Chapter 559 – You Are Too Polite Young Master Ya

That put Mo Sis mood in seventh heaven!

Huan Qing Yan pulled on Ji Mo Yas sleeves in embarrassment, That way of referring me, will it be improper?

Though the two have done the act of a married couple, but they were yet to be married; in fact, they did not even have a marriage agreement as well, if others were to notice

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Ji Mo Ya acted as though he did not understand what she meant, and with a gentle warm smile, Whats improper about that? Its actually really great. Mo Si, did anything important happened to the gnomes over the past few days?

Seeing that Ji Mo Ya acted nonchalantly, Huan Qing Yan also stop thinking about it.

Now that she is his, and she had witnessed how he stayed and cared for her till she her soul was finally restored; she had already fallen deeply in love, along with it she will be bringing her burning fighting spirit!

This man would be only hers, no one can snatch him away and she will follow him wherever he goes.

Even to the ends of world.

Mo Si replied, Young Master, the new Gnome King, Dorna had visited several times; he mentioned purpose was to give his thanks…”

And gave his report.

Ji Mo Ya kept the wooden cabin inside his storage ring before bringing Huan Qing Yan to the gnomes Palace.

When Dorna saw the slightly fatigue looking figure of Huan Qing Yan, his expression darkened.

Huan Qing Yan was still wearing that emerald green dress she wore before, but after short three days, she exuded a seductive and alluring aura. She looked much more beautiful overall; her body fuller and she had lost the fresh charm of a young lady.

This sixteen year-old young lady now emitted a poise of someone older than eighteen year old

A flash of self-mockery flashed through Dornas eyes before he let it go.

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In truth, although Huan Qing Yan was sixteen on the surface, but due to her living in the dimension since she discovered it, her body has matured and she was actually twenty years of age now.

If not for this detail, she would not have allowed Ji Mo Ya to settle her that easily, *cough*!

After a series of greetings, Ji Mo Ya revealed his intentions of leaving the gnomes.

You should remain here for a while longer; this Young Master will be searching for suitable living habitats for you and will send word once I have news My deepest apologies to have troubled your esteemed race for so long.

The gnomes quickly expressed that they did not deserve his apologies. Dorna replied, It cannot be considered as bothering, instead, it should be us gnomes who should be grateful to Young Master Ya. Over the past couple of days, we have selected two Orange-Grade equipment suitable humans, please accept it as our form of thanks, we hope it will be worth of Young Master Yas use…”

The gnome guards brought out two stone boxes and placed them on Ji Mo Ya and Huan Qing Yans table.

When they opened it, there were both defensive equipment meant for females, a chest armor and a belt.

Dorna introduced, This is the Crimson Golden Silk Armor, it is created using crimson gold and forged using special techniques, it could withstand a full force attack of a Mystic Spirit Master without breaking apart, as for those below the level of Mystic Master, theres no need to explain any further…”

This one is called Eight Treasure Purple Cloud Runic Belt, it is made with Cloud Runes that were refined from Eight Treasure Purple Cloud Stones. When worn, it will boost the energy circulation within the wearer as well as boost the nurturing effects of spirit treasures.


Ji Mo Ya held the equipment up and checked in detail; the more he saw the more satisfaction he felt, the two pieces suited the current Huan Qing Yan extremely well, the gnomes must have put in great effort and thought when they were selecting the equipment.

Though they mentioned that it was to thank him, the two equipment were in fact specially selected for Huan Qing Yans use.

However, this act made him even happier then giving him presents directly.

He possessed a fair share of equipment on him, but Yan Lass did not have much in her possessions. On top of that, these two pieces quality or practicality were all top-grade.

With this, I thank your esteemed race. We will accept your kind gifts.

You are too polite Young Master Ya.

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