Chapter 470: Curiosity can kill a person

On the mist covered Dragon Island, under the dim light of night, it appeared even more fascinating and magnificent. In the midst of that mist, one could vaguely see islands everywhere on the vast sea.

At this moment, Midi’er landed on the main island which was the largest island in the ocean. Landing quietly, she looked all around as if she was a thief.

“Big sister, you finally came back! Did you avenge me?” Lugexiya came out from another cave and walked towards Midi’er. These past few days, he was scared witless as he was afraid that the Dragon King would notice that Midi’er was missing. Right now, he perfectly understood how his sister had felt when he sneaked out.

Midi’er pulled Lugexiya inside a secret cave as she patted his shoulders. However, a huge force surged out from her hand and made him fall to the ground.

“Big sister, can’t you be a bit gentler?” Lugexiya rubbed his shoulder and complained.

“Why did you say? Do you want me to break your bones again?” Midi’er raised her eyebrows which immediately scared Lugexiya to the point where he didn’t dare to open his mouth again.

When she saw that Lugexiya didn’t dare to open his mouth anymore, Midi’er nodded her head in satisfaction. She finally regained a little bit of her confidence. In front of that fellow Long Yi, all her powerful moves were useless. She lost a huge amount of face when she fought with Long Yi.

Midi’er placed her little hand on Lugexiya’s shoulder and said, “Dear little brother, big sister needs your help. You won’t refuse me will you?”

“Wha… what help?” Lugexiya was panic-stricken and he stuttered. He was too afraid as Midi’er was usually extremely violent towards him.

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Midi’er whispered her request into Lugexiya’s ear. In an instant, his handsome and spirited face turned deathly pale. He bitterly said, “Big sister, isn’t it better to ask other people to help you do this? If I got discovered, wouldn’t my buttocks get beaten till they bloom?”

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“If you don’t agree, do you believe that I’ll make your buttocks bloom now?” Midi’er ferociously threatened Lugexiya.

Lugexiya wanted to cry, but he had no tears. Instead, he thought about how his older sister still had not answered his first question. He asked about Long Yi again, “Okay, I will do it. However, did you help me to teach that kid a lesson or not?”

Midi’er’s expression changed the moment she thought about Long Yi. She flew into a rage because of the shame she experienced during the fight against Long Yi. She smacked Lugexiya’s head and she snapped, “You dare to doubt me, your big sister? Don’t you want to live anymore? Although that fellow had a trick or two up his sleeves, I taught him a lesson anyway. He cried as he begged for me to stop hitting him. Anyway, I let him off because of his friendship with our younger sister, Liuxu.” The more Midi’er spoke, the more guilty she felt. It was clearly her who got away due to Liuxu. If not for Liuxu, it would be hard for her to tell who would have taught who a lesson.

“Yes! I knew that my big sister is the strongest!” Lugexiya happily replied. Generally, anyone who fought against his big sister would have to rest at home for a month or so.

“Well, it’s already so late, I’m going back to rest now. Don’t forget about what I asked you to do. If you dare to fail, I’ll teach you a lesson you’ll never forget.” Midi’er threatened Lugexiya before leaving the cave. She sighed in her heart as she hoped that her lie would never see the light.


Long Yi took Liuxu and Little Niur to the imperial palace of the Nalan Empire. Originally, Liuxu was adamant about returning to the Illusory Forest. However, due to Long Yi’s persuasion and Niur’s refusal to leave Long Yi’s bosom, she eventually decided to stay behind. She knew that if she stayed, she would at least be able to learn of the news of her parents from Dragon Island as soon as possible.

Nalan Ruyue was very welcoming. When they were in the Lightning God Forbidden Area, Liuxu made a timely appearance and helped them to deal with the Three Headed Demonic Dragon. Niur was another reason they were very welcoming towards Liuxu. Both Nalan Ruyue and that Little Lolita had completely no resistance against the cute little Niur. They loved her very much. However, little Niur had not seen Long Yi for such a long time. How could she leave Long Yi’s bosom and allow other people to hug her? Even at night when it was time to sleep, she held on to Long Yi without letting go. This made the Little Lolita very jealous. That warm bosom was her’s!

These days, Nalan Ruyue was very busy dealing with the matters regarding the empire. She started to resemble an empress more and more. No matter if it was handling the matters of the nation or her temperament and style of conversation. She had developed a unique flavor. Her abilities were not inferior to her father emperor, Nalan Wuji, in the slightest. As such, she received the support of numerous officials. She proposed several new policies that benefited both the empire and the people. They were obviously well received by everyone. The common people also gradually accepted the fact that their empire was ruled by the first female ruler.

These few days, Long Yi spend most of his time accompanying the Little Lolita and little Niur. As for Liuxu, this mad cultivator, she was busy cultivating. Now, Blue Moon City appeared calm and tranquil. Long Yi went to the Emerald Mist Pavilion once, but he discovered that Mu Hanyan wasn’t there. Her subordinate said that she would return after a period of time. As for Light Pope Charles, that old bastard, he made no movements. It seemed as though he was kneeling day and night in front of the Light God statue. He should be begging for the inheritance from the Light God. He never thought that, if the Light God truly existed, why would he give away the inheritance of the light spirit tablet so easily? If the light spirit tablet was given to Charles, who would be regarded as the Light God?

