bathroom. As Long Yi did not set up a sound insulation barrier around the bathroom, she was able to hear everything clearly. Those gasping sounds coming from Long Yi, along with sounds of smacking lips made her blush. Her heartbeat accelerated. Moreover, a scene of Nalan Rumeng and Long Yi making love involuntarily appeared in her mind.

“So hateful! They are so loud… This is really embarrassing.” Liuli muttered with a red face. Taking a deep breath, she stood up and walked to the balcony.

The roaring sounds of sea waves finally covered those ** sounds. Liuli finally heaved a sigh of relief.

This moment, the afterglow of the setting sun was illuminating the azure sea surface. It was an enchanting and spectacular scene Liuli’s attention was immediately attracted. Although she used to live in sea throughout the year, she had never seen such a beautiful scene before. Only the dark seawater and all kinds of fishes accompanied her.

“The human world is actually so beautiful. There are beautiful houses, big cities, continuous stream of people, and such a beautiful scenery!” Liuli supported her cheeks with her hand and thought aloud. Since this was the first time she came to a human city, everything was new to her. The most important thing was that she wasn’t alone anymore. Not like in the ocean, there were many people to accompany her here. This kind of bustling environment was something she had never experienced before as only Bifei and Xiaomi accompanied her in the ocean.

When Liuli thought about how she was about to leave for a place very far from the ocean, sadness crept up her heart. Although she led a lonely life in the seas, it was her home after all. There was some hesitation when she decided to leave the ocean to go deeper into the human world along with her lover. Not to mention the fact that she hated to part with Bifei and Xiaomi. Fortunately for her, she had her sweetheart beside her. From the moment on she became one with Long Yi, she felt that as long as she was beside him, she was at home. However, she needed some time to adapt.

When Liuli was looking at the ocean, lost in her thoughts, the exhausted Nalan Ruyue walked into the room in her gorgeous empress attire. The first thing she did after entering the room was to walk towards the bathroom. Since she wanted to take a cold bath and also was exhausted, she didn’t notice Liuli’s presence at all.

In the past, Nalan Ruyue dealt with political matters until late at night. However, after learning that Long Yi would be leaving soon, she wanted to rest a bit earlier. She wanted to be together with him for a while.

As for Liuli, she looked at Nalan Ruyue’s back view but no words left her mouth.

Nalan Ruyue just arrived at the door of the bathroom and she heard strange sounds coming from inside the bathroom. As a married woman, she immediately guessed what was happening inside.

Nalan Ruyue came back to her senses as listened to the sounds with a red face. When she heard Nalan Rumeng’s voice, her complexion changed instantly.

“Damned fellow, didn’t I say that you cannot touch Rumeng before she turns 15?” Nalan Ruyue cursed and angrily pushed open the bathroom door. However, that extremely ** scene inside the bathroom shocked her and she stood at the door, stunned.

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