Chapter 176: Wait……


Fury rushed over her when she saw him.  Her mother was stuck inside the hospital while this person sat here smiling at her!

She really wanted to rush over to him and give him a good slap.

But, she could not afford to.

She took a deep breath and walked over to him.

The officer who sat there said, “This person surrendered himself to our station today.  He was the one who ran over your mother.  Based on the CCTV, we could tell that it was his vehicle that hit your mother.”

The driver nodded, “Yes, it was me.  I am sorry!”

The casual way he spoke made Zhuang Nai Nai frown.

She looked at the officer, “How are you going to handle this case?”

The officer looked at the driver, “The accident was entirely the driver’s fault.  According to Article 133 of the Criminal Law, this was a violation of traffic regulation and causing serious harm will send him to jail for at least three years.  If he causes death or serious injuries to passerbies, that sentence will be extended to seven years.  The driver said that he had been driving for more than 6 hours straight yesterday and had accidentally hit your mother.”

Zhuang Nai Nai nodded, “I don’t care how long he gets, I only want him to pay for my mother’s medical bill.”

After saying that, her eyes turned red.

The officer quickly said, “Don’t cry, little girl.  He should be the one responsible for the medical bill, just….”

Zhuang Nai Nai was frozen, “Just what?”

“I have no money!” the driver loudly said.

The officer hit him in the head, causing him to obediently lower his head.  The official sighed, “He is a famous ruffian in our area.  He is an orphan.  He has no money or any fixed asset.  His vehicle was owned by the company that hired him, but now that he had hit people, they took it back.  After careful investigation, we found out that he has only 5000 yuan.”


That was not enough to pay for even her mother’s hospital stay.

Zhuang Nai Nai became anxious, “What should I do?  My mother needs 300,000 yuan for surgery!”

“300,000 yuan?  That old lady’s life is worth 300,000 yuan?  F*ck!  Are you trying to cheat me?” the driver cursed.  “Whatever!  I have no money!”

The official hit him in the shoulders, “Shut up!  You run over people and still wants to save your own skin!”

The driver was very scared of the officer.  He kept his mouth shut.

The official continued explaining things to Zhuang Nai Nai, basically telling her that they were helpless in this matter.

The driver was caught and had to undergo his sentence.  They gave her the 5000 yuan, but that was it.

She understood what they were going to say.  She smiled at the officer before bowing in gratitude, “Thank you, uncle.”  Without him, her mother wouldn’t have gotten to the hospital in time.

When she raised her head once again, her eyes were filled with resentment and she grabbed her bag and hit the driver hard in the head.

“Go to hell!  You owe us for what you did!”  Her bag was full of books and the corner was pretty sharp so when she was finished with him, the driver’s head was bleeding.

The officer understood her feelings and only left her off with a warning.

As she stood near the police station’s entrance, Zhuang Nai Nai’s heart was cold.

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Without realizing it, she already took out her phone and dialled Si Zheng Ting’s number.  This time, her call came through, just the recipient was not Si Zheng Ting, but rather, Ding Mengya.  “Stop calling him,” she curtly said.

Before Ding Mengya could hang up on her, Zhuang Nai Nai said, “Wait…“


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