Chapter 471: Light God?

Dongfang Kexin was not returning to the Light Headquarter with Holy Priest Karen and the others. Instead, she seemed to be in charge of something else right now. Her position in the church had returned to one of a Saintess.

Karen didn’t stay for long. After exchanging a few words with Dongfang Kexin, she and the remaining red-robed priests left.

“Kexin, wait a minute.” Long Yi called out Dongfang Kexin who treated him as though he was transparent.

Dongfang Kexin slightly slowed down her steps and stopped eventually. Turning around, she replied Long Yi with indifference in her voice, “What’s the matter?”

Long Yi sighed in his heart. Although Dongfang Kexin pretended to not care, he could clearly see the trace of hidden panic in the depths of her heart. He pulled on Nalan Rumeng’s hand and he walked over towards her. He asked her for a favor, “I am going to look for Charles to discuss something. Help me look after these two little girls.”

“Brother-in-law……” Nalan Rumeng called out unwillingly. However, when faced with Long Yi’s solemn expression, she yielded. In the end, she pouted at Long Yi with a wronged expression on her face.

Dongfang Kexin wanted to refuse him, but she noticed that she had subconsciously nodded her head. Therefore, she had no choice but to reach out her hands to hold little Niur into her bosom. To everyone’s surprise, little Niur didn’t complain at all.

When she was reaching her hand out to hold little Niur, Dongfang Kexin’s hand brushed against Long Yi’s. The moment their hands came into contact with each other, an electric shock passed through her body. Her maiden heart started to jump rapidly. She felt like her entire body was getting soft and numb. Also, the sweet and painful memories from the past engulfed her entire mind. She nearly lost her self-control right there and then.

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When Dongfang Kexin returned to her senses, Long Yi had already stepped into the church. His perfectly straight back appeared as tough and tensile as a tall mountain. It seemed as though it could support the entire world.

“What am I thinking?” Dongfang Kexin suddenly shook her head and when she saw Long Yi’s back view disappearing from her line of sight, a sense of loss was roused in her heart.

“Don’t look anymore… My brother-in-law is already gone. If you like him, then just tell him. Why do you need to be so secretive?” Seeing the expression on Dongfang Kexin’s face, Nalan Rumeng snorted and said with disdain.

Dongfang Kexin became pale and she turned around to stare at Nalan Rumeng. There was a terrifying expression on her face and she hurriedly replied, “Who likes him? I’ll only like him if my eyes were blind.”

Nalan Rumeng jumped back in terror and retreated two steps back. She had never expected such a big reaction from Dongfang Kexin. When she finally came back to her senses, she felt that there was nothing for her to be afraid of. She raised her head and refuted, “Of course, you are blind. You are deceiving yourself and throwing the face of us, women. I don’t feel like reasoning with you! Niur, come with this big sister.”

After she spoke, Nalan Rumeng grabbed Niur and stuck out her tongue towards Dongfang Kexin. She turned around and walked away from the Light Church.

The expression of Dongfang Kexin changed unpredictably and after gritting her teeth, she followed them. In any case, since she had agreed to Long Yi’s request, she would definitely accomplish whatever she promised him.


“The Pope is inside, Young Master Ximen, place go in.” That priest led Long Yi to a room on the top floor of this Light Church. After bowing slightly, he left.

Long Yi stood in front of a fan-shaped closed stone door. A number of diagrams which depicted the legend of the Light Church were engraved on this stone door. The engravings of the gods, demons, spirits, and monsters seemed extremely lifelike. Long Yi knew that the top floor of every church was generally built like this. It was just a simple stone room. It was the place where the successive Popes reside. As for why it was built like this, no one knew the answer.

Long Yi looked at this fan shaped door for a long time before he extended his hand to push open the stone door. As the stone door slowly opened, a gently light escaped the room.

The stone door completely opened along with some squeaking sounds. Long Yi immediately saw that Charles was floating in midair. His body was emitting a light halo and the entire room contained dense light magic elements.

Long Yi slowly walked in and the stone door behind him closed automatically. The moment the door closed, Charles started to open his eyes. He slowly floated down from midair and stood in front of Long Yi. He was calm and his gaze was soft. If Long Yi didn’t already know his hypocritical mask, he was afraid that he would have been fooled by the Pope’s benevolent expression.

“Is there any matter for the Light Pope to look for me? As for the matter of the inheritance of the light spirit tablet, there is nothing more I can do.” Long Yi said as he sized up this spacious stone room.

“Of course I have a reason to look for you. Have you noticed anything different in this stone room?” Charles took two steps forward and asked while observing Long Yi.

“Domain?” Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and appeared unconcerned.

“This is not a domain, it’s the divine domain.” Charles smiled and said. All of a sudden, he flicked the belt on his waist.

“Divine domain? What about that?” When Long Yi heard what Charles said and saw his suspicious movements, Long Yi felt as though there was something fishy going on. However, he was unable to pinpoint what it was.

“It’s nothing. I just want to see a bit of your skill since you have inherited the inheritance of the Lightning God.” Charles suddenly waved his hands and space instantly froze. The four corners of this stone room suddenly flashed and four huge light blades glimmering with a dazzling white light shot towards Long Yi. The blades came from all four directions and it was almost impossible for him to dodge them.

