Chapter 468: Biting Mimi

Long Yi was also very shocked. Why did this little beautiful dragon throw herself into his arms? As her dragon power had already dissipated, her golden sharp claws changed back into her five fingers. Her hand slammed into L0ng Yi’s bosom.

Long Yi had clearly not expected that she would slam her hands into his chest with such force. As such, he couldn’t help but lose his balance. He staggered a few steps backwards and he grabbed on to Midi’er’s waist. Wrapping his hands around her slender waist, he dragged her down with him. It was a complete coincidence that his lips happened to touch hers for a split second. A sweet fragrance and aura could be felt by Long Yi as they assaulted his lips.

With a charming body in his bosom, Long Yi felt that the body of Midi’er was astonishingly soft and elastic. Her bosom that was pressed against his chest made him ** endlessly. Although she had a short temper, he had nothing to complain about her body.  Also, the golden scale armor on Midi’er’s body wasn’t as hard as Long Yi thought it would be. Instead, it was soft and warm as it came into contact with his skin.

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For a long time, Midi’er didn’t come back to her senses. As such, Long Yi took advantage of his chance to hug her for a little longer. His hands were not idle at all. He was exploring her body from her waist to those plump buttocks… He lightly kneaded them and he could feel that they were very elastic.

Suddenly, Midi’er jumped off of Long Yi. Her beautiful face was bright red which formed a strong contrast with the golden scale armor on her body.

Getting up to his feet, Long Yi gave Midi’er an ambiguous gaze. He touched his lips and said with a grin on his face, “If you want to kiss me, you should have said so. There is no need to do it forcefully?”

Although the temperament of Midi’er was fiery, she was a pure and innocent she-T. Rex. Even though she was already several thousand years old, she had never been in love. Normally, she should have already gone to look for her own lover as they made preparation to give birth to the next generation. However, she wasn’t nicknamed the ‘first tyrant dragon kind’ of the Dragon Clan without any reason. In the clan, all of the outstanding talents who were around her age had already been beaten by her. So, although she, the Princess of the Dragon Clan, was as lovely as a flower, every youth in the Dragon Clan would hide far away if they heard that she was going to be their partner. Therefore, in terms of feelings, she was as clean as a sheet of blank paper even up till this day. She had never tasted love before.

“I didn’t! You were the one who attacked me sneakily.” The face of Midi’er became redder and she flew into a rage from shame. After that, she stared at the side where tiger cub, Long Three, was licking its fur nonchalantly. It was this despicable little creature that had hit her noble butt just a moment ago. It was the culprit who caused her dragon power to dissipate!

Eh…… sneak attacked? Long Yi looked towards Little Three and secretly laughed in his heart. This kid had his elegance. Maybe it had not been eating meat for quite some time now. That was the reason it attacked that meaty place…

“You don’t need to find an excuse. There is nothing wrong with you throwing yourself into my arms… Wa! Anyway, you should at least tell me before making your move.” Long Yi dodged several golden lights which were shot by Midi’er as he shouted at her.

Midi’er had never eaten such a big loss, so she was depressed endlessly in her heart. Now, she was truly infuriated and she couldn’t dispel the resentment in her heart without peeling off Long Yi’s skin.

A golden light flashed around Midi’er and she instantly transformed into a dragon which was over 100 meters long. Members of the Dragon Race was the strongest in their original dragon form. In that form, all of their abilities would be at its peak state.

Long Yi knew very well that the members of the Dragon Clan would be in their strongest state when they took on their original form. When he saw that Midi’er was transforming into her dragon form, he took the initiative to gain the upper hand. He flashed and appeared out of thin air above Midi’er. He wanted to ride her back and subjugate her.

However, Midi’er was far stronger than her younger brother, Lugexiya. In the younger generation of the Dragon Race, practically no one was her opponent. This was also one of the reasons she held the other youths from the Dragon Clan in contempt.

The moment Long Yi approached her, he encountered her attack. Energy twisted around in the surrounding area and Long Yi was forced the retreat. However, how could Midi’er allow Long Yi to advance and retreat as he pleased? She swept her huge golden tail towards Long Yi with a violent swing. As the speed and power of the tail had reached the extreme, it formed a vacuum energy field. All things within the radius of 100 meters rolled up and instantly exploded into pieces. A single tail sweep from Midi’er was unexpectedly able to level a small hill to the ground.

Long Yi was quick and skillful. Flying into the sky, he threw a compressed lightning magic ball which he had prepared some time ago. Right after throwing the ball of lightning, seven-colored magic douqi slashed towards Midi’er throat like a magnificent rainbow.

Midi’er’s huge dragon body spun in the sky and the compressed lightning magic ball encountered a powerful obstruction. It exploded in the sky before it was able to touch her. It was basically unable to injure her. As for the magic douqi sent out by Long Yi, it was met with a huge dragon breath from Midi’er.

The dragon breath was the essence of the dragon which could produce explosive energy. The magic douqi was created with the combination of seven magic elements. The seven magic elements mutually enhanced each other and their power increased exponentially. It was able to break through almost anything.

Long Yi used his internal force to protect his body and without any hesitation, he rushed into that dragon breath. The seven colored magic douqi unexpectedly cut through the dragon breath sent out by Midi’er and it was flying towards the inverse scale right below her throat.

All dragons had an inverse scale. Touching it would be considered courting death. However, the inverse scale was also the weak part of any dragon. It was the place with the weakest physical and magic defense.

