Chapter 155: Heading to the Capital

The first thing Hong Fanghai did was look for his father.

“Dad! I found out the true identity of Cheng Yu,” Hong Fanghai walked into his father’s study room and said excitedly.

“Oh? Who is he exactly?” Hong Guanlin was very curious about Cheng Yu because Cheng Yu had displayed such unrivalled strength that it had gone beyond their imagination. When Cheng Yu stood in front of them, he was like a god. Everything in front of him was an ant.

“Just now when I went over to give the money to Cheng Yu, Chief Huang and Commander Long had also gone to look for Cheng Yu. And Chief Huang’s tone was very endearing when he spoke. From his words, I found out that Cheng Yu is from the capital. I think he should be from the Cheng Family in the capital.”

“The Cheng Family in the capital? You are saying that Cheng Family?!” Hong Guanlin was somewhat dumbfounded when he heard it. His heart shuddered when he thought of it.

Previously, he had asked Fanghai to send people to capture Cheng Yu and yesterday, he had also ordered his men to fire at Cheng Yu. Fortunately, Cheng Yu possessed formidable abilities. Otherwise, if he were to kill Cheng Yu on the spot, would his family have to be buried with Cheng Yu?

His heart rejoiced. Now Cheng Yu was fine, and he had also reconciled with him. However, just as he heaved a sigh of relief, he remembered another issue. Although Cheng Yu no longer had a dispute with them, if the Cheng Family were to know of this, they would definitely not let go of this matter easily.

“Fanghai, are you sure he is really from the Cheng Family in the capital?” Hong Guanlin felt that this fact was too important. If Cheng Yu was really from the Cheng Family in the capital, he would need to reconsider the relations the Hong Family was going to have with Cheng Yu. No matter what, he must not let Cheng Yu become hostile to their Hong Family.

“Father, I feel that this information is definitely true. In the capital, there are no other Cheng Families that hold that much influence. When Chief Huang saw Cheng Yu, he treated Cheng Yu as if he was meeting his grandson. That person is the committee member of the Central Military Committee and he is not a low rank. How can he possibly be so intimate with anyone?” Hong Fanghai said positively.

“Since it is like this, you will have to think of ways to interact more with Cheng Yu. It would be best if you let him know the goodwill the Hong Family has for him,” When Hong Guanlin saw that his son was so sure, he was convinced as he reminded his son again.

“Sure. I understand.”

“Oh right, just now you said that Chief Huang was looking for Cheng Yu? What for?” Hong Guanlin said curiously.

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“I am not that sure. But Chief Huang said that the higher ups wanted him to bring Cheng Yu to the capital. Furthermore, it seems to be something good. However, Cheng Yu did not seem to be willing to head over,” Hong Fanghai was also very curious about it. Since Chief Huang had already said it was something good, why was Cheng Yu still so unwilling?

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“Higher ups? The higher ups of the Central Military Committee? Isn’t that the vice chairman and chairman? Why is this kind of big shot looking for Cheng Yu?” Hong Guanlin asked surprisingly.

“Hmmm…recently, every military region has been picking out the elite of the elites and this time, the main objective for Chief Huang to come down was also to pick a few candidates as well. Cheng Yu was so formidable and recently, there was also his video posted online. Is it possible that the higher ups have chosen him?” When Hong Fanghai heard his father’s reminder, his eyes suddenly brightened up.

“This is very possible. This time, all the military bases have placed special attention to this selection. If Cheng Yu was really personally picked out by the higher ups, in the future, his backing would be even more profound. We must never ever offend him again,” When Hong Guanlin heard what his son said, he felt that it was highly possible.

“En. I will tell that to all our family members.”

“How are Bing’er and Jun’er?” When he thought of his grandsons who were injured by Cheng Yu, he felt depressed and annoyed.

Depressed because his grandsons were beaten up in front of him, yet he as a grandfather could not do anything to help. Annoyed because his grandson was not worthy of respect. Other than creating trouble, they could do nothing else.

