Chapter 557 – Jia Bao, Get Out of Here!

So, you are the so called legendary brain-dead fan?

These voices were very soft, and amongst the rowdiness of the gathered crowd, it was unknown who spoke those words.

However, it was loud enough that Bai Li Zi Xi and everyone heard them clearly. Bai Li Zi Xi revealed a smile that was neither cold nor hot while she maintained a calm composure and treated the words as nonexistent.

The elderly patriarch lightly coughed, You young ones must remember never to make comparisons, the current Ji Mo Clan is already posed as the head of the Eight Great Clans. Not only are their older generations powerful, their younger generation are very strong as well, they are full of talents and geniuses; many of them already at the realm of Mystic Spirit Masters! Our Ancestor Sage has instructed, that we must guard our hearts and refrain from competing with others, I do not want to hear similar words of comparing from anyone else from now on.

The younger generation members all acknowledged the patriarch.

Little Xi ah, you have yet to undergo the Saintess bestowal ceremony, did the Holy Court approve the use of the transportation array without any prerequisites? Patriarch Bai Li Shan asked in concern.

Bai Li Zi Xi nodded, Yes, the sages have approved and allowed me to use this Saintesss special authority in advance.

The resources required by the transportation array to travel between our clan to the Holy Court is quite high for each use, even though you have special authority, you must refrain from using it casually, we must help humanity save as much resources as possible. Bai Li Shan advised.

Zi Xi understands. I got too excited this time and wanted to return personally to inform the clan, I will take note from now on. Zi Xi is still young and lacks experience, I am worried that I might make a mistake in the ceremony this time, thus I wish to seek some advice from the clans elders…” Bai Li Zi Xi obediently replied.

The small voice within the crowd came again, Report the good news? More like coming back to boast! Its just a ceremony, whats there to ask for experience about? The Bai Li Clan has never produced a Saintess before, what can be share?

This time, everyone managed to identify the owner of the voice.

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It was a young girl, called Bai Li Jia Bao, she has a beautiful appearance while emitting a tinge of heroic aura, she also possessed the cultivation of a True Spirit Master and looked to be seventeen or eighteen years of age, about the same age as Bai Li Zi Xi.

When everyone saw her, they silently stared at the sky.

This was because this was a little devil.

One with a rather high position within the Bai Li Clan, her talent was also top quality as well, possessing the qualifications to jump over the Four Great Academies and was able to immediately enroll into the Holy Academy, yet she chose not to.

That was because Bai Li Zi Xi was in the Holy Academy.

She was the person with the most complaints towards Bai Li Zi Xi within the clan!

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The powerful male clan brothers aside just talking about the female portion, Bai Li Zi Xi was her strongest rival and opponent since they were young. Wherever Bai Li Zi Xi was at, she would always be below her; if not for Bai Li Zi Xi, Bai Li Jia Bao would have been the most excellent lady within the clans younger generation.

The elderly patriarch lightly shouted, Jia Bao, get out of here!

Bai Li Jia Bao stick out her tongue, You made it sound like I wanted to be here and witness the smug look of someone. I will get out then!

She lifted her head and walked out of the hall in large strides.

When Bai Li Jia Bao left the entrance, a solemn looking young man chased after her from behind.

This person was her direct elder brother, called Bai Li Sheng Qing, he was usually silent and solemn, a person who follows the Ancestor Sages instructions firmly, keeping an extremely low profile and rarely talks, like a lone pine tree that grew along a cliff.

Jia Bao, why are you causing trouble again? Bai Li Sheng Qing asked, helplessly.

Bai Li Sheng Qing, have you forgotten how father died? I have not. It was all because of that jinx…” Jia Bao replied, angered.

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