Chapter 477: I like brother-in-law, do you mind?

Nalan Ruyue and Long Yi had experienced many difficulties and hardships together. They had never separated since the ceremony in Soaring Dragon City. When Long Yi suddenly talked about leaving, Nalan Ruyue immediately felt a sense of loss. Right now, Nalan Ruyue was no longer the carefree girl in the past. She was no longer able to follow Long Yi everywhere just like she did in the past. Right now, she carried the responsibility of a nation on her shoulders. She needed to pay attention to the well-being of countless people living in the Nalan Empire. She realized that it was no easy task to be an emperor.

Long Yi sighed as he pulled Nalan Ruyue into his embrace. When he saw her sad and worried expression, a complicated expression filled his heart. He couldn’t help but wonder if he was too selfish when he made her take responsibility of Nalan Empire.

Nalan Ruyue leaned into Long Yi’s warm bosom and she managed to calm down. With a soft voice, she said, “I knew that you definitely would leave during this period of time. However, I never thought that that day would arrive so quickly.”

The two of them silently hugged each other and time seemed to stop in this brief moment. Parting was always sentimental and Long Yi never liked it. All of a sudden, the memory of Red Lady appeared in his mind. It had been a long time since they parted. Perhaps, only a person like her could walk away so naturally without any restraints. Her heart wasn’t bound to anything or anyone…

“My husband, are you returning to Soaring Dragon City or are you going to Proud Moon Empire?” After a long time, Nalan Ruyue asked.

“I’m going back to Soaring Dragon City. Beitang Yu will handle Proud Moon City, I believe in her.” Long Yi said without the slightest bit of hesitation. Now, Beitang Yu was just like his indispensable right-hand man. He would never doubt her capabilities.

Nalan Ruyue nodded her head and her expression changed unpredictably. Honestly speaking, she truly envied Beitang Yu. That was because even though Long Yi seemed to be indifferent when talking about Beitang Yu, Nalan Ruyue could sense that Long Yi had absolute confidence in Beitang Yu. She secretly vowed that one day she would also become that kind of woman. She promised herself that she would strive to obtain three-tenth of this world for Long Yi.

After spending time with Nalan Ruyue in her study, Long Yi returned to the sleeping quarter. When he got back, Nalan Rumeng had already returned with Liuli. They were chatting in whispers and Niur was sleeping soundly on the bed.

“Brother-in-law, quickly come over here! Big sister Liuli is telling me about the legend of the seas.” Nalan Rumeng excitedly yelled when she saw that Long Yi had returned.

“Hehe, silly little girl, you pestered your big sister Liuli for the entire day. Not to mention that you were strolling around in the streets for a huge part of the day. Even if you don’t get tired, your big sister Liuli must be exhausted.” Long Yi walked over with a smile and pinched Nalan Rumeng’s nose. After staying on dry land for such a long time for the first time, it was inevitable for Liuli to be somewhat unaccustomed.

“Is that so? Big sister Liuli, let’s go to my room in order to take a rest!” Nalan Rumeng said and she wanted to pull Liuli away.

“Hey hey, I say, little girl, Liuli is my wife like your big sister. She will obviously rest here with me.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Then……  Then I will also sleep here! In any case, the bed is big enough for ten people to sleep without any problems.” Nalan Rumeng pouted and she seemed to be dissatisfied. Originally, after Niur came, she was sent back to her own room in order to sleep. Now that Liuli was here, she thought that she would be able to find someone to accompany her. Who would have thought that Long Yi would grab Liuli too? He actually wanted to send her back to sleep alone. That was too unfair!

Long Yi looked helpless as he knew that this little girl was stubborn like a bull. He knew that there was no choice for him but to agree, “Fine fine. However, you are all sweaty now. You should go and take a bath. Also, I have something to say to Liuli.”

Nalan Rumeng happily jumped off the sofa and ran into the bathroom. She wanted to take a bath quickly seeing as Long Yi agreed to let her sleep with him.

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Long Yi turned to Liuli. This little mermaid’s beautiful azure eyes were looking at him and she waited patiently for him to open his mouth.

Long Yi never thought that he would have to leave Blue Moon City right after bringing Liuli here. Moreover, his journey was to the Violent Dragon Empire. It was tens of thousands of li away from the sea. He didn’t know whether Liuli could adapt to it. After all, the sea was the most suitable environment for members of the Sea Race.

“As long as I am beside you, everywhere is paradise for Liuli.” After knowing that Long Yi had to leave Blue Moon City, Liuli pondered for a moment and spoke. Her sentence touched Long Yi’s heart.

Perhaps members from different races would have different nature, temperament and environment. However, love is equally sacred to all of them. It was not rare for members of different races to have deeply moving love stories.

Ask the world what love is and they would definitely say that it is about living and dying together. For Liuli, Long Yi was already her husband. She had already handed her body and heart over to him without any reservation. Also, the tradition of the Mermaid Clan had no differences with the conservative tradition on the Blues Waves Continent. Humanity had a saying, if you marry a chicken follow the chicken, if you marry a dog follow the dog. The Mermaid Clan also had a similar saying, if you marry a shrimp follow the shrimp, if you marry a crab follow the crab.

“Tomorrow, I will go to the sea and speak with Aunt Bifei and Xiaomi, I don’t want to leave you.” Liuli said with determination.

Long Yi nodded his head and tightly hugged Liuli.

“Cough cough, brother-in-law, I am done bathing.” Nalan Rumeng came out of the bathroom saw that the two of them were hugging each other. A feeling of jealousy appeared in her heart. She missed the warmth in Long Yi’s bosom. She remembered that it had been a few days since she hugged Long Yi.

