Chapter 472: Adult mermaid

After the milky white radiance entered his body, a layer of sparkling silverish purple light appeared within his body. It intertwined ceaselessly with the milky white light.

Roar…… A tiger’s roar resounded in the stone room. Tiger cub Little Three appeared out of thin air. After landing on the ground, it raised its head high and uttered a long, loud roar. The entire Light Church shook all of a sudden. The people who were devoutly prostrating themselves below thought that an earthquake had struck. As such, they pushed and squeezed their way out of the Light Church.

One human and one tiger stood inside the stone room. The white light slowly dissipated and it appeared as though the Light God was really appearing in this world.

Long Yi rubbed the head of Little Three. He knew that it had appeared because of the appearance of the light spirit tablet. However, Long Yi had no idea why the Light God would give him the light spirit tablet.

Just as Long Yi was about to ask, Charles said solemnly, “This light spirit tablet is not very useful for me now. Keep it with you. I can’t possess him for much longer, leave now.”

A hint of uncertainty flashed through Long Yi’s eyes, but he didn’t say anything. Instead, he grabbed Little Three and walked out of the stone room.

Bang, the stone door behind him automatically closed. Long Yi looked back with doubts in his heart. Patting the head of Long Three, Long Yi muttered, “Little Three, you are the light sacred beast. Why didn’t your master show any reaction even after seeing you? Could it be that it was because of the possession?”

Little Three looked at Long Yi in confusion and softly purred. Immediately after that, it familiarly rubbed its head against Long Yi’s big hand which was stroking it.


The sea waves were continuously colliding against the cliff and it seemed to be telling an ancient and mysterious story of the ocean.

Long Yi sat on a stone which protruded from the cliff. He held a branch in his hand and was in the process of writing and drawing on the ground.

“Light God… Was he really the Light God?” Long Yi arduously thought about this issue which was on his mind for a long time. According to reason, there shouldn’t be any mistakes. That terrifying divine domain and super light blades. Their might far surpassed the light blades casted by Light Magic Gods. Other than the Light God himself, who was able to reach this level?

However, Long Yi still felt as though there was something wrong. If it was the Light God himself, why would Little Three not have any reactions towards him? Saying it was because of possession seemed a little bit far-fetched. Now that he thought about it, when the Light God saw Little Three, he was only a little surprised. He didn’t reveal any feelings he had for Little Three. However, this made no sense. If Little Three wasn’t the light sacred beast, how could it produce such a strong reaction when it interacted with the light spirit tablet?

“I am having a headache ah……” Long Yi knocked his own head as he muttered. At this moment, the light spirit tablet was floating above the light magic vortex in his sea of consciousness. It began to rotate just like the lightning spirit tablet. He clearly felt the light magic elements within his body increasing by a large amount.

Long Yi was somewhat unhappy. Since he arrived in this world, he had always thought that he was the only controlling his destiny. He was not supposed to be controlled by this world. However, right now, he had learnt that since the time he entered this different world, it was impossible to maintain personal integrity. First of all, there was the binding of familial love and also the beautiful women in his life. This drew him into the battlefield whirlpool on Blue Waves Continent and caused him to push forwards. Then, there was this inextricable connection which he had with this world, the legendary Divine World, Ocean City, and mysterious Dragon Island. All of these connections made him extremely confused.

Tinkle, tinkle. Suddenly, harp sounds which were pleasing to the ears came from the sea. It sounded like the gurgling sound of water and also like the sound of a jade bowl. The free and natural sound made all of the troubles disappear from Long Yi’s mind. His spirit felt truly refreshed.

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Long Yi was feeling like this right now. He closed his eyes and with a smile on his face, he listened to that sound. He distracted himself from those things which were confusing him. There will come a day when the water subsides and the rocks emerge.

The harp sound was melodious and this beautiful music seemed to be dancing in the air. Moreover, it was splendid in riotous profusion. Long Yi stood up and he behaved as though he was a roc spreading its wings. He made a beautiful arc in the sky as he flew towards the location where the sound came from. Other than Liuli, there was no one else who could play such beautiful music in the entire ocean.

Long Yi stepped on the sea waves and his heart became much lighter. He couldn’t help but think about how great it would be if he could behave like an affectionate couple with Liuli under the dim light of night.

Before long, Long Yi stopped and quietly floated above the surface of the sea. He was pleasantly surprised to see that strange scenery not far away. He saw layers upon layers of extremely thin water curtains encompassing an area which formed a ring. The water curtains rotated around as the music came from a harp. Under the refraction of the silvery starlight, it was sparkling as if stars were twinkling above the water curtains.

Along with the appearance of the moon from behind the clouds, a graceful figure appeared. Long Yi could see her soft white hands dancing on the harp and the pleasant music came from the harp.

After a good while, the music ended but Long Yi felt as though he could still hear the musical notes coming from beside his ear. It really left a rich aftertaste.

The revolving water curtains slowly stopped along with the music. After that, the first thing that caught Long Yi’s eyes was that beautiful golden hair which hung down till the figure’s waist. He especially liked the faint fragrance which was carried over by the wind.

