Chapter 467: Teasing a dragon girl

Tiger Cub, Long Three, roared for quite some time and its fur shone with an indistinct white color. It looked up towards the Light God statue which was situated on top of this Light Church and turned its tiny head towards Long Yi who was in a daze. Its white pupils displayed a confused expression. In the end, it rushed towards Long Yi and rubbed its head against Long Yi’s leg like a cute little cat after shrinking back down.

“This…… What’s going on here?” Charles asked.

“How would I know? As I see it, the Light God Statue on the top of this Light Church is where the Light God’s soul is located. You are pretty lucky… Since the Light God has taken away the spirit tablet, you can come here everyday pray in front of the statue. If you are sincere enough, maybe he might pass his inheritance on to you someday. Now, let me get out of this place.” Long Yi explained and he pointed at the Light God statue which was on top of the Light Church.

Charles looked at the statue of the Light God for a long time before he waved his hand. With a single wave of his hand, he removed the barrier which was covering the Light Church and he flew towards the Light God statue.

As for Long Yi, he picked up Little Three and ran away without looking back. Only God knew if this Light God bore any grudges towards Long Yi. Although Long Yi had faith in his own strength, it was only when compared to the people on the Blue Waves Continent. If a true God wanted to deal with him, it would be as easy as crushing an ant. He was sure of this after looking at the Lightning God. Even now, he was still unable to wear a single piece of the Lightning God armor.

Long Yi flew into the sky for a period of time and thought about returning to the imperial palace. However, he suddenly thought of Mist Fairy. She was a mysterious woman, but she gave him an unusual sense of familiarity. Long Yi just couldn’t think of where he had seen her before.

“She lives together with that lascivious hussy, Hanyan. It’s normal for me to meet her in passing when visiting my sweetheart.” Long Yi made a detour towards Emerald Mist Pavilion with no hesitation.

The two peerless beauties had completely different flavors. If they were sleeping together while wearing transparent nightclothes, what a romantic scene that would be! Long Yi sped up towards Emerald Mist Pavilion as wicked thoughts appeared in his head.

However, the road to success had always been strewn with setbacks. Some people just didn’t want Long Yi to become so complacent. Just after flying for a bit, a majestic power came from all directions and pressured him.

When he felt the power, Long Yi instantly stopped in his tracks. With a layer of invisible true qi and spirit power rotating around his body, the majestic pressure didn’t have much effect on him. However, Long Yi was shocked in his heart. This person was a true expert… In this world, there were not many people who were acknowledged by Long Yi as a true expert.

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“Who’s there? Get out here now!” Long Yi shouted. Internal force gathered in his palm as he shot it out through his fingers.

Long Yi felt a slight decrease in the pressure around him. He could also sense the aura of someone who was fleeing.

Long Yi raised his eyebrows. You’re trying to lead this Young Master away, but I won’t be fooled…  Instead of chasing the person who was fleeing, Long Yi calmly floated in midair.

Sure enough, the aura which was fleeing stopped after a while. Before long, it returned. With Long Yi’s powerful eyesight, he could make out a hazy figure.

“Aren’t you a man? Seems like you aren’t one… You don’t even dare to follow me.” A lovely voice resounded in Long Yi’s ears. Even though the voice was nice to listen to, the tone of the speaker was extremely rude.

Long Yi didn’t get angry. In his mind, he instantly analyzed the voice. He quickly reached a conclusion. If this was her true voice, then she was someone Long Yi had never seen before.

“Report your full name and your background. This Young Master is a decent person. I will accept your seduction.” Long Yi smirked and said.

“You…… Will you follow me or not?” The owner of this voice was already angry.

“Nope! How would I know where you want to lead me… I am a pure and innocent young man. What happens if you decide to r*pe me?” Long Yi instinctively felt that this woman was not someone he should be wary of. As such, he started becoming curious about her true identity. Besides, he was Long Yi… He couldn’t help but tease her.

“You shameless scoundrel! I’m going to take a good look at you!” The figure of this woman trembled. She was probably raging in her heart due to all the bullsh*t Long Yi was giving her.

“Don’t! I am already handsome enough to defy the heavens. After taking a good look at me, some women in this world refused to eat or drink. Do you still want to take a good look at me?” Long Yi’s lips curled upwards and he said with a sly smile on his face. It had been a long time since he teased someone like this. He felt a refreshing sensation wash over him when he teased this mysterious woman.

Instead of replying Long Yi, the woman didn’t say a single word. Instead, a bright golden streak of light shot towards Long Yi.

“Dragon aura? Beat the little one and the big come. Are you the mother of that perverted dragon? Since you gave birth to him, you should properly discipline him. Don’t let him come out every day to take liberties with women and seduce widows.” Long Yi suddenly lost his interest in this woman. The clansmen of Dragon Race had a long lifespan, just by hearing their voice, it was impossible to distinguish their age. As for the fiery temperament, all female dragons were like that. That was the reason Long Yi would call them ‘she T.Rex’.

“You…… You……” Midi’er who was well-known among the dragons as the first tyrant dragon king in the Dragon Clan was speechless. Long Yi made her so angry that she had nothing left to say. She just wanted to take a look at the person who had defeated her younger brother. As such, she sneaked out of Dragon Island to look for Long Yi. Who would have thought that even before she could do anything, Long Yi would have won. He made her so angry she was about to vomit blood at any moment.

“What are you talking about? I know you are feeling sad right now… How can you give birth to such a son? Anyway, this might not be entirely your fault. Maybe he inherited his father’s genes. Also, being perverted isn’t something to be ashamed of. The only mistake he made was to go for my woman.” Long Yi shook his head and sighed.

Midi’er was about to go mad. If it was not for having certain misgivings, she would have already given Long Yi the trashing of his life.

