Chapter 558 – Glowing Face

Papa died due to the Tribulation Clouds…” Bai Li Sheng Qing slightly frown with impatience.

And it was that jinx that attracted the Tribulation Clouds! A descendant of an unknown clansmen was born outside; Grandpa Patriarch could have ordered others to retrieve her, yet he must order Papa to go. Mama have mentioned that it was yet the time for Papa to face the Tribulation Clouds, his death was under suspicious circumstances Anyhow, she is the jinx that caused the death of my papa, I do not like her!

Bai Li Sheng Qing could not endure it any longer, Jia Bao, stop stirring up trouble. At that time, Sister Zi Xi was only a newborn infant; it is impossible for her to attract the calamity of heaven onto herself! Is it due to the hearsay that if Sister Zi Xi is not around, you would be the one that would be marrying Ji Mo Ya? Those are just rumors…”

Bai Li Jia Bao immediately jumped like a cat that got its tail stepped on, You are spouting nonsense! I might admire the poise and grace of Young Master Ya, but I never had such thoughts! On the other hand, what about you, Bai Li Sheng Qing? You are the one who seemed to be enchanted by that woman; treating a cousin that is several generations away with more care and concern then your own blood sister…”

Bai Li Sheng Qing fling his sleeves and left, Unreasonable.

Bai Li Jia Bao angrily took off her shoe and threw it at her elder brothers back, You are the one whos unreasonable! You are only qualified to lay your eyes on that flirty fox and will never be able to touch! Who knows, she might make use of you one day, when that happens, dont come crying to me and Mama! Scram!


While the siblings were quarreling, the people within the hall on the other end had all dispersed except for the elders and Bai Li Zi Xi.

They were all still having a discussion.

Zi Xi, our clan have received word from the Ji Mo Clan that Ji Mo Ya that brat would be attending the Saintess coronation event, if everything works out well, he will ask for your hand in marriage…”

They informed you in advance so that you will be prepared. With your talents, if we look at the entire Sprit Treasure Continent, only Ji Mo Ya that brat can match you. Even though his dragon spirit treasure is the basic form of the primordial divine beast, if the two of you become partners, your cultivation would only improve greatly in the future.

Bai Li Zi Xi flushed red shyly, she did not speak as she listened to the instructions of the elders.

Only when the elders have said their piece, did she speak in embarrassment, I heard, I heard he already has a lady that he likes shes in Surging Wave Academia…”

The elderly patriarch did not find it as a problem and chuckled, You can rest assured, all men know how to weigh whats important. Your spirit treasure is currently the most suitable for him; as long as he is clear minded, he will definitely marry you. As for those other women, they are just grass and flowers found along the roadside, theres no need to pay too much attention to those.

Bai Li Zi Xi lowered her head and obediently stopped speaking.

No one noticed that her nails were currently being embedded deeply within her palms


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After three days of waiting, Mo Si finally saw his young master.

The young master looked pleased and refreshed as he held onto the hand of the little fat girl who appeared slightly fatigued.

When Mo Si saw his young master, he had only the deepest awe and respect at how ferocious his young master was! To battle for three consecutive days before coming out, such great achievements was akin to the immortals

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Of course, those were all Mo Sis thoughts, confined within his mind.

On the surface, Mo Si displayed a neutral expression; if he was to display any opening, his young master would immediately give him a foot.

Good day Young Master, good day Young Mistress!

Ji Mo Ya glanced at him, with his glowing face, and he gave him a rare reply, Good day.

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