Chapter 474: Looking at underwear like a piece of artwork

The sun slowly rose from the other side of the sea and it dyed the horizon red. It was a magnificent fiery red dawn. The pleasant cold temperature slowly disappeared and the temperature began to rise. It seemed as though another hot day was here.

Liuli turned around and looked at her aunt Bifei and maid Xiaomi who were still staring at her from far away. For an unknown reason, she felt like crying. It was probably because she had never separated from them all her life.

Right now, Liuli was wearing clothes which had been altered by Long Yi. This was because the two pieces of clothes she wore made Long Yi feel really awkward. It was absolutely impossible for him to take her out when she wore those clothing. This little mermaid was his woman. If he brought her out like that, other people would see her body. That would mean that they both suffered a huge loss…

As such, Long Yi took out a set of pale blue silk gown from his space ring. After Bifei and Xiaomi altered the gown to a size which fitted Liuli, she wore it and left the sea. When she wore the silk gown, Liuli changed into a handsome and elegant noble’s son. With her golden hair casually tied on the back of her head, her clear and transparent sea blue eyes coupled with the fair and tender skin on her face, she looked incomparably handsome.

Of course, even though Liuli was dressed like a man, as long as people had eyes, they would be able to guess that Liuli was a girl. Nowadays, there were many young misses from noble families who would dress up this way. THey would swagger down the street and act like a man. As such, although some people would be surprised by Liuli’s beauty, they would not feel that it was particularly strange for her to dress up this way.

Bifei and Xiaomi floated on the surface of the water as they watched Long Yi’s and Liuli’s figure disappear into the distance. They were in a daze for a long time.

Xiaomi rubbed her red eyes and choked with sobs, “Aunt Bifei, can’t we wait for the Princess? Although Young Master cherishes her, she isn’t a human being in the end. If she were to suffer on land, she won’t be able to talk to anyone…”

Bifei’s expression became complicated and changed unpredictably. She eventually sighed, “Xiaomi, this is our last chance. Originally, I didn’t think that we had any more hope. However, Princess discovered this Purple Gold Soul Stone. Now, if we spare no effort we might be able to reach Ocean City when the Ocean Azure Waves Festival is being held. During the festival, everyone will be mixed together. There will be all kinds of races there. We’ll have an opportunity to sneak in. This concerns the fate of the Princess. We can only let her feel wronged for the moment.”

“But, what if Princess can’t find us when she returns?” Xiaomi worriedly asked.

“I left a message at the place Meng Qi was staying in. Princess will understand everything.” Bifei said. As a matter of fact, Liuli giving her virginity to Long Yi was something arranged by her. If she hadn’t pushed Liuli forward, it was impossible for Long Yi to obtain Liuli’s body so easily.

“Well, for Princess, Xiaomi is not afraid of death.” Xiaomi firmly said.

The two mermaids dived into the depths of the ocean. Right now, Liuli, who had just reached shore had difficulties learning how to walk. She didn’t know that Bifei and Xiaomi were leaving with the sea monster, Meng Qi.

“Aiya, this is such a strange feeling!” The little feet of Liuli stepped onto the sandy beach. She walked around carefully, step by step. She looked nervous but she was also full of curiosity.

“Don’t be nervous. Take your time and don’t look at your feet.” Long Yi couldn’t help but drool crazily when he stared at Liuli’s swaying waist. This was her habit as she used to twist her fishtail in order to walk on land in the past. She placed all her strength on her waist before. Now, even though she no longer had to sway her waist to walk, she would still do it. She had no idea how soul-stirring her movement was.

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With great difficulty, Liuli’s movement became a bit more natural after Long Yi gave her some tips. Her slender waist no longer swayed from side to side when she walked. However, her charm was not something which could be changed.

“Young Master, how is it? Is my walking good?” Liuli happily said to Long Yi. In order to show him that she had already learned how to use her legs, she jogged around on the beach.

“Very good, very good.” Long Yi repeatedly nodded his head. He thought that this was indeed really good. He was afraid that when she walked down the street, she would attract the gaze of everyone. In this world, people who could sway their buttocks so perfectly were truly rare. Moreover, she was so natural and pure. There was no woman who could be compared to her.

Although the sunlight was scorching hot at this moment, it was still not that bad compared to noon time. As such, there were a lot of people walking around on the streets. The appearance of Liuli naturally attracted the gaze of many people. The reason was not just because of her beautiful face. Her azure, pure, and beautiful eyes were one of the reasons people looked at her.

The people of Blue Moon City worshipped the seas and oceans. When they saw a young girl whose body emitted pure and fresh aura which came from the ocean, the felt as if she was no stranger. They began to speculate which house this noble Miss came from. Who was the girl wearing menswear beside Long Yi?

Liuli hugged Long Yi’s arm. She was somewhat shy and scared of those gaze from everyone around them. However, she couldn’t help herself as she was curious and wanted to see everything in the imperial capital. This was the first time she had entered such a bustling city and she wanted to look everywhere.

“Young Master, why do they keep looking at me? Do they know that I’m not human?” Liuli nervously asked Long Yi.

“Of course not. They are looking at you because my little mermaid is too beautiful. They have never seen such a beautiful girl before. Naturally, their eyes would stay glued onto you.” Long Yi smiled and said.

