Chapter 473: The keepsake of the Mermaid Clan

No one should experience this feeling unless it was the end of the world. After all, a single sentence from Liuli managed to capture all of Long Yi’s attention. He had a feeling of intoxication and he felt as though he would never become sober again. Just by listening to what she said, Long Yi wanted to immerse himself in this feeling even if the seas run dry and the rocks crumble. Long Yi and Liuli were hugging each other and sharing a deep kiss as they floated above the sea waves. They were both sharing the same kind of feeling right now and they seemed intoxicated.

When it came to kisses, they were divided into different levels. Mutual consent to be each other’s sunshine is one of the conditions required, beautiful environment is another. Finding a favorable location and finding the proper time to engage in a kiss is crucial. Only when the time was right, with a good geographical location, and when social conditions were met, the kiss would be a kiss of the highest level. Be it spiritual or physical, this kind of kiss was sure to give both parties supreme enjoyment.

Above this boundless sea and under the stars in the sky above them, the two of them had a burning heart. How could they not feel intoxicated?

Time seemed to stand still at this moment. Their entangled tongues teased, pursued and moistened each other.

The temperature slowly rose and ** began to ferment as Long Yi sucked on Liuli’s fragrant tongue. His hands were not idle as he kneaded her full and plump buttocks. Next, he entered and scouted inside her golden skirt. The warm, jade-like feeling told Long Yi that there was nothing under her skirt. This made the ** in his heart become even stronger.

“Little mermaid, you didn’t wear any panties?” Long Yi moved his mouth away and said with a smile.

As for Liuli, she emitted a burning hot fragrance and she looked as though she was burning. Now, her body temperature which was supposed to be a lot lower than humans was extremely high. Her eyes were blurred as she softly snorted, “My tail has just turned into legs, where can I get panties?”

The big hand of Long Yi entered the crack of her buttocks and he said with a smirk, “It is better to not wear them, saves me some trouble.”

Liuli’s body suddenly softened. She lacked the strength to resist and she wasn’t going to resist Long Yi’s invasion anyway. She had already planned to give herself to Long Yi without any reservation tonight. On the day she became an adult, she would give herself to Long Yi. This was actually the ancient custom of the Mermaid Race.

Long Yi hugged Liuli with one hand and waved his other hand. Dense water magic elements emerged, forming a sea blue water barrier around them. Tonight, this place will be their bridal chamber with the sea as their bed and the sky as their quilt. Their romantic story would begin from this point onwards.

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The dress worn by the Mermaid Race was extremely sexy. With a gentle pull, the thin layer of clothing fluttered down and a full bosom with perfect curves appeared before his eyes. They were extremely alluring. Those pink pearls above them and Liuli’s spotlessly white skin complimented each other. It looked as though it was a winter plum which blossomed in the midst of snow and ice. This noble and beautiful sight stimulated the strongest desire to profane her in his heart.

Long Yi reached out his devil’s talons towards this pair of perfect ** and he unscrupulously kneaded them. The sight of them changing shapes in his hand gave him a strong visual impact.

Women were sensual beings as long as their passion was strong. However, that was only a kind of enjoyment for them. However, men were sensual beings most of the time. A simple visual stimulation could lead to a strong sense of pleasure.

“Young Master……” The little mermaid moaned. Long Yi’s actions gave her a series of pleasant sensation. She trembled where she stood. She felt as if her spirit was flying away in the midst of the waves of pleasure.

The moan coming from this little mermaid was like a strong aphrodisiac. Long Yi’s ** instantly reached the peak. He pushed down little mermaid and sucked on one of her buds as he nimbly got rid of the last piece of cloth on this little mermaid.

With one strong and powerful thrust, the body of little mermaid stiffened as she tightly hugged Long Yi. Her face shone with happiness. It was very painful for her when Long Yi’s hot rod entered her body. However, she was overjoyed as their heart and body became united. She was so happy that the pain of ** appeared very insignificant in front of her spiritual happiness.

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The sound of ** resounded and the starlight began to turn hazy in the blink of an eye. It eventually disappeared.

Now the sky started to brighten. Liuli was using the shoulder of Long Yi as a pillow and she stared into the sky, just like Long Yi. Along with the fall and rise of sea waves, the vast sea they were floating on bounced up and down. It made them feel extremely comfortable.

Long Yi looked around leisurely, watching the sky. He was not concentrating and he was clearly in a daze. Liuli silently lied on his bosom without disturbing him. She simply immersed herself in her own happiness.

“Liuli, do you want to return to Ocean City?” Long Yi suddenly asked.

“Mmm.” Liuli nodded her head. After turning over, she lied on the bed of water and she said, “Although we were exiled, that place is the root of our Sea Race. I have been drifting everywhere since I was born. I really want to go back and take a look. However, Aunt Bifei said that she will only take me back when my cultivation reached the sixth note of the Soul Locking Seven Notes.”

Long Yi caressed Liuli’s smooth back and said with a smile, “Reaching the sixth note is nothing. You already cultivated to the fourth note. You’ll be able to reach the sixth note before the situation on the Blue Waves Continent stabilizes. At that time, I will also be free. I’ll go back together with you… Doesn’t that sound good?”

Having heard what was said, Liuli’s little face shone and she hastily nodded her head. Her smile was brilliant like the sun and Long Yi was blinded by the brilliance of her smile.