Cheng Yu was just a high school student, but he already achieved so much. It was really true that constantly comparing to others will only make you angry!

“The doctor said that their lives are not in any danger. They would just need to recuperate in the hospital for some time and they will be fine,” Hong Fanghai was also very helpless towards his sons.

Can this incident really be blamed on Cheng Yu? If someone pinpointed who was at fault, it was definitely their Hong Family. The other party was already very polite for not killing them. Judging from this point, not only did he not blame Cheng Yu, instead, he felt grateful to Cheng Yu. As their side actually opened fire, if Cheng Yu did not possess any abilities, he would have already become a dead man. However, Cheng Yu did not slaughter a single person.


Cheng Yu bid goodbye to his aunt’s family, his women and the Qin Canghai trio. He also handed over some things to them. The next day, Cheng Yu followed Huang Kaiming as they sat on the military aircraft and flew to the capital.

Supposedly, all these people had wanted to come to send Cheng Yu off, but were rejected by him. It was especially so for his women. Cheng Yu did not wish for a cosmos explosion to happen right now.

“You little kid. Didn’t we come to an agreement yesterday? Why are you still sulking today?” Seated inside the aircraft, Huang Kaiming asked Cheng Yu ill-manneredly when he saw Cheng Yu was still sulking.

“Wasn’t I forced by all of you?” Cheng Yu said helplessly. Cheng Yu had never been to the capital, but deep inside his heart, there were some feelings of fear.

He was afraid to meet those ‘relatives’ he had never met before. He did not even know any of them. When the time comes, he would not even recognize who was who. Wouldn’t it become very awkward for him?

“Forcing you is for your own good. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. If you really have no ability, would we even bother to force you?” The higher ups have attached great importance to this new unit. To be able to take charge of this unit as their military instructor would bring glory for Cheng Yu. Others hope for it, but did not even have the chance of participating in the selection process, yet Cheng Yu was still so unwilling!

“…” Cheng Yu kept quiet. He knew that even if he voiced his rejection, he would be turned down.

Huang Kaiming did not select anyone in the Yunhai Military District. Therefore, they were alone for the whole trip.

They got off from the plane. There was not a lot of people to receive them, but there were still a few. Unfortunately, Cheng Yu knew none of them.

“Old Huang, you have worked hard this time. Even though you did not bring back an optimal team member, you brought back a military instructor that everyone was looking forward to,” The duo had just gotten off the aircraft and an old man came over as he said happily.

“Haha! Vice chairman Xu must be joking. However, Old Cheng’s grandson is really hard to please. Others would beg to join this selection process, yet he was extremely unwilling to,” Huang Kaiming laughed. The old man was the vice chairman of the Central Military Committee, Xu Zhongfu, and he was also the previous Chairman of the Central Military Committee, Xu Zhongze’s brother.

“Haha! I also heard about it from old Cheng. Otherwise, I would not choose to give a military order to you. Xiao Yu, do you still remember Grandpa Xu?” Xu Zhongfu looked at Cheng Yu and smiled.

“You already introduced yourself. How can I possibly not know you? Grandpa Xu,” Even though Cheng Yu was very helpless, he still smiled and replied.

“Old Cheng, we finally managed to move your grandson back. Do you intend to bring him back first or let him stay here until the selection process?” Xu Zhongfu asked the old man behind him.

“Brat, are you not intending to greet your grandpa after you see me? You are becoming more and more outrageous!” At this moment, a thin and weak old man walked over. His height did not seem to be very tall as he spoke unhappily. This person was Cheng Yu’s Grandfather, Cheng Ruilong.

“Grandpa, I was just greeting Grandpa Xu just now!” Cheng Yu said awkwardly. However, that was not what he thought in his heart. “I don’t even know which is you, so how am I supposed to greet you?”

This was the kind of situation Cheng Yu had been fearing and was the reason why Cheng Yu was not willing to return to the capital. Now that all those who kept appearing in front of him were all the old grandpas, this made Cheng Yu even more sullen.