“Also, don’t tremble nonstop. Are you crying? Oh, I know, the father of that perverted dragon had passed away long ago. It’s no wonder that he became like that. You gave birth to him, but he has no father to teach him… He is such a pitiful child.” Long Yi continuously sighed. However, he was roaring with laughter in his heart.

In the next moment, Long Yi felt as though the air in the surrounding stagnated. He knew that it was time for this female dragon to make a move. As he didn’t want to alarm people in Blue Moon City, he flew out of Blue Moon City.

After flying rapidly for a little while, Long Yi landed on a desolate hillside. He was still carrying Little Three in his bosom. Little Three had its eyes half closed as it enjoyed the sensation of flying.

“Well, you don’t have to hide anymore. This place is desolated and uninhabited. If you want to take revenge, bring it on. You can also push me down and take advantage of me, I won’t mind.” Long Yi caressed the tiger cub in his bosom with a smile. He didn’t seem concerned at all.

A fragrant wind blew over as a tall figure appeared not far away from Long Yi. She was a woman with a curvy hot figure. She wore a golden color dragon scale armor and her beautiful and elegant face had a valiant and heroic aura. Her beautiful eyes were big and full of vigor. Also, there was a piece of golden scale between her eyebrows which enhanced her beauty. No one could imagine that such a woman had such a fiery temperament.

So young? Long Yi was startled. This girl from the Dragon Clan didn’t only appear young. Her expression and temperament were obviously one a young girl had. It was impossible for any woman to behave like this after giving birth to a child.

“Are you the mother of that perverted dragon? Doesn’t seem so…” Long Yi took a step forward and asked. He was really confused this time.

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“You! You are his mother… Do I look like a mother to you?” Midi’er furiously roared. Long Yi said that she, an unmarried maiden from the Dragon Clan, was someone’s mother. This was a direct insult to her.

“So, you aren’t his mother? Seems about right, that perverted dragon is so boorish and you are so beautiful. How can you be his mother…” Long Yi said with a smile.

“I’m Lugexiya’s big sister.” Midi’er subconsciously replied Long Yi.

“Big sister? Then, what is your name?” Long Yi asked with a smile.

“My name is…. Why would you need to know my name? Anyway, you were the one who trashed Lugexiya. As such, I’m here to beat you up today. Whatever you did to him, I’ll return it a hundredfold.” Midi’er was nearly fooled by Long Yi. She was someone who rarely left Dragon Island. How could she be Long Yi’s opponent when arguing with him?

“I’m afraid that you are going to be disappointed.” The corner of Long Yi’s mouth rose. A pallid light shone in his eyes when he stared at the female dragon in front of him. Divine Dragon Clan? The opinion Long Yi had on the people from the Dragon Clan wasn’t a good one. She wanted to retaliate hundredfold against him. However, he wanted to retaliate ten thousand times against the damned elder from the Dragon Clan.

Midi’er coldly snorted and swung her slender jade hand. Golden light flew towards Long Yi. Along with the sound of metal disintegrating, the space around Long Yi twisted out of shape.

Without any obstruction, those golden lights passed through Long Yi’s body as though he wasn’t there. In the instant when the golden lights came into contact with him, his figure slightly swayed. However, he returned to his original position in the next moment.

“Little beautiful dragon, try a bit harder. This level is still not sufficient.” Long Yi laughed as he looked at Midi’er.

Midi’er didn’t reply Long Yi. She crossed her hands and her fingertips shone with indistinct golden light. A strong magical power started to wreak havoc around the entire place. The ground underfoot began to roar as earth wave seethed. Trees flew everywhere and boulders fell from the sky.

When everything was calm again, Long Yi was standing deep underground. Above him, there was a mountain made up of piles of earth and stones. Draconic Magic was truly powerful.

Boom, the earth and stones shot all around. Long Yi flew forward without the slightest hesitation and stood in front of Midi’er with a grin on his face. The main power of this draconic magic didn’t come from the attack of the stone and earth. Instead, it was the extremely powerful magic fluctuation. It could rupture the meridians of the target and make their blood flow in reverse.

“Damn……” Long Yi cursed as a slender jade hand stabbed towards his neck the moment he arrived. The fingers of that jade hand were covered with sharp golden armor. Without a doubt, it had enough power to pierce through iron.

Kacha, Long Yi’s big hand easily caught on to Midi’er’s wrist. Although he caught her hand, Long Yi felt a tingling pain in the web between his thumb and index finger. Dragons were truly unreasonable creatures. Any one of their Draconic Magic was comparable to forbidden magic spells. Their physical strength was also very powerful and their magic defense was also abnormal. In the end, they only had one flaw, i.e. their fertility rate. However, if one looked at the long lifespan Dragons had, a low fertility rate seemed insignificant.

Midi’er’s eyes flashed with surprise. She had never expected that a human would possess such strength. It seemed as though Lugexiya was not exaggerating when he complained about Long Yi being strong.

The Dragon Race was filled with competitive clansmen. Not to mention the fact that all dragons were born with superior strength. If they lost in a contest of strength, they would lose a lot of face.

Midi’er used her dragon power and a vast power erupted from her little hand. A dazzling golden light covered her entire arm and the sharp edge of her fingers slowly advanced towards Long Yi’s neck. It eventually came into contact with Long Yi’s neck and Midi’er’s eyes flashed with a complacent light.

Long Yi immediately used his internal force of AoTianJue which had reached the fifth layer. Blue veins appeared on his hand and he forcibly stopped Midi’er’s hands from moving forward.

All of a sudden, a burst of power smacked Midi’er’s buttocks and her draconic power instantly dispersed. She staggered and fell into Long Yi’s bosom.

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