“Really?” Liuli secretly looked at everyone around her.

Sure enough, all of them were looking at her affectionately. She instantly became more courageous. Perhaps, what aunt Bifei said was not completely true. The human world doesn’t seem so complicated… The pure and innocent little mermaid thought about it in her heart.

After strolling around the streets for a while, Long Yi accidentally saw a familiar signboard —- Beauty Shop. One could say that the relationship between this Beauty Shop and him was not shallow. People should know that a majority of women wore underwear sold in Beauty Shop. The proprietress of Beauty Shop, Mu Hanyan, was his lover as well.

Why was she his lover and not his woman? The difference between being a lover and being his woman was huge. If they were Long Yi’s woman, it would mean that both their body and heart belonged to him. As for his lovers… They had a complicated relationship. The two of them had a relationship like a normal couple. However, they might not understand what the other party is thinking in their heart. As such, Long Yi didn’t consider them his woman. However, he was working hard to make sure that they become his woman one day.

Looking at it from another perspective, the relationship between them was one where they fought against each other mentally. It was also a dangerous love game. Long Yi was certain that Mu Hanyan also knew this.

“Young Master, what are you thinking about?” Seeing as Long Yi was standing at the center of the street, blankly staring at a shop, she couldn’t help but ask.

“Oh, I thought that you should get some clothes of your own.” Long Yi came back to his senses and said with a smile. He grabbed Liuli’s hand and pulled her towards Beauty Shop. When wearing clothes, one should naturally wear the underwear before wearing the outerwear. It was the same when buying clothes.

Long Yi pulled Liuli inside Beauty Shop and he completely ignored the strange looks he got from everyone.

“Eh, Young Master Ximen, are you bringing this young lady to choose underwear?” A delicate and pretty young girl greeted him. It seemed as though this shop was under her administration and she seemed to know Long Yi. The way she addressed Long Yi showed how much she knew about him. If she only had superficial knowledge on Long Yi, she would call him ‘Lord son-in-law’, like the common people. Instead, she called him ‘Young Master Ximen’.

“Do you know me?” Long Yi asked as he felt surprised that someone in Beauty Shop would know him.

“Yes, I have seen you once in the Emerald Mist Pavilion. At that time, Young Master Ximen was accompanied by proprietress. Of course, Young Master Ximen would not take note of me, this ordinary woman.” The young girl said with a smile.

Long Yi smiled and waved his hand, “You must be busy greeting other guests. I’ll take her in and help her choose some clothes.”

The young girl smiled and ran over to attend to other guests. However, since Long Yi, a grown man, was in the store, the noble madams and Misses were rather shy. However, they didn’t leave the store. Instead, they stared stealthily at Long Yi and Liuli.

Nowadays, the world-renowned perverted reputation Long Yi had in the past seemed to have slowly faded away from the memories of everyone. They only had praises for him right now.

First of all, Long Yi’s strength had already spread far and wide from Mea Holy Magic Academy. Ordinary people might not know anything specific about his strength but they at least knew that he was very powerful. As for the specific details regarding his strength, only the people who had fought against him knew.

Secondly, in the war which engulfed the entire Blue Waves Continent, the Unparalleled Battalion, which was created by Long Yi, had a considerable reputation. Also, the world-famous female general, Hell Angel Beitang Yu, once stated that without Long Yi, there would not be Beitang Yu. Not to mention that there was that Slaughter God, Tyrant Bear. He aggressively stated that he would not hesitate to wipe out anyone who made malicious remarks about Long Yi.

Just imagine, a person who was greatly admired by two great Generals… How could he be the legendary good-for-nothing? Besides, in this power seizing incident in the Nalan Empire, an indistinct rumor where Long Yi controlled everything behind the scenes circulated around the nobles. As for these noble ladies who were people from the higher class, it would be nothing strange for them to know more about Long Yi than the common people.

“Young Master, are these the underwear worn inside normal clothes?” The face of Liuli was red and she whispered her question into Long Yi’s ear. Although she usually wore less in the sea, they were opaque. It was completely different from the underwear sold here. She could clearly see through them.

“Yes, they look nice.” Long Yi said with a smile. After that, he looked around at those colorful, sexy lingerie which all had different styles. All of a sudden, he picked out a pair of light blue underwear made from silk and handed it over to Liuli. Of course, he already measured the size properly and he made sure that Liuli could wear them. He said with a smile, “This will absolutely suit you. It is made with first class silk. You will not feel uncomfortable when wearing it. Moreover, it is very elastic and it will not be too tight when you wear them. Moreover, this downward ribbon design is also extremely good.”

Liuli felt the stares coming from everyone in the store and her face flushed red. She complained to Long Yi, “There are people watching!” Although she had just entered the human world, she knew that the topic of women’s lingerie was not something that should be advertised. As such, she was ashamed when Long Yi handed her a pair in front of everyone and introduced it to her.

“Everyone is a woman here, you don’t need to be afraid.” Long Yi said with a smile.

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“Lord son-in-law, you are a man.” A daring noble interrupted with a smile.

“Eh…… Although I am a man, I came to look at these beautiful underwear from an artistic perspective. I have absolutely no other intentions.” Long Yi neither got angry nor ashamed. He simply replied to her calmly.

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