Chapter 114: Solitary Hero

Han Mei was full of disdain when she saw Su Ke2Su KeMain Character in the deepest part of the room.

If he wasn’t Zheng Mo’s boyfriend, she would have made some snide remarks.

He’s a man and is rather skilled on the court, so why did he become a coward when trouble came?

Just as Han Mei was feeling rather unhappy, she suddenly heard a bang as the door was forced open. The voices from outside traveled very clearly, “F*ck, kill him here and now!”

Meanwhile, a waiter brandishing a steel pipe that shined under the lights made his way inside the room. He then waved the pipe around randomly, creating an even stronger pressure.

Zheng Mo, Han Mei, and the girls ran away in fear while screaming.


Liu Feng, Xiao Xian Ren, and the guys didn’t scream in fear, but they didn’t know what to do. They have fought other people before, but they really didn’t have the advantage of fighting people apart of the underground.

Wang Xiao Liu is a staff member of Jin Se Hua Nian and Boss Zhang Wen Long’s henchman. After seeing his boss’ face full of blood and hugging his ribs, he knew that he was furious.

If he was outstanding and helped Zhang Wen Long vent his anger, then he’ll definitely be promoted. He might even have the chance to become a confidant.

His eyes lit up and he got excited as he thought about it.


Since glory was right in front of him, he had to take the chance.

Just as the door was forced open, Wang Xiao Liu drank some milk before pushing the rest of the people aside like a beast and taking the lead.

As he was swinging the stainless steel pipe in his hands, a shadow appeared in front and threw an unknown object at his face before he could even take a breath and attack.

“Pa!” It was the sound of glass breaking.

Su Ke didn’t expect for them to open the door so quickly.

If the waiter who opened the door was allowed to come in, countless people would be let in.

In a hurry, he just casually grabbed an empty Corona bottle and threw it at the guy’s face.


He fortunately had fast reflexes and quickly swatted away the beer bottle with the pipe, causing it to smash to the floor. He was like a baseball player just now.

He then walked forward a single step.

Wang Xiao Liu noticed a figure getting closer, but before he could react, he saw the door closing, so he quickly forced his whole head through the door with a “Bang!”

Han Mei really felt wrong. When everyone was in shock, the first one to react was the one she thought was coward, Su Ke. He also didn’t just throw the beer bottle, he rushed towards the door, his figure strong and fast.

Su Ke quickly slammed the open door before using his left hand and left shoulder to jam it.


Even though Wang Xiao Liu knew that he was in an unfavorable situation, he swung the pipe in hands wildly and went psycho on Su Ke.

“Ah!” A shrill and tragic scream had suddenly sounded, scaring Han Mei into grabbing Zheng Mo’s arm and trying to retreat even further. She didn’t know how Su Ke did it, but not only did he dodge the pipe, he also grabbed the person’s wrist and pulled it in the opposite direction.

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Using the waiter’s elbow as a point of origin, he was bent in the opposite direction.

After hearing his miserable shout, she saw the waiter’s arm become a broken string as it fell down. The pipe in his hand landed on the ground with a loud clang.

His injury didn’t seem like a simple dislocation.


Everyone, from Han Mei to Zheng Mo, and Xiao Xian Ren to Liu Ming Yue, were all struck dumb as they stared at Su Ke. They didn’t expect that the person they were playing with in the afternoon and blushed as he spoke would be so fierce and decisive.

However, this finally stopped them.

“Get out!” Su Ke’s voice was anxious when he saw that the waiter’s arm was dangling in front of him. His actions just now were very instinctive.

However, he couldn’t let them go no matter what.

Since he caused the situation just now, he wanted to take some responsibility and handle it.

“Boy, you’re so dead! Did you forget where you are? The floor you’re standing on is mine!” Zhang Wen Long quickly hit the heart of the matter. He didn’t mention the pain radiating from his ribs, but the pain from his nose caused his voice to change.


Zhang Wen Long crudely raged and ordered around the others, “Don’t f*cking think that hiding in there will be okay! None of you guys will be able to escape! Get them out of there so I can smash them!”

Su Ke knew it was bad when he heard that. He thought that they could weather through this rather quickly by hiding inside, so who knew that there wasn’t enough time.

When Zhang Wen Long gave out his orders, all the waiters rushed forward.

Su Ke turned around towards the group and shouted, “Push against the door!”

Without waiting for a reaction, he opened the door and pushed Wang Xiao Liu away before rushing out of the room.


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The door was then slammed closed with a “Bang!” before the whole KTV room descended into silence. There was complete silence from the outside like nothing had happened, except for the broken bottle in front of the door and the stainless steel pipe on the ground.

Zheng Mo stared with wide eyes as Su Ke ran out and she yelled after him, “Su Ke!”

She unconsciously started to chase after him.

With the kind of people outside, she could only imagine the outcome.

Zheng Mo started crying before screaming, “Move away!” while trying to open the tightly shut door.


With a scene of urgency, she angrily glared at Xiao Xian Ren who was leaning against the door.

“You can’t go!”

When Su Ke ran out, Xiao Xian Ren immediately leaned against the door and blocked the way. After seeing Zheng Mo’s crying face, he felt uncomfortable, but with this amount of people, even if they fought with their lives, it would be like sending a lamb to the slaughter.

“You get out of my way right now!”

Zheng Mo then used all of her strength to push Xiao Xian Ren’s body out of the way.

Through the soundproof door, she could hear the sounds of kicking and fighting.

Her heart was aching as she thought about the danger that Su Ke was in.


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