In Yunhai, he was very unrestricted. He could just do whatever he wished to do. But over here, not only did he have his parents around, there was also a big group of grandpas and another group of elders that he had not met. Thinking about this, Cheng Yu started to get a headache. He really wished to be able to bring a wig and cover his head so he did not need to see any of them.

“Let me bring him back first. When his grandma heard that he was coming back, she kept on harping since yesterday,” Cheng Ruilong smiled and said.

“Alright. We will not interrupt your reunion any longer. Two days later, when the selection commences, I will give you a call,” Xu Zhongfu said.


“Tell me, what exactly happened for the two years you spent in Yunhai? Especially the abilities you possess now. I knew exactly how you were in the past, so it was impossible for you to possess this set of abilities back then,” Seated in the car, Cheng Ruilong spoke what was on his mind.

“I met a very capable person in Yunhai. He passed me some cultivation methods. That’s how I came to have such skills,” Cheng Yu had long thought of this excuse.

“So it was like that. I did not expect that since I sent you to Yunhai, you would actually encounter this kind of opportunity. It really is the heavens blessing our Cheng Family,” Cheng Ruilong thought much about Cheng Yu’s ‘excuse.’ After all, he also felt that this was the only way for Cheng Yu to become so capable in such a short period of time. If it was someone ordinary, how could they possess such capability?

“Right. Grandpa, I have some matters I wish to talk to you about. Before I possessed these abilities, I accidentally injured my head and forgot everything that happened in the past. Therefore, when we return home, I will definitely not recognize anyone,” The moment Cheng Yu returned home, he had no idea how many relatives and friends would be there. So, he decided to give his grandfather a warning. This way, it would save a lot of unnecessary trouble.

“I heard from your mom about your head injury, but she did not mention anything about you losing your memories. Did it leave behind any lasting damage? How about I ask the army to send doctors over to take a look?” This was the first time Cheng Ruilong heard about this. If it was only forgetting trivial matters from the past, it would be a blessing to him. The current Cheng Yu was their Cheng Family’s hope. If there were to be repercussions from the head injury and he would forget things from time to time, it would be a big problem for Cheng Ruilong.

“Grandpa, you can be relieved. Now that I possess such abilities, I also came to understand my body’s condition very well. I only forgot about what happened in the past. That’s all.”

“If you are clear on your body’s condition, then I can be relieved. But in the future, if you continue forgetting things, you must definitely tell us about it. If there are some bad things happening to your body, it will be very troublesome to cure it,” When Cheng Ruilong saw how positive Cheng Yu was, he could only remind him to be extra careful.

“En. I know.”

The distance between the Capital Military Headquarters to Cheng Family house was very far. It was more than an hour before the duo arrived at the Cheng Family’s house. The Cheng Family in the capital was an extremely influential family. The Cheng house was a big courtyard house with a fully enclosed courtyard. Judging from the way it looked, it was quite antique. Cheng Yu felt it was unfamiliar, yet also somewhat familiar. After all, this was the place that Cheng Yu had grown up in. Inside Cheng Yu’s mind, there were lots of profound memories, but all of them were fuzzy. Cheng Yu knew that these memories were the remnants of the previous owner.

“My precious grandson. You are finally back! Grandma missed you to death!” Cheng Yu just entered the house when he saw an old grandma holding a walking stick as she rushed over.

“Grandma, your grandson is back!” Cheng Yu’s eyes turned red. Even he himself had no idea if it was his own state of mind that was causing this or his body’s natural reaction.

Inside Cheng Yu’s mind, there were two people who doted on him the most. One was his mother and the other was his grandma. In the past, Cheng Yu would often get into trouble in the capital. It was his grandma who always protected him. Otherwise, he would have long been beaten to death by Cheng Ruilong.

“Good, good, good. It’s good that you are back. It’s good that you are back!” His grandma’s eyes also turned moist. She finally met her grandson, so naturally she would become very happy.

Following that, Cheng Yu followed Cheng Ruilong and got familiar with everyone in the family again. Today was also the day that Cheng Yu suffered the most.

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