“Liuli, your skills are excellent. Hurry up and come over, give this Young Master a kiss!” Long Yi applauded and said. If he could listen to her playing the harp every day, that would be the best enjoyment.

Liuli turned her head around and a sweet smile appeared on her face. She looked so beautiful that it was out of this world.

Long Yi’s eyes flashed with a lewd light, no… It flashed with divine light as he watched Liuli’s smiling face. Her face resembled a blooming flower and was extremely pretty. She was someone who Long Yi would look back in his life and admire. Such a beautiful woman who was above this secular world was actually his maid. Thinking about it, the only regret was he could only touch and was unable to eat her up.

“Young Master, close your eyes.” Liuli mysterious said and the seven colored glazed harp in her hand changed into a rainbow and disappeared.

Close my eyes? If she wasn’t going to give this Young Master a pleasant surprise, what else can she do? Could it be that she wanted to secretly kiss this Young Master’s lips? Long Yi had alluring thoughts in his heart and he closed his eyes with expectation in his heart. However, he used his spirit power to observe everything happening outside his body.

Long Yi “saw” Liuli standing upon the sea surface and she slowly turned around. Flinging her beautiful golden hair backwards, the soft ends of her hair stroked Long Yi’s face. Long Yi’s heart was squirming and he was ready to create all sorts of trouble.

“Young Master, you can open your eyes now.” The voice of Liuli was somewhat trembling.

When he heard what she said, Long Yi opened his pitch black eyes and saw the nervous and yearning expression on Liuli’s face. Long Yi was startled as his gaze moved downwards. He saw that Liuli’s little hands were entangled together above her lower abdomen. She was clearly very restless as she wore a dress which revealed her navel. She had never worn anything like this before. This spotlessly white and smooth underbelly was truly of the best quality.

Wait a minute, Long Yi suddenly squinted his eyes as he looked at that spotlessly white legs which were supporting Liuli. They were smooth and slender as if they were made of jade. Moreover, her feet were glittering and translucent like a crystal. Her toes were shyly squirming against each other. They looked extremely cute. This kind of beautiful legs was very rare in the world, however, it was not like they didn’t exist. All the women around Long Yi had such cute legs. The problem here was that Liuli was a mermaid. How can a mermaid have legs?

For no reason, Long Yi thought about the sad and beautiful fairytale from his previous world. It was about the Mermaid Princess. His complexion changed immediately. He grabbed the soldiers of Liuli and hastily asked, “What is going on here? Why did your tail change into the legs of a human?”

Liuli seemed to be scared by Long Yi’s reaction. She helplessly answered Long Yi with glistening teardrops flowing down her eyes, “I…… I thought that you would like it.”

When he heard her reply, Long Yi realized that his tone was a little bit too severe. As such, he took a deep breath to calm himself down before continuing, “I certainly like that your tail changed into legs. However, you are a mermaid. Mermaids are born with tails and not legs… I don’t want you to harm yourself for the sake of myself.”

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When she heard that Long Yi was angry because he thought that she had harmed herself, Liuli’s beautiful face regained her smile. Long Yi didn’t hate that she had legs… She softly explained herself, “I didn’t harm myself!”

“Then you……  What is going on with these legs?” Long Yi looked at the legs of Liuli and involuntarily swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Currently, Liuli only had a golden skirt around her waist which covered only her thighs. This was truly too tempting.

Liuli trembled as she couldn’t bear Long Yi’s fiery gaze any longer. She said softly, “As a matter of fact, after members of our Mermaid Race turn into adults, our tail can change into legs. The only issue is that we cannot use our Mermaid Race magic when our tail changes into legs. There are no other effects. Today…… Today is the day I become an adult.”

“Is that so? That’s good. As it turned out, my little mermaid grew into an adult today.” Long Yi was a little surprised as he gently reached out his hand to stroke Liuli’s beautiful hair.

Liuli looked at Long Yi with her beautiful eyes and her beautiful face flushed red. No one knew what Liuli was thinking in her head.

“My little mermaid, what is wrong?” Long Yi curiously asked.

Liuli turned her head and used her hands to cover her face which was about to burn.

Long Yi became even more curious. He used his hands to pull open Liuli’s little hands which were covering her face. When they were open, he used one of his hand to raise Liuli’s chin to look at himself. He threatened in a deep voice, “Speak quickly. Otherwise, this Young Master will spank you.”

Liuli grumbled in a flirty manner and placed her little hand on Long Yi’s chest. She closed her eyes and muttered, “Young Master, now, Liuli can conceive your baby.”

Eh…… Long Yi was stunned and his saliva nearly choked him to death. This little mermaid said that she would be able to conceive his baby… In other words, didn’t that mean that they could make love now? They could finally enjoy the pleasure of close intimacy as a couple.

“Young Master……” Liuli shyly waited for Long Yi’s response. However, Long Yi wasn’t able to respond for a long time as he acted as though he was petrified.

“Well, then what are you waiting for?” Long Yi cursed in his heart and held onto Liuli’s cheeks. He kissed her red lips…

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