Chapter 556 – Sister Little Xi

The room was once again filled with the sounds of intimacy.


On the peak of Purple Cloud, where clouds looked like a never-ending sea, was a celestial mountain.

It was not a large mountain; with a circumference of less than fifty kilometers and surrounded by a sea of clouds. It had a bague form and only outsiders who were lucky would get the opportunity to glimpse its true form. It was one that will make a person felt as if it was really close and within reach, but in fact, even if a person expends several years of effort, they might still be unable to reach the mountain.

This celestial mountain that was less than fifty kilometers in circumference, was where the most seclusive of the Eight Great Clans, the Bai Li Clan, was based.

The Bai Li Clans abilities were well known to be powerful, rumor has it that their strength was not anywhere weaker than the Ji Mo Clan. However, the clan chose the take the path of cultivation in seclusion; their Sage Ancestor had once instructed the clan, that only by maintaining a heart of reverence and sincerity could the members of the clan be able to reach further and greater heights.

Therefore, the clan members basically chose to rarely be involved in worldly matters.

Only the exceptionally excellent members of the younger generation, would be allowed on an adventure, to leave the clan to gain experience and learn about the worldly matters and improve themselves.

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As for the members of the older generations, these powerful individuals would basically never appear on Spirit Treasure Continent; they adopted a low-key approach and quietly trained instead.

Their Sage Ancestor had instructed that only individuals who had reached the realm of a Half-Sage could venture out of the clan.

Purple Clouds Peak, Mind Refining Pavilion.

Currently, the Bai Li clan elders who rarely show themselves, the elderly patriarch and several elites of the younger generation have all gathered within the hall.

Most of them wore kind smiles, especially the older generation; while some of the younger generation wore expressions of envy, jealousy etc.

Aiyo, our Zi Xi had managed to breakthrough and become a Mystic Spirit Master at such a young age, that is truly not an easy achievement…”

The one who had spoken up was the elderly clan patriarch Bai Li Shan, he was hunchbacked and looked no different from any ordinary neighborhood elder; in his hand was a staff that was alive and moving, on a closer look, it was spirit snake that has the King mark on its head!

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A younger looking elder stood beside him; a middle-aged person who gave off the Casanova feel, Bai Li Yu. He had on a gratified expression and while stroking the tidy beard under his chin with a smile he nodded, Indeed, Little Xi is only eighteen years old now? It is safe to say that she is the youngest Mystic Spirit Master in the entire history of Spirit Treasure Continent! And most importantly, she received the teachings of the Butterfly Sage and learnt the Boosting Dance, which allowed her to be bestowed the title of Saintess by the Holy Court!

The other elders all chipped in, How long has it been since our Spirit Treasure Continent has bestowed the title of Saintess to someone? Only a lady with great potential or has contributed greatly to humanity would have the qualifications to be bestowed the title of Saintess.


The target of these praises, Bai Li Zi Xi, displayed a calm and respectful expression while standing in the middle of the crowd like a celestial fairy.

On her alluring and seductive face was a smile that was a mix of modesty and pride.

She gently replied, Dear elders have overpraised. I thank the patriarch and the elders for your kind words.

Her voice was like an oriole, clear and pleasant to the ears.

After the praises of the elders, the elder brothers and sisters of the same generation also gave their share of praises; but in their tone, there were less sincerity and contained more of jealousy and envy.

Sister Little Xi, you have done really well, you even reached the realm of Mystic Spirit Master at an even younger age than the Ji Mo Clans genius, Ji Mo Ya…” an elder brother praised.

Someone immediately softly mumbled, Young Master Ya is the true genius of humanity, his cultivation he developed on his own, one step at a time. Unlike a certain someone who improved due to an external support from a transcended Sage. Its only a matter of time that this sort of forced improvement would display side effects…”

What about Ji Mo Ya? Is our clan any weaker than them? Sister Xi is bestowed the title of Saintess, that is enough evidence to proof …”

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