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Long Yi released Liuli who was blushing slightly and stared at the Little Lolita who only had a bath towel around her. Her smooth shoulders and more than half of her spotlessly white thighs were completely visible. Moreover, when Long Yi looked at her bosom, he noticed that they seemed to have grown quite a bit.

“Okay, chat with Liuli for a while. I’ll go and take a cold shower.” Long Yi calmly stood up and said. Although his heart was somewhat ready to make trouble, he didn’t forget the promise he made with Nalan Ruyue. He had agreed to not touch this Little Lolita before she turned fifteen.

Long Yi entered the bathroom and closed the door. Immediately after that, he saw the small white panties and bra casually tossed aside by that Little Lolita. They were also from Beauty Shop and the style was cute and conservative. It was suitable for girls her age. When choosing the lingerie for Liuli, he had a dispute with the Little Lolita just because of this. Long Yi liked translucent sexy lingerie but the Little Lolita insisted on recommending cute lingerie which she preferred. As a result, they argued with each other until their faces flushed with anger. The beautiful manager couldn’t help but chuckle when she saw the fight between Nalan Rumeng and Long Yi.

“This little girl… How can she throw her underwear around like this?” Long Yi picked up that small bra and small panties and he wanted to place them into a basket for special laundry. However, he noticed that there were some words embroidered on her underwear.

Spreading out that small white bra, he saw the word ‘Meng’er’ embroidered on the bra. It was exquisitely embroidered with golden silk threads.

“Hehe, embroidering your own name… Are you afraid that other people will steal your underwear?” Long Yi smirked.

Flipping over that little panties, Long Yi was dumbfounded. A heart was embroidered right in the middle of the panties. The word ‘Yu’ was embroidered at the center of this heart. From top to bottom, wasn’t that Meng’er loves Yu? As for Yu, it was definitely Ximen Yu.

After being dumbfounded for a long time, Long Yi shook his head and smiled. He tossed the pair of underwear into the basket. This little girl… She really adopted a unique approach. In Long Yi’s heart, he slowly began to understand the thought process of the Little Lolita.

He activated the magic shower device and began to bathe. He hummed a quick song which showering and Little Long Yi between his legs got special attention.

When he was feeling comfortable and refreshed under the stream of cold water, the door of the bathroom creaked open. The Little Lolita sneaked into the bath with the bath towel wrapped around her like a little thief.

As this was Nalan Ruyue’s sleeping quarters, Long Yi didn’t set up any defenses. Although he sensed that Nalan Rumeng was walking past the bathroom entrance, he had never thought that she would suddenly rush in like this. He hastily covered his important place with his hands and he frowned. He was about to shout at the Little Lolita.

This was when something unexpected happened. The Little Lolita unexpectedly stuck out her tongue and her little hand pulled off the bath towel covering her body. Now, her sparkling and crystal-clear flawless jade body was exposed in front of Long Yi. There wasn’t a single thread covering her body.

“Meng…… Meng’er, you……” Long Yi was so surprised that he was unable to speak properly. However, his eyes were glued into the Little Lolita’s perfect body. He didn’t try to turn away either. Although he had seen the spring scenery of Little Lolita in the past, Nalan Ruyue blocked his view instantly. Now, he was able to look at her naked body from such a close distance. No one was here to stop him… Long Yi’s heart trembled and many thoughts flashed through his mind.

This Little Lolita was still younger than 15 years old. As such, her body was relatively smaller than the rest of Long Yi’s woman. Her figure was beginning the take shape and wasn’t mature yet. However, when Nalan Rumeng saw that Long Yi was looking at her without blinking, her heart was filled with pride and happiness. She stuck out her just blooming bosom and allowed Long Yi to enjoy the view.

Long Yi swallowed a mouthful of saliva and stared at this unripe Little Lolita. The excitement from committing a crime crept up Long Yi’s heart. Although the pair of rabbits on Nalan Rumeng’s chest was not big, it was round and firm. Moreover, the two fair and tender pearls which seemed like the most perfect gems in the world were inlaid on top of them. Compared to the mature **, they had a special kind of attractiveness. As for that slender waist, Long Yi felt as though he could hold onto them with just a single palm. It was exquisite and smooth. Further down, it was a maiden’s secret place. This was the first time he had seen Nalan Rumeng’s **. The thin, fine hair which was trying to cover her ** stimulated Long Yi so much that Little Long Yi was about to burst out from his hand. Thinking about it, Long Yi felt like a wicked person. Sure enough, she was through and through a Little Lolita. She was obviously attracting him to commit a crime.

“Brother-in-law, I will help you scrub your back.” This Little Lolita ignored Long Yi’s shock and stepped closer towards Long Yi. Even though she had a playful look on her face, her heart was jumping crazily.

Just a moment ago, a weird impulse filled her heart. Since Long Yi had always treated her like a little girl, she wanted to show him that she was not a child anymore. Moreover, the number of women around Long Yi had been increasing lately. She was unable to suppress the sense of crisis which had appeared in her heart. She knew that the power of habit was extremely strong. She was afraid that Long Yi would treat her like a younger sister even after she grew up.

“I like brother-in-law, do you mind?” Just a moment ago, she had seriously asked Liuli this question.

“I don’t mind. However, I don’t know if your brother-in-law will mind…” Liuli replied Nalan Rumeng even though she was shocked. As a woman, she had already noticed the love Nalan Rumeng had for Long Yi the moment they met. As a person from the Mermaid Clan, she had different views on polygamy. The Mermaid Race was a race which was more open compared to the humans on Blue Waves Continent. Liuli didn’t really mind if Long Yi had more wives, she only cared if she had a presence around Long Yi. This resulted in the current scene. The Little Lolita rushed into the bathroom while Long Yi was bathing…

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