Chapter 469: Transformed into a humanoid girl

“See her?” Midi’er was somewhat hesitant. When all was said and done, she had never seen that younger sister of hers. Moreover, the blood of the Demonic Dragon Clan flowed through her veins. Although they had some blood relations, it was rather awkward for Midi’er to actually meet Liuxu.

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“As the princess of the Dragon Race, you were able to enjoy the love and affection of everyone. However, do you know how much hardship Liuxu had to go through? She grew up in the midst of hatred. This kind of pain is something you cannot even imagine.” Long Yi softly sighed as a stubborn and determined face appeared in his head. It was Liuxu’s beautiful face. The reason why he wanted to let Liuxu and Midi’er meet each other was not just for Midi’er to tell her that her father and mother were still alive. He also wanted to weaken the deep hatred in Liuxu’s heart as he knew that Midi’er’s presence would be able to do so. Hatred can be the driving factor for people. However, it can also easily drive them to the brink of destruction.

Midi’er was startled and didn’t speak. Her current state of mind was rather complicated. When all was said and done, the present situation which her aunt and uncle were in was caused by her own father emperor and the elders. She was afraid to meet Liuxu as she had guilt in her heart.

After a good while, Midi’er took a deep breath and she made up her mind. She said, “I want to see her. Maybe, we can think of a way to save aunt and uncle together.”

Long Yi smiled and nodded his head. He had not expected this. Midi’er’s current appearance was the complete opposite of that old diehard elder from the Dragon Clan. She didn’t display bitter hated for the Demonic Dragon Clan. Instead, she seemed to be admiring the deep love between Liuxu’s mother and father.

Long Yi pulled up his sleeve and the lifelike dragon shape bracelet on his wrist became visible. He muttered incantation to activate the magic transmission array.

A white light flashed and a space crack quietly split open beside Long Yi. It appeared as though a monster had opened its mouth beside Long Yi. Whoosh, with her cyan colored beautiful hair fluttering in the air, Liuxu who wore black and golden scale armor emerged from the space crack. The moment she appeared, her body became stretched taut and she appeared as though she was a female leopard ready to strike. She glared at Midi’er with her cold eyes even though Midi’er had no intentions to attack her.

“Father, hug, hug!” When the two dragon girls were looking at each other, an immature voice popped up from the side. A lustrous and transparent light flashed. Before Long Yi had time to see clearly, a beautiful little girl rushed over. Her body still emitted a faint milk fragrance. She hung on Long Yi’s chest like a koala.

“Father, father……” The little girl was very excited. She continuously rubbed her face on Long Yi’s chest as she called his name.

“Are you Niur?” Long Yi looked at this beautiful little girl in his bosom who appeared to be only three or four years old. He was shocked when he looked at her. Didn’t they say that the members of the Dragon Race can transform into humanoid form only after reaching adulthood? Niur seemed to be just a few hundred years old. Moreover, when Long Yi looked at her, she was no different from a human baby. He couldn’t see even the faintest trace of her being from the Dragon Race.

“It’s me, Niur!” Niur embraced Long Yi’s neck with her plump little hands. Her huge eyes were jet black just like Long Yi’s. Also, her eyes were crystal clear… She was really too cute.

Long Yi held onto little Niur who seemed to be weightless in his embrace. An indescribable and pleasant surprise welled up in his heart. She had changed into a little chubby dragon form, Big Head, not too long ago. Now she had once again transformed into this cute little girl. Perhaps, Long Yi really regarded her as his own daughter already.

“Liuxu, what is going on here? Why is Niur able to transform?” Long Yi happily asked.

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Liuxu had an alert expression as she looked at Midi’er who was as shocked as Long Yi. She explained, “I don’t know. Not long after Niur returned to Illusionary Forest with me, she transformed.”

“She is really too cute! Let me hug her too!” Midi’er was truly unable to endure it any longer. Although she was a she-T. Rex, she didn’t have any immunity towards such a cute little girl. Not to mention the fact that this cute little girl was also her younger sister.

Before she was able to reach out her hand to touch Niur, Liuxu’s sharp claw which was pitch black in color shot out. Her claw obstructed Midi’er and she coldly said, “Regardless of who you are, if you don’t want to fight, then scram.”

The gaze of Liuxu was ice cold. When she saw that someone from the Divine Dragon Clan was beside Long Yi, she became extremely shocked. She held a deep hatred towards the Divine Dragon Clan. She didn’t hesitate to show her hatred even though she was beside Long Yi.

“Younger sister, I am your big sister Midi’er. I am aunt Salianya’s niece.” Midi’er hastily explained herself when she looked at Liuxu whose entire body was emitting a cold aura.

The moment she heard the name of her mother, Liuxu was stunned. This was the name of her mother. This meant that this woman from the Dragon Clan was the daughter of her maternal uncle who was also the current Dragon King.

In an instant, Liuxu’s became even colder. Her beautiful face twisted with hated and she gnashed her teeth, “So you are the daughter of that good maternal uncle of mine, that great Dragon King who doesn’t care about familial love. He was the one who pushed his own biological younger sister into hell…”

“That’s not it! Father emperor, he has his own difficulties……” Although Midi’er had a fiery temperament, she however appeared as meek as a cat in front of Liuxu.

“Shut up. I don’t want to hear anything you have to say, neither do I want to see you. Don’t force me to fight against you.” A dangerous aura came from Liuxu. There was no doubt that if Midi’er were to continue talking, Liuxu would immediately attack.

Midi’er was skilled in fighting, but regarding worldly wisdom, she was ignorant. She turned to Long Yi who was holding Niur at the side. It was obvious that she was hoping for Long Yi to help her. She subconsciously knew that Long Yi was able to help her.

