Chapter 555 – Big Baddie!

This medicine should help with the swelling.

He has never treated a woman so tenderly before and thus not experienced regarding this sort of things as well. In the past, the clan had sent women to him to satisfy his needs as a man, but he had rejected all those arrangements. He felt that these things should be part of a mans instincts and that there was no need to put in effort; in addition, he was also not attracted to those women sent to him.

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And it also turned out as he had expected, there was no need to be taught about such matters; he just needed to find the right woman, and everything will be smooth and natural, not only was there an unspoken form of chemistry between them, the s*x itself was also much more rewarding and enjoyable.

Huan Qing Yan felt his finger roaming her delicate area, the sensation a form of stimulation that caused her entire body to turn red hot like a prawn in boiling water.

She quickly pleaded, Let me apply myself…”

No need to be polite, I can do it just fine. His voice was gentle and proper,and if not for the current scene, his image of a noble young master would be portrayed perfectly.

And when used in this situation, it only caused Huan Qing Yan to feel even more embarrassed at his reply.

As she cannot endure the sensation any longer, Ji Mo Ya, let me do it myself!

Very good, you dare to call me by my full name now, arent you getting too daring? Good!

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As Ji Mo Ya spoke, the finger that had been applying the cream at her private area suddenly slide in slightly, causing Huan Qing Yan to uncontrollably release a moan

As Huan Qing Yan tried to resist the feeling of her limbs going limp, she used her hands to stop that finger that was causing havoc, Young Master Ya, you are too bad. Go away…”

Ji Mo Yas arm was firmly positioned and was not something the jelly Huan Qing Yan could push away, in addition, his finger was still maintaining a hooking motion, continuing to apply the medication as mentioned.

In a short while, Huan Qing Yan was completely aroused as her body turned hot, when she noticed that she had been about to emit a shameful noise again, she quickly covered her own mouth before she said with misty eyes, No matter what, I dont want it, I dont want it anymore pain…”

You thug! You rogue! Huan Qing Yan suddenly twitched before covering her face again and buried her face into a pillow beside her.

Ji Mo Ya chuckled, he lowered his body and used a charming voice that was filled with deceit, Yan Lass, come, be obedient, I guarantee that we will only do it once, it will not be painful as well…”

He stopped immediately after seeing that she had fainted yesterday, now that she had finally woken up, he wants to completely collect the remaining amount that she owed this time.

If she was a normal person, it would not be suitable to engage in the activity for too long for their first time, as one must consider the bodys condition. However, Huan Qing Yan was now a Nine Star Spirit Master, doing it for two to three times during her first time should not pose any problems to her strengthened body.

If she turned into a True Spirit Master, it would be even better as the number of times they can do it would increase greatly

If she becomes a Mystic Spirit Master The current Ji Mo Ya only had one thought, and that was to quickly raise the cultivation level of the Little One! With that, she could easily match him when they were engaging in the act of fun and pleasing, *cough*.

Wuu wuu wuu, you are a Big Lecherous Demon!

Ji Mo Ya was replied in an exceptionally thick-skinned manner, This young master is not asking for much, compared to the number of times that you had seduced me, I am only asking for this one time as compensation…”

Huan Qing Yan already thought of dying from the embarrassment, When have I tried to seduce multiple times before, I un ahnn…”

Ji Mo Ya had already entered.

Huan Qing Yan felt a mixed sensation of pain and pleasure, her body opened up once again; but this time did not feel the same pain as she expected, when the man above her started to pant, the deep sound of pleasure had also started to influence her as well.

Her voice of resistance had gotten much smaller, replaced by moans and ecstasy that matched his rhythm.

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