Chapter 115: Wu Ao Ran Saving the Soldier

Hong Chen weakly laid down on the sofa as she struggled to sit up. As soon as Su Ke2Su KeMain Character walked out, she felt like her heart was being ripped apart. This whole situation happened because of her. If she hadn’t been so reckless and insisted on investigating Jin Se Hua Nian in secret and exposing Zhang Wen Long’s forced prostitution ring, none of this would have happened.

Even though Zhang Wen Long wasn’t the real deal, he was still rather vicious and merciless. After investigating for a few days, she felt like the people working here were ruffians.

Su Ke would undoubtedly face a narrow escape if he left now.


Intense fighting sounds could soon be heard from outside.

Zheng Mo didn’t know when, but she had collapsed by Xiao Xian Ren’s legs covered in tears. Her light makeup was a mess as she continuously wailed, “Su Ke, Su Ke!”

Han Mei’s face was white. She was at a loss and completely unprepared to face this kind of situation. She was imaging what kind of scene was happening outside right now.

Su Ke’s body was so weak, so how could he face all the people outside, especially since they were all holding pipes?

“Wei! We’re at Jin Se Hua Nian KTV studio. There’s a murder happening here, hurry up!”

Han Mei put the call on speaker, but she didn’t know when the police would arrive.

From the first call until now, it has already been about 20 minutes.


Since the first time he heard Su Ke’s command, Xiao Xian Ren was always leaning against the door. However, as time passed, he heard all the fighting from outside starting to sound like someone hitting a sandbag along with the occasional shrill scream.

However, with the door at his back, it was completely silent when Su Ke walked out.

No one came to break it open, so the door remained shut.

He used all of his strength to hold the door closed. He then looked at Zheng Mo who cried until she ran out of energy, at Han Mei whose hands were trembling as she clutched her phone, and then at Hong Chen who was lying on the sofa.


His brothers; Liu Ming Yue, Geng Le, Liu Feng, Zhang Mei, Wu Da Hong were all ashen and distorted, and their chests were undulating violently.

Su Ke was fighting outside all by myself, while they were all acting like ostriches with their heads buried in the sand.

Xiao Xian Ren wasn’t feeling qualified as a man, so he shouted to everyone in the room, ‘D*mn, let’s fight!” He then quickly swiped a beer bottle from the table and smashed it against the wall. The sound of breaking glass woke up everyone from their reverie.

He held the neck of the bottle with his right hand, the broken part sharp and jagged.

It got colder under the light. He had used too much force and his muscles were really tense.

He saw this action in a movie before, but he never expected to actually do it here today.


At this moment, a few other guys burst forward with bravery, “Fight!” They then copied his example and a bunch of glass being smashed could be heard inside the room. Their eyes were blood red like they had gone crazy and each of their hands held a beer bottle.

They then started walking towards the door when Xiao Xian Ren pushed it open with a “Bang!” and he rushed out, followed closely by Liu Ming Yue and co.

The sight that greeted them left them stunned.

There was three people with their eyes shut lying down in the corridor and covered in The group of men had no idea if they were alive or dead. Four waiters covered in blood that completely dyed their uniforms stood in front of them. They held their stainless steels pipes at the ready, protecting Zhang Wen Long behind them.


Su Ke was leaning against the wall with his hands at his sides, but it was clear that his arms were trembling. Beads of sweat dripped down his ashen face as he took in lungfuls of air.

He was glaring at his enemies with a cold expression on his face when he heard the door open, causing him to incline his head slightly.

Xiao Xian Ren had never expected that a smile from the same sex would be so reassuring.

Even though he was at his wit’s end, it felt he had finally gotten a pillar.

After seeing Su Ke incline his head with his mouth in a slight smile, his eyes actually started to water.

He was fine!


After Xiao Xian Ren had made his decision, he thought about what kind of scene he will be confronted with when he rushed out. He could have been beaten and bruised, in a coma, or struggling and failing to resist a massive beating. In short, he didn’t expect that the weak-looking Su Ke was pretty much unharmed and he had even taken down three people.

Xiao Xian Ren then rushed over to Su Ke’s as he said, “Su Ke, are you okay!?”

Liu Liu Ming Yu rushed over as well and put Su Ke in the center, forming a protective circle with Xiao Xian Ren.

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While Zhang Wen Long was hiding behind a few waiters, he suddenly saw Xiao Xian Ren and co. rush out of the room wielding broken beer bottles, making him feel like things were quickly getting out of control as he dialed a number, “Brother Ao Ran! Where are you?”


Zhang Wen Long fawned into the phone, “Yes! Yes! You’re almost here! Thank you, Brother Ao Ran. This kid knows two martial arts, my underlings can’t handle him!”

When he saw Su Ke beat his goons unconscious, he immediately called his savior, but he felt even more rushed for time right now.

When Xiao Xian Ren heard that they were calling for reinforcements, he was getting anxious and swung his beer bottle wildly as he shouted, “Get out of the way! We’ve already called the police!”

Zhang Wen Long’s face was full of disdain as he laughed coldly, “Ha! The police? Keep dreaming!” He was still hugging his ribs with one of his hands. He decided that he was going to the hospital after doing in Su Ke, but who knew that this brat would have some skill, forcing him to ask Brother Ao Ran for help and making him lose face.


However, after he heard that this kid had called the police, he totally didn’t care.

Who in the police station hadn’t received benefits from him and was going to catch him? Save it!

“Brat, nobody here is going to walk out alive!”

Just thinking about Brother Ao Ran’s arrival filled him with confidence as he stepped out of his bodyguards’ protection. A bit of blood blossoming like a flower heavily contrasted with his white flower-like skin. His entire face held a rather arrogant expression.

At this time, a cold and dark voice came from the stairs, “What happened?  

There was then a lot of messy footsteps, like a group of people was walking up the stairs.


Zhang Wen Long was overjoyed as he turned around and reported to his rescuer, “Brother Ao Ran, it’s this brat!”  

There were a lot fewer people behind Wu Ao Ran than he expected, totaling only four.

However, each of their faces carried killing intent.

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The entire situation had changed when they arrived because it was time to get serious.


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