Chapter 151: Frightened Yao Na

Cheng Yu woke up two days after suffering from Qi Deviation and Shi Ji was still treating Yao Na’s injury.

Cheng Yu’s injuries were more severe than Yao Na, but Cheng Yu’s ability to recover was very strong. Furthermore, his cultivation had also reached a certain level. Naturally, Yao Na could not be compared. After all, Yao Na was still a mortal. At that time, not only did Cheng Yu fail to successfully teach her how to cultivate, he had also harmed her as well.

On the other hand, Shi Ji was not a human, she was a demon beast. She had no idea about the treatment needed for an injured person. Without a choice, Shi Ji could only rely on the strong spiritual Qi from the Spiritual Origin Tree to treat her.

The time taken for Shi Ji to treat Yao Na was a lot slower compared to Cheng Yu. However, Cheng Yu chose not to interrupt her or another accident might happen. If the same thing were to happen again, then Yao Na would really be on her death bed.

Cheng Yu sat down and collected his thoughts. Since there were so many medical herbs in this valley and it was impossible for Shi Ji to completely cure Yao Na in a short time, Cheng Yu might as well take a look around and see if there were any rare medical herbs. If he were to find Huayuan Grass, it would be for the best. This way, he would be able to refine the Core Transformation Pill.

Cheng Yu went around the valley and suddenly realized something interesting. The moment he reached a certain height, the spiritual Qi would become very sparse. It seemed like there was a layer of protection separating the valley and the outside world.

Cheng Yu took out his flying sword and examined the surroundings. He finally found out the reason for this. It turned out that this valley was formed by the encirclement from the big mountains. The three mountains formed a shape of “Three Core Layers of Spiritual Qi Array.” It just so happened that the Three Core Layers of Spiritual Qi Array’s focal point was the Spiritual Origin Tree.

This way, