Chapter 82: Blocking a Sword


The tomb has been dug out and all the treasures buried with it have been taken out. Mo Qi Qi looks at those treasures, stunned.

After doing her research, she finds out that this tomb belongs to a Wangye from the previous dynasty.

When she sees those priceless treasures, she approaches Jun Qian Che before saying, “Your Majesty, now that we have dug all those things out, those things now belong to the kingdom. Let’s bring them back with us to the capital.”

“No, Rui Wangye will be given a lavish reburial, and all those things that have been unearthed will be buried back with him,” Jun Qian Che solemnly says.

“Yes,” the county’s magistrate immediately goes to do the bidding.

After they return to their temporary abode, Mo Qi Qi unhappily turns to Jun Qian Che and scolds him, “Your Majesty, why did you tell them to rebury the treasures that have been dug out? And lavish reburial? What were you thinking? It is just the tomb of a Wangye from the previous dynasty, why are you giving him so much respect?”

Jun Qian Che signals her to sit down.

Mo Qi Qi angrily sits down. She really likes those relics, reburying them will be such a waste!

Zhen is treating the late Rui Wang in respect because he had a merit to our kingdom,” he softly says.

“A merit? He is already dead for more than 200 years. What kind of merit could he possibly give? Besides, he is from the previous dynasty!” Mo Qi Qi really cannot understand this person.

Jun Qian Che calmly explains everything, “The last emperor of the previous dynasty was someone debauched and unreasonable. The people were living in hardship. He kept drawing the common people’s anger until they formed a rebellion against him. Zhen’s imperial ancestor who was the then general could not bear to see the situation and ordered the soldiers under him to rebel against the kingdom. The rebellion went on for a couple of years. When imperial ancestor was almost successful in his endeavour, a minister who was working under the then emperor tried to conspire against him. He wanted to kill imperial ancestor. When the then emperor’s young brother, Rui Wang heard about the matter, he sent his people to inform imperial ancestor about the matter. They were friends you see. He did not blame imperial ancestor for rebelling. His warning enabled imperial ancestor to put forth all necessary cautions. The emperor’s plan failed and imperial ancestor captured the imperial palace. He killed the emperor and seized the throne. Later, imperial ancestor wanted Rui Wang to stay in the court, and was even willing to appoint him as the regent. However, Rui Wang did not like engaging in the power struggle in court. He also felt guilty for betraying his own brother to save his friend, and so, he left imperial ancestor a letter before secretly leaving.

In his letter, he said that he support imperial ancestor as the emperor and he hoped that imperial ancestor would be able to give the common people the peace and stability that they deserved. He vowed to never return to the capital. Imperial ancestor was touched when he read the letter. He ordered his people to search for Rui Wang, and at the same time, governed the kingdom as best as he could, as to not disappoint Rui Wang who had high hopes for him. Rui Wang was nowhere to be found and imperial ancestor would never see him again, in his lifetime. Before he died, imperial ancestor told his heir to continue searching for Rui Wang, and to treat him and his descendants kindly. Zhen was fortunate enough to find Rui Wangye and fulfilled imperial ancestor’s wish. Zhen will try to find his descendants next. Zhen wants to reward them as per what imperial ancestor once requested.”

Mo Qi Qi sighs, full of emotion, “Who knew that Rui Wangye would have that kind of connection to the kingdom…. Does he have any descendants?”

Zhen don’t know. But if he does, they are probably living here at the moment.”

“But, do you really think it is wise to look for his descendants? I believe Rui Wangye must have hidden his identity after leaving the capital. People probably didn’t know who he was. That was why imperial ancestor never managed to find him. I’m sure that even his descendants does not know who he was. If he really does have some descendants lying around somewhere, they have probably been living as commoners all their life. If you suddenly turn their lives upside down, some of them who have greedy hearts will probably make use of their identity as the descendants of the previous kingdom’s royalty to create trouble. It will not be beneficial to the court or to them. Let’s not disturb his descendants as per Rui Wang’s wish. Let him rest in peace,” Mo Qi Qi innocently says.

Jun Qian Che is very surprised when he hears that. He did not expect Mo Qi Qi who lives a sheltered life to be able to come up with that.

When Mo Qi Qi sees him staring at her like that, she laughs, worried, “Chenqie was just saying, Your Majesty. If you think chenqie is wrong, you can pretend you didn’t hear a thing. Chenqie has no other meaning.”

“The empress said it very clearly, how could zhen pretend not to hear anything?” Jun Qian Che leisurely sips on his tea.

Mo Qi Qi really wants to slap her own mouth. She feels like she has just patted a tiger on it’s back. “Your Majesty, you are a just ruler, you should allow other people to express their opinions. Even if what chenqie said went against you, you should not be so petty towards a girl. Chenqiewill not mindlessly give chenqie’s opinions again.”

Zhen thinks that what the empress said is very reasonable.  Zhen decides to adopt it,” Jun Qian Che puts down his cup and looks at her.

Mo Qi Qi is momentarily stunned before she laughs in relief, “You scared chenqie to death, Your Majesty. Chenqie thought you were angry.”

“What you said was right. This matter has been going on for far too long, zhen shouldn’t disturb Rui Wang’s descendants. This matter should end now. Reburying Rui Wang with honor should be enough to fulfil the promise to imperial ancestor.”

Mo Qi Qi takes that as the cue to butter him up, “Your Majesty is smart, no wonder you are the emperor of the kingdom. Your name will be remembered for generations to come! You are—–“

“Alright, that is enough. Give it back,” Jun Qian Che changes the topic.

Mo Qi Qi pretends to be clueless, “Give what back?  What are you talking about, Your Majesty? Chenqie cannot understand you.”

“The jade pendant from Rui Wang’s tomb,” Jun Qian Che goes straight to the point without holding back.