Ding, sparks flew in all directions. The purlicue of Long Yi jolted. Nevertheless, Midi’er was in imminent peril. She was unable to move her inverse scale away. The seven colored magic douqi slashed at her and opened up a wound right below her inverse scale. A thin wound appeared and a trace of blood seeped out from the wound.

Midi’er was wounded by a human… Humans were the ones she looked down on the most. As such, she was even more triggered as Long Yi had violated her dignity as a dragon.

Her huge body coiled around Long Yi as fast as lightning and she used her violent strength to crush Long Yi’s body. She nearly crushed his internal organs. When a she-T. Rex showed her powers and prestige, she was not to be trifled with.

Long Yi’s lungs were burning as Midi’er tightly constricted him up from his head to toe. If any ordinary person was in his place, they would have already been squashed into a meat paste. However, this was Long Yi we were talking about. Gritting his teeth, he used his internal force and spirit power to attack Midi’er’s sea of consciousness.

Long Yi’s spirit power was so strong that even Midi’er didn’t have the guts to face it head-on. Due to Long Yi’s attack, she was distracted for a moment. The binding around Long Yi loosened a little bit. Just as Long Yi was about to take advantage of this chance to free himself, Midi’er used all of her strength to forcibly constrict him.

“Is there any need to risk your life like this?” Long Yi cursed in his heart as he began to get serious. His spirit power changed into ten thousand fine spirit needles as they stabbed towards Midi’er.

“Roar……” Midi’er felt the tingling pain coming from the depth of her soul and she involuntarily roared as she rolled around in the air. She used even more strength and tightened the coil on Long Yi.

Long Yi nearly vomited a mouthful of blood. This she-T. Rex was truly insane. Even after so much, she wasn’t letting him go. If he were to go all out and use every method available to him, Long Yi was sure to be able to break out of her binding. He would seriously injure her in the process. However, he didn’t want to do that. Even though she was boorish, her nature was straightforward and Long Yi liked this kind of people.

Since Midi’er had gone insane and was tightly coiling around him, he opened his mouth and bit her stomach which was in front of his face. He threw caution to the wind and he ignored the fact that his actions would anger her further.

This move was unexpectedly effective. The entire dragon body of Midi’er shook and her coiling loosened.

The moment Long Yi was out, Little Three got into an attacking posture. He wanted to launch an attack on Midi’er who was rolling about in pain.

Instead of flipping around in the sky, Midi’er turned twice in the air before golden light covered her body. She instantly changed back into her human form. Her right hand was covering her chest and her face was bright red. She looked somewhat dejected due to the wound Long Yi gave her.

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As for Long Yi, he felt a weird feeling in his heart when he saw that Midi’er was covering her chest with her hand. An evil thought flashed in his mind and he couldn’t help but ask, “Did I bite your chest just now?”

Midi’er glared at Long Yi with hate and anger. The place he bit was exactly where her chest was. In her dragon form, the sensation wasn’t strong at all. However, the moment she reverted back to her human form, the feeling swept over her like a wave. She felt both numbness and pain coming from her right chest.

Although Long Yi was on the verge of bursting out in laughter, he chose to keep his mouth shut.

Midi’er calmed down her state of mind and looked at the little tiger cub for the umpteenth time. A strange expression appeared on her face. She hesitated before asking, “Is this a light sacred beast? Are you that human who was holding the light sacred beast when you met with my younger sister in the Illusory forest?”

Long Yi was startled. Midi’er was clearly talking about Liuxu. However, Liuxu was born in the Illusory forest, how was it possible for them to be sisters? Long Yi could think of many possibilities and he started to question Midi’er, “Do you know Liuxu? How can she be your younger sister?”

“I have never seen her. However, I realized that I had a younger sister after eavesdropping on my father emperor and the elders. As for why she is my younger sister, can’t you use your pig brain to think about it yourself?” Midi’er had given up on teaching Long Yi a lesson. She realized that it was impossible for her to chew on this hard bone which was Long Yi. Moreover, now that she thought about Liuxu, she decided to drop the matter altogether.

“Then, is Liuxu’s mother your aunt?” Long Yi thought for a while before making a guess. According to Liuxu, her mother was the princess of the Divine Dragon Clan. Since Midi’er addressed her father as father emperor, she should also be a princess. Presumably, the current Dragon King should be Liuxu mother’s brother.

“Looks like you’re not stupid after all. Whenever I think about my aunt, I think about how she doted on me in the past. During my childhood, she would often sneak out of the Dragon Clan with me and bring me out to play.” The expression of Midi’er became somewhat blurred and she forgot the person in front of her was someone she was trying to kill just a moment ago. Not to mention the fact that he just bit her mimi just now.

“Then, do you know if Liuxu’s parents are alive?” Long Yi asked Midi’er as he really wanted to know how Liuxu’s parents are doing. No matter how they screamed at each other, they considered each other a friend.

“They should be alive. They are individually imprisoned by the elders at two different forbidden areas of the Dragon Race. Every day, they suffer heart piercing divine punishment. The Dragon Clan wanted them to forget about each other. However, even after several thousand years, they never regretted their action. Neither did they give up on each other.” Midi’er said with sadness in her voice. Although she was unable to understand why her aunt fell in love with someone from the Demonic Dragon Clan, her heart was touched by their unyielding love. She also had fantasies of leading a love life like this. Even if the other party was outside the rule of the clan, she would still love him without any hesitation.

They were still alive… Long Yi was happy in his heart. He thought about how Liuxu would be happy when she heard about the news. After thinking for a little while, he came up with a bold suggestion, “Little dragon girl, do you want to meet Liuxu?”

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