Although Long Yi like smiles of happiness, the smile which was on his face was usually cold and hateful. However, he liked to see the women around him smile happily.

Of all of them, he liked Wushuang’s smile the best. She was very reserved and she rarely showed any expression. However, she would show a smile once in a while around him. It was like spring sunshine and was very attractive.

Liuli’s smile had a different kind of flavor to it. It was magnificent and causal as she expressed her happiness. It carried the special quality of the ocean and it didn’t contain any impurity in it. It could deeply attract anyone the moment they saw her smile.

“Young Master, can I go ashore with you?” Liuli sat up and started acting coquettishly.

“Go ashore?” Long Yi was somewhat surprised. The people of the Sea Race had always feared the dry land. It was like how humanity feared the mysterious seas.

“Now I can use my legs to walk. No one will know that I am someone from the Sea Race.” Liuli pointed at her sparkling and crystal-clear slender legs and explained.

“Will your Aunt Bifei agree?” Long Yi asked with a smile.

“Definitely not…” Liuli started to feel dejected.

“I agree.” All of a sudden, a head with beautiful sea blue colored hair popped out from the surface of the sea. She was precisely Bifei who had something against Long Yi.

Long Yi was startled. He hastily took out his clothing and threw them on his body. Fortunately, due to the water curtain, only the shadow of the two of them could be seen from outside.

After the two of them were done wearing their clothes, Long Yi removed the water curtain around them. He quickly saw that Bifei and Xiaomi were floating on the water surface. The faces of the two women were red. It seemed like they already knew about what went on inside the water curtain.

“Aunt Bifei, do you truly agree to let me go ashore with Long Yi?” Liuli swam over to the side of Bifei and asked happily.

Bifei dotingly looked at this princess of the Mermaid Clan who was raised by her. Caressing her little face, she said, “You are already an adult. According to the custom of our Mermaid Clan, you can go and do whatever you desire. Aunt will not stop you anymore… However, Aunt has to remind you that the world of humans is far more complicated than what you and I can imagine. Aunt is afraid that you will not be able to adapt properly.”

“I know! However As long as Liuli is beside Young Master, Liuli will not be afraid of anything!” Liuli said with determination and she looked at Long Yi with a gaze full of trust.

Bifei smiled and nodded her head. Turning to face Long Yi, she said, “I hand over Liuli over to you. I hope that you will protect her. She is not only your woman… She is the hope of our Mermaid Clan, do you understand?”

Long Yi seriously nodded his head and agreed in earnest, “I understand, you can rest assured. I won’t let anyone harm even a single hair on Liuli’s head!”

“That’s good.” Bifei’s eyes were somewhat wet. Now, she was treating Long Yi a lot better than before. It was because Liuli had already given her everything to him. Not to mention the fact that Liuli was now his woman and no longer his maid. This was the immediate cause for the change of her attitude towards Long Yi.

“Princess, take care of yourself!” Xiaomi poked her head out from behind Bifei. She was not able to endure her sadness like Bifei. She directly burst into tears as she bade Liuli farewell.

Liuli was a sensitive person. When she saw that Xiaomi was crying, tears flowed down her face as well. As for Long Yi who was at the side, he didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. They were not going to leave forever… Liuli was just going to Blue Moon City with him. As long as she wanted to return, it wouldn’t take even a minute for them to get back.

When the master and servant were weeping in each other’s arms, Bifei quietly swam to the side of Long Yi and signaled for him to swim further away from the both of them.

“Do you need me to do something?” Long Yi smiled as he looked at Bifei. Honestly speaking, he hated her in the past because she tried to kill him without giving him a chance to explain himself. However, when he placed himself in her position, he realized that her decision wasn’t wrong. As the last person to protect Liuli, she had to use every means possible to cut off all the factors that could endanger Liuli’s safety. When he thought about it, Long Yi no longer hated Bifei. Instead, a trace of admiration rose in his heart. But of course, when meeting her, he liked to make her angry. He would also tease her every chance he got. It was a habit buried deep in his bones.

Bifei raised her right hand above the surface of the water and opened her palm. There was a golden fin-like object on her hand and one could indistinctly feel a powerful energy circulating inside it.

“This is the keepsake of our Mermaid Clan which has been passed down from generation to generation. Now, I will leave it in your care. It has ancient magic arrays sealed inside it. Now that you have taken Liuli’s purity and blended with her essence blood, as long as you know the incantation, you will be able to activate one of its magic arrays. It might be helpful for you in the future.” Bifei said before teaching Long Yi the incantation. After teaching him, she placed the object on Long Yi’s hand after caressing it gently.

Long Yi was startled and he wanted to ask Bifei why she would give him something like this. However, Bifei waved her hand to interrupt him and she said, “Don’t ask why. Since I gave it to you, then take it.”

After Bifei insisted on giving him the object, Long Yi knew that he couldn’t decline it. It would seem unreasonable of him to decline it.

“You have to take good care of Liuli, I am earnestly requesting this of you.” Bifei showed a rare smile in front of Long Yi. She looked very beautiful.

“I will, you can rest assured.” When he saw Bifei’s smile, a strange feeling welled up in his heart. He felt as though these were the words a dying mother would say after entrusting her daughter to a man.

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