At dusk, the temperature outside began to fall. This was the time when the streets in the imperial capital had the most people. People who had been staying indoors the whole day chose this time to walk around the imperial capital in order to take a breather.

Long Yi was carrying little Niur with his left hand and holding the Little Lolita with his right hand.

They were idly walking on the streets and lanes of Blue Moon City.

“Father, hungry……” Immediately after swallowing a whole roasted chicken, Niur cried out to Long Yi with her immature voice.

“Brother-in-law, how much can she eat? Along the way, she already ate eight roasted chicken and more than five kilos of stewed meat.” The Little Lolita looked at the big-eyed and innocent Niur who was lying in Long Yi’s bosom and she fumed. She didn’t care about how much Niur ate. She was only concerned that the little dragon would make a big fuss and attract all of Long Yi’s attention. She was jealous.

“Even if you give her a mountain of food, she can finish it in no time.” Long Yi said with a smile. He had already experienced little Niur’s eating capacity. Even after eating about a few hundred kilogram worths of magical beast meat, they would only fill the bottom of her stomach. She also seemed to be able to eat anything. As long as the object she was eating contained energy, she would swallow it with no problems.

“Little foodie, truly……” Little Lolita muttered as she tightly hugged onto Long Yi’s arm. In her heart, she was thinking about what would happen after she married Long Yi… After marrying Long Yi, this little creature would also become her daughter. At that time…

How would Long Yi know about the Little Lolita’s thoughts? He walked around the imperial capital as he watched his surroundings. Currently, the situation in Nalan Empire had already stabilized. The life of the common people had already returned to the normal track. The army of the beast-men race was retreating and the rebellion from those principalities and kingdoms had been suppressed. The only thing left to do was to annex Proud Moon Empire. He had already discussed the details with Nalan Ruyue since a long time ago and they had also decided the fate of those principalities and kingdoms. There was nothing wrong with them having wild ambitions. However, it was wrong when they exposed it and rebelled against the emperor.

As he walked without a target in mind, he eventually reached the Light Church along with a stream of people. Maybe it was because of Charles’ presence, an endless stream of people visited the Light Church. Some believers even kneeled down on the square of the church under the extremely hot sun as they prayed. This was the power of religion.

Long Yi looked up at the Light God statue which was on the top of this Light Church. There was some fear in his heart when he remembered what he told Nalan Rumeng to do the other day. He pulled on the Little Lolita and turned around in order to leave the place.

“Young Master Ximen.” At that time, a familiar voice came from inside the Light Church.

Long Yi turned his head and saw four red-robed priests walking in his direction. Although they were wearing a mask, Long Yi recognized the person in front. He knew that the one in front was Holy Priest Karen and the remaining three people were from the Law Enforcement Team. Of course, Dongfang Kexin was not present.

“Holy Priest Karen, where are you going?” Long Yi turned around and laughed.

“We have already accomplished our goals here. We plan to return to the light headquarter soon.” Karen said with a smile.

“Since that is the case, I will not disturb you any longer. Have a good journey! Be careful of the stones on the ground, don’t trip on them!” Long Yi hastily laughed and he turned around to leave.

When she saw that Long Yi was anxious to leave, a sense of unhappiness rose in her heart. Even though she had cultivated light magic for so many years, she knew that a calm heart was the key to cultivate smoothly. However, she was influenced by Long Yi and her heart was no longer as calm as before.

All of a sudden, Karen’s gaze landed on the beautiful and cute Niur who was in Long Yi’s bosom. She was surprised in her heart as she asked, “Who is this little girl? She looks so beautiful!”

“My daughter.” Long Yi shrugged his shoulder and admitted.

When little Niur heard Long Yi call her, she quickly yelled out, “Father, hungry……”

Karen was surprised. She carefully sized up little Niur and felt a peculiar energy fluctuation. She instantly knew that this little girl was no simple character. Using her spirit power, she started to probe little Niur. However, she never expected for her spirit power to disappear the moment it came into contact with little Niur’s body. She was so frightened that she hastily cut off her spirit power forcibly.

Niur turned and looked at Karen. Her big eyes were sparkling and it revealed a hint of craving. Obviously, little Niur treated Karen’s spirit power as her food.

Long Yi smiled. He obviously noticed everything which happened. His smile had a profound meaning behind it. “Being curious is fine. However, curiosity can not only kill the cat, it can kill people too.”

Karen’s body shook and her eyes shone with confusion.

“Young Master Ximen, you are really here! Just now, His Majesty the Pope, asked me to invite you into the Light Church.” A priest dashed out from inside the church and said to Long Yi after paying respect to the four red robed priests and Karen.

“Charles is looking for me?” Long Yi subconsciously blurted out. He had forgotten that it was a big taboo to call out the name of the Light Pope in front of the believers of the Light God. Fortunately, this priest already knew that the relationship between Long Yi and Light Pope Charles wasn’t shallow at all. As such, his reaction wasn’t too big.

Long Yi hesitated. Honestly speaking, although he and Charles had a relationship of mutual cooperation on the surface, he knew that dealing with Charles was like walking on thin ice. This person was a madman through and through. A madman was insane and unreasonable.

Long Yi was not too worried about Niur. The one he was worried about was Little Lolita Nalan Rumeng. Although the Ocean Barrier Pearl on her body might be able to block the attack of most people, Charles wasn’t one of them.

When Long Yi was hesitating, he saw that Dongfang Kexin was wearing a plain white priest robe as she glided over……

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