Shrugging his shoulders, Long Yi opened his mouth to give her a signal. When all was said and done, Midi’er was still a wise dragon. She understood what Long Yi was trying to tell her and she blurted out, “Younger sister, you should listen to me. Although your parents are imprisoned in the forbidden area of the Dragon Race, their lives are not in danger.”

Just by saying this sentence, Liuxu’s look of hostility disappeared. All these years, she had always been concerned about the safety of her parents. Now that Midi’er had told her that they were still alive, she felt extremely relieved. Also, Midi’er no longer seemed detestable in her eyes.

Long Yi was hugging Niur when he found a place to sit down. Liuxu and Midi’er followed him and they sat down not too far away from Long Yi. Long Yi felt that the appearance of Midi’er would give him a chance to penetrate the Dragon Race. After all, trying to save Liuxu’s parents from the forbidden area of the Dragon Clan would be harder than ascending to the heavens if he were to do it alone. Since Midi’er was the princess of the Dragon Clan, she should be very familiar with the territory on Dragon Island. If he could pull her to his side and get her help, everything would be much easier.

“Midi’er, do you have any way to save Liuxu’s parents?” Long Yi asked. Little Niur in his bosom had already fallen asleep when he wasn’t paying attention.

Midi’er seemed to be embarrassed as she slowly explained, “The forbidden area of our Dragon Race is the most dangerous place. There are 18 dragon guards guarding the entrance 24/7. Also, danger lurks everywhere inside the forbidden area. Even when the elders or my father emperor enters the forbidden area, they have to rely on the Diving Dragon Pearl. The pearl is made from the remains of the ancient Dragon God. If they don’t use the pearl, they would probably die inside.”

“Do you know where the Diving Dragon Pearl is located?” Long Yi habitually stroke the beard stubble on his chin and a plan started to form in his head. He thought about stealing the Diving Dragon Pearl without getting caught. After getting his hands on the pearl, he would find a way to enter the forbidden area of the Dragon Race in order to save Liuxu’s parents.

“Of course I do! However, it’s impossible for you to obtain the Divine Dragon Pearl. In order to obtain the pearl, you have to obtain the seven elder seals from the seven great elders. You also have to get the Dragon King Seal from father emperor.” Midi’er helplessly said.

“Can’t we just steal all of them?” At this time, Liuxu had already laid down her hostility towards this big sister Midi’er. After all, they were thinking of a plan to save her parents.

Midi’er shook her head and said, “The elders and my father emperor always keep the seal close to themselves. The strength of the elders had already reached the pinnacle. There is no need to mention about father emperor who had reached the peak Emperor realm. That is the highest realm and no one had reached it for millions of years. They are absolutely not someone your mankind’s Magic God and Swords God can match.” Although she compared the strength of the Dragon Race and mankind, Midi’er had never seen the true power of mankind. Despite that, everything she said was true. In fact, there were only very few opponents in the younger generation of the Dragon Race who were able to fight against her. However, in front of her father emperor, she was nothing. One of his claw could send her to heaven. He was the one in the entire Dragon Race who had the highest chance to break through the peak Emperor realm. The moment he broke through, he would become the Dragon God.

Long Yi frowned. If this was the case, Long Yi knew that unless he had sufficient strength to put on the Lightning God armor, it was impossible for him to clash with the Dragon Race.

Liuxu had a dejected expression on her face right now. She knew what it meant for a dragon to cultivate to the peak Emperor realm. That was a legendary realm which was only one step away from becoming a Dragon God. How could she possible fight against him?

Long Yi saw the change in Liuxu’s expression. He stretched out his hand in order to hold her little hand. With a smile on his face, he comforted her, “Why are you giving up? This is different from the Liuxu I know. It’s stupid to fight against the tough head-on. Especially when you don’t have sufficient strength. However, using the weak to defeat the strong, using wisdom to defeat power. That is called being intelligent.”

When she felt the warmth coming from Long Yi’s hand, Liuxu’s heart was filled with gratefulness.

Long Yi was her only friend. Although he was always laughing and joking, he would always turn serious when the time comes. He would always lend a helping hand when she needed it. He would not be arrogant nor fake when helping her. He had the true deposition of a man.

Liuxu nodded her head. Long Yi’s smile gave her unlimited courage. She felt as though there was nothing which was unsolvable when Long Yi was here. The image of Long Yi had already reached the peak in her heart at an unknown time.

“Midi’er, I hope you can help. After returning to Dragon Island, observe the habits of those seven great elders. You have to take note of your father emperor as well. Maybe you will be able to find a chance for us.” Long Yi reached out his hand and patted Midi’er’s shoulders. Instead of replying to him, this beautiful dragon girl rolled her eyes at him.

“Alright I got it… I should be going now. If I disappear for too long, they might discover my little adventure out of Dragon Island.” Midi’er stood up. In any case, she had already decided to help Liuxu rescue her aunt and uncle.

Before Midi’er could leave, Liuxu stood up and grabbed her hand. She thanked Midi’er sincerely, “Big sister Midi’er, thank you.”

A hint of a magnificent smile appeared on Midi’er’s mouth and she replied, “I am your big sister. A big sister would obviously help her younger sister.” After she was done speaking, she held onto Liuxu’s hand as well. Moving closer to Long Yi, she kissed Niur’s chubby cheeks before she transformed into a golden light. She disappeared into the horizon after kissing Niur.

This little dragon girl was cute… Long Yi looked into the distance where Midi’er disappeared. At this moment, the first rays of the morning sun arrived from the east.

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