Chapter 113: Failure to Escape

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character knew that his actions would cause a misunderstanding and be hard to accept.

Even the girl that was in the corridor just now had the same thoughts.

Most people would feel like their job would make them a dirty person.

He had just gone out to go to the bathroom and brought someone back.

Eh, correction, he carried her back. How could people not misunderstand?

When Han Mei saw Su Ke come in carrying a girl, she felt like she wanted to explode and walked up to him.

For her friendship with Zheng Mo she would never be a bystander.

Han Mei glared at him coldly before asking, “Su Ke, what are you doing?”

Her chest undulated as she fumed with anger.


“I don’t have time to explain, we have to leave right now!” Su Ke couldn’t speak properly.

If he tried to explain himself, it would take too long and be unnecessarily confusing.

If they were discovered, the consequences would be really severe.

“If you want to leave, leave!”

Han Mei had already labeled Su Ke a scoundrel, so she ruthlessly told him off.

At this moment, Zheng Mo also walked over, “What is it? What happened?”

Even though Su Ke wasn’t her boyfriend, after seeing him embrace a girl so intimately, she felt uncomfortable.

After seeing Su Ke’s serious expression and the urgency in his eyes, she suppressed the unhappiness in her heart and spoke up.


“En! She’s my friend, Hong Chen, who met with some trouble earlier, so we need to leave right now!”

Su Ke spoke very quickly and felt Hong Chen struggle a bit as she turned her head.

Hong Chen’s body was really weak and speaking was a struggle for her, “I’m so sorry, I’ve been drugged by my boss. Su Ke saved me. If we don’t leave quickly, I’m afraid they might come knocking!”

At this moment, the music in the room stopped and the lights turned on.

Zheng Mo then noticed the girl’s pale arms and that she was covered in sweat that started at her forehead and caused her hair to stick messily to it.

After hearing about Hong Chen’s being drugged, she immediately understood what was happening. Even though she didn’t know how Su Ke saved her, she knew that Hong Chen couldn’t stay.


“What?” Han Mei was stunned.

She knew that this place looked upright on the surface but definitely had some unsavory dealings behind the scenes.

She felt very full of disdain after seeing the girl’s line up in rows along the corridor.

Even though she was a woman that didn’t like them for betraying their bodies, she still felt sympathy. However, this was her first time encountering a situation like this.

No matter how loud she usually was, she still didn’t know what to do.

Xiao Xian Ren and Liu Ming Yue also took the opportunity.

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They thought that there was some kind of discord between them and was just about to escape until they heard what Hong Chen had to say and righteousness welled up inside them, “Aren’t you going to report this to the police?”

“We gotta leave first!”

Su Ke then turned around to leave after no one objected.

He walked over to the door and started opening it when Hong Chen tightly gripped his neck.

His expression immediately changed when he saw 5-6 staff members in the corridor staring at him agitatedly like they were looking at a thief.

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At this time, another 3-4 people rushed down from from the 4th level, one of them was Zhang Wen Long who was wearing a snow-white robe with the top opened up.

He angrily yelled as soon as he saw Su Ke, “That’s him! I want him dead!”

He had blood everywhere on his face, making him look rather sinister.

Su Ke hadn’t even taken a single step before he immediately retreated and hit the KTV room door behind him.

The expression on his face changed drastically since he didn’t expect for Zhang Wen Long to wake up so early.

He then remembered that he had bumped into a staff member when he carried Hong Chen down.

“F*ck, this is bad!”, he scolded mentally.

He then turned around and noticed that Zheng Mo and Xiao Xian Ren had seen the whole situation.

Feeling helpless, he started ordering around the people in the room starting with Liu Feng, “Liu Feng! Come over here and block the door!”


As the power forward of the team, Liu Feng was quite big and blocked the door without hesitation. Liu Feng then felt a bang on the other side of the door, almost pushing him aside. Looks like the people outside have started trying to open the door.


‘Bang, bang, bang!’ Everytime they struck the door, a loud sound rang out, causing all the kitchen staff and waiters to think that there was some kind of thug.

To soundproof the KTV rooms, they used cold-rolled steel plates that were really flexible and top of the line. The doors were made using fireproof materials and insulated to preserve heat.

It was also covered in decorative fake leather that was very luxurious, heavy, and imposing.

This mean that it isn’t only soundproof, but could also be used against external forces.

Liu Feng leaned against the door and pushed against it. The kicking and screaming from outside made him feel like he was sitting in a bumpy carriage that was about to fall over at any moment.

Zheng Mo and Han Mei panicked a little bit, but they were mostly sturdy and haven’t burst into tears at least.


After seeing that Liu Feng was having some difficulties, Liu Ming Yue suddenly thought of an idea, “Get the sofa!”

With the support of the sofa, the private room was a bit more secure, causing the people outside to curse very loudly. After a little while, everyone sighed a breath of relief when it seems like they’ve given up.

Xiao Xian Ren put down his phone before speaking, “We’ll just hide in here. I’ve already called the police, so they’ll be here soon!”

Just as everyone was about to lose their heads, he dialled 110 to get some help.

“We wait here?” Han Mei felt anxious since she was the one who invited everybody.

Who knew that such a thing would happen?

After suddenly thinking about the cause of their predicament, she turned around and saw Su Ke hiding in the deepest part of the room.

“En! Everyone wait! I’m so sorry that I’ve given you so much trouble!”


Su Ke put down the weak Hong Chen on the sofa before walking out with an unreadable expression.

Zheng Mo noticed Su Ke slipping his phone back into his pocket, “Have you reported this to the police?”

Su Ke paused before nodding. “En!”

There was then a muffled “Bang!” as the door broke open.

The sofa that was bracing the door flipped over and a waiter holding an iron bar walked in.


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