Mo Qi Qi’s heart stops for a good few seconds before she continues to play dumb, “What jade pendant, Your Majesty? There was no jade pendant found as far as chenqie remember. Are you trying to make things hard for chenqie?”

Zhen already told you that everything must be put back with Rui Wang. That jade pendant in particular must be returned. Do you think zhen didn’t see you secretly stealing the jade pendant from on top of Rui Wang?”

Now that she has been exposed, Mo Qi Qi resorts to anger, “It is just a jade pendant! Rui Wang has so many treasures with him, I am sure he will not mind losing this pendant! Just consider it as giving it to the later generation!”

“You can take anything you want, but you must return this jade pendant. Do you know why Rui Wang brought this with him to the grave? Because imperial ancestor’s name was Jun Yu Heng. This pendant was given to him by imperial ancestor. This was Rui Wang’s way of saying that he would forever be with imperial ancestor and that their brotherhood would always exist. This was his way of telling people that he did not blame imperial ancestor. This pendant was really important for him. When imperial ancestor died, he too was buried with a pearl that Rui Wang once gave him,” Jun Qian Che tells her everything he knows.

(TN: Yu Heng means jade pendant.)

Mo Qi Qi takes out the pendant before mumbling to herself, “Who would have thought that they would have such a deep feeling for each other? Alright, I’m returning it to you,” she obediently gives it back to him. If she had known this from the start, she would have taken something else. Just, this pendant is just too pretty.

Jun Qian Che takes it back and gets up. Before leaving, he gives her a parting word, “Remember your position as the empress. Do not do this again.”

Mo Qi Qi curtsies in front of him, “Yes.” Then, she secretly scrunches her nose.

Jun Qian Che then leaves.

Mo Qi Qi leans on the long couch in grief. Amidst her sadness, she remembers her plan to escape. She suddenly jumps back up, “There will be a thick forest in front. The best place for me to run away. I need to prepare everything, I must be successful this time!” She takes out her map and starts studying it.

The little town is very quiet at night, unlike the lively capital. There is the sound of the temple’s bell ringing from afar. Although it sounds really distant, it can be heard clearly amidst the silence of the night.

Since it has just rained, the air feels moist and cool.

After she finished inspecting the map, she prepares to retire to bed. Just then, she hears a loud commotion outside, “Protect the emperor!”

“What is going on?” Mo Qi Qi walks out of her room, curious. When she sees a bunch of black-clothed men fighting the guards in the courtyard, she covers her mouth in shock.

Han Yi Xiao and Bai Jiu are amongst the guards battling the assassins.

Jun Qian Che, on the other hand, is watching the scene calmly, a look of disdain flashing in his eyes.

As Mo Qi Qi watches Bai Jiu and Han Yi Xiao killing the assassins one by one, she gives them two thumbs up. Just as she thought that the assassins are going to die for sure, one of them noticed her and quickly brandishes his sword towards her.

Mo Qi Qi stares at him, dumbfounded.

When Jun Qian Che sees that, he kicks a sword towards that assassin, planning to stab him to death before he gets the chance to harm Mo Qi Qi. But then, Jun Yue Hen already rushes forward and shields Mo Qi Qi from in front, receiving the blow for her.

“7th Imperial Uncle!” Mo Qi Qi looks at him in shock as the assassin’s blade stabs him in the shoulder.

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Jun Qian Che’s sword comes two seconds too late. When it hits the assassin from behind, the assassin falls on the ground, dead.

Realizing that they are losing, the rest of the assassins start retreating.

Han Yi Xiao wants to give a chase, but Jun Qian Che stops him, “No need to chase after them.”

Jun Yue Hen’s face is deathly pale, but when he sees how worried Mo Qi Qi is for him, he smiles, “This official isfine. Do not worry about this official, Your Ladyship.”

“Call the imperial physicians!” Han Yi Xiao orders one of his people.

Jun Qian Che walks to Jun Yue Hen, eyeing him from head to toe before saying, “It rained just now. You do not know martial arts, it is safer for you to stay indoor.” He looks at Jun Yue Hen’s wet shoes.

Jun Yue Hen also looks at his own shoes, “The flowers in the back courtyard are blooming beautifully. This official wanted to view them, but who would have thought that this official would see this scene upon returning back. As long as Your Majesty and Her Ladyship are alright…..” Jun Yue Hen’s voice is very weak.

Mo Qi Qi quickly speaks up, “Stop talking, 7th imperial uncle! You should return to your room first.” She tries to help him up to send him to his room.

Jun Qian Che’s face promptly turns ugly.

Bai Jiu sees that and quickly snaps at her people, “What are you two waiting for? Hurry and help the 7th King return to his room!”

“Yes!” the two guards step forward and help lead Jun Yue Hen back to his room.

The imperial physician comes soon after. He helps check Jun Yue Hen’s wound before applying medicine on the wound and bandaging it. The wound is neither very deep nor is it heavily bleeding. Jun Yue Hen’s life is not in danger.

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Jun Qian Che looks at the worried Mo Qi Qi before coldly saying, “The 7th Imperial Uncle’s wound is not deep. You can go to rest now, Empress. All of you should retreat first, let the 7th Imperial Uncle rest properly!” After saying that, Jun Qian Che leaves.

“How are you feeling, Yue Hen?” Mo Qi Qi asks in worry. After all, he got injured in order to protect her.

Jun Yue Hen comforts her, “I am fine. You should go and rest.”

Mo Qi Qi nods, “Alright. You should rest properly as well. I will look for you tomorrow.”

“Alright,” Jun Yue Hen gives her a bright smile so that she will stop worrying.

After Mo Qi Qi walks out of Jun Yue Hen’s room, she angrily march towards Jun Qian Che’s room, “Your Majesty!”

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