Long Yi was shocked when he discovered that he wasn’t able to move. He couldn’t even cast his Lightning Domain. Right now, he was just like a piece of meat on the chopping board.

Long Yi clearly understood that if these four super light blades were to touch him, he would disintegrate without a doubt.

The four huge light blades arrived before his eyes in a blink of an eye. Long Yi’s entire body was tense as he gritted his teeth. He had never thought that the Light Pope would have such strength.

When the light blades were about to touch him, the lightning spirit tablet in his sea of consciousness suddenly spun violently. A golden lightning seal came out from the space between Long Yi’s eyebrows and his entire body was instantly surrounded by silverish purple radiance. At that moment, the four light blades which had heaven severing might struck Long Yi.

Long Yi suddenly trembled. The meridians in his entire body convulsed and his internal organs seemed to be twisted together. A sweet taste welled up in his throat and blood seeped out from the corner of his mouth. Immediately after that, a warm aura circulated throughout his body and countless silverish purple lightning magic spirits cheered and became lively within his body. His body appeared to be made up of lightning magic elements.

A majestic energy began to fill his entire body and the lightning seal in the space between Long Yi’s eyebrows became even brighter. Right now, Long Yi felt as if he was holding the world in his palm and he wanted to release all of his frustrations with a loud roar.

After the silverish purple radiance around his body disappeared, Long Yi discovered that there was a piece of silverish purple breastplate covering his torso. That breastplate looked so awesome…… That heavy texture, mysterious runes, and plentiful violent lightning power. Even without explanation, Long Yi knew that this was a piece of the lightning god armor. He had longed to wear a piece of the lightning god armor day any night. Although it was only the breastplate, Long Yi was already overjoyed. He had no idea how to express his joy in words.

Charles looked at lightning god breastplate on Long Yi’s body and a hint of sadness flashed in his eyes. It was as though he was recalling events of the past.

“Don’t be complacent too early, although your aptitude is extremely good, your current strength is not strong enough to control the lightning god armor. This breastplate appeared in order to save your life at the critical moment. Nothing more.” Seeing as Long Yi was overjoyed, Charles couldn’t help but pour a bucket of cold water over Long Yi’s head.

As if to prove Charles was right, the lightning mark at the space between Long Yi’s eyebrows began to fade. The lightning god armor returned into his body.

When Long Yi felt the disappearance of power brought by lightning god armor, he involuntarily felt empty in his heart. After tasting that kind of tyrannical power, how could he be willing to let it disappear? That was the power of God. Originally, he thought that he had already experienced the strongest power in this world after seeing the Swords God, Magic God, and the Three Headed Demonic Dragon. However, in front of the power of the lighting god armor, they were insignificant.

“There will come a day when I will wear the complete suit of Lightning God armor.” Long Yi secretly vowed in his heart. Today, he had taken a step towards his final objective.

Before long, Long Yi calmed down his state of mind and stared straight at Charles. A hint of strange color flashed in his eyes and he asked with a smirk on his face, “You are not Charles. Who are you?”

“You only noticed now? Aren’t you a little bit slow?” Charles laughed.

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“Let me guess your identity. You are the legendary Light God, aren’t you?” Long Yi walked in front of Charles and asked with a smile.

Although he was not one hundred percent sure, he was at least eighty percent sure that this was the Light God.

“Why would you think that I’m the Light God?” Charles, no, maybe one should address him as the Light God now, laughed.

“It is very difficult for me to put it in words. However, the Lightning God and the Dark God left me with even more confusion after their appearance. I hope that you will be able to tell me everything.” Long Yi took two steps forward and said. He really wanted to know about the Divine Realm. Where was it? How exactly was it structured? What exactly happened to the seven main gods of the Divine Realm?

The eyes of the Light God flashed and he shook his head. Forcing a smile on his face, he explained, “Since they didn’t tell you, there must be a reason to not let you know. You’ll understand everything in time to come. My divine power will not last long and I will be unable to possess Charles’ body for long. I have already used a little trick in his sea of consciousness which will cause him to not appear in front of the common people for ten years. Look out for yourself.”

“Hey, you are still not telling me anything! I’ll take my leave if you don’t plan on telling me anything. I don’t feel like dealing with these trivial matters from your Divine Realm.” Long Yi threatened.

“You are already on the chessboard. There is nothing you can change about it. It doesn’t matter if your willpower is extremely strong, you are nothing but a chess piece.” Charles laughed and he pushed the hair on his temples behind his ear.

Long Yi’s pupils enlarged the moment he saw Charles’ actions. This was too feminine… Could it be that the Light God came down from Brokeback Mountain? Or could it be that the Light God was originally female?

When Charles saw Long Yi’s expression, he realized that he screwed up. He hurriedly put his hand down.

At this time, Long Yi’s sea of consciousness suddenly pulsated. The milky white light vortex suddenly began to tremble. Along with this trembling, the air in this entire room seemed to be fluctuating. A milky white radiance flew out from the body of Charles which entered the space between Long Yi’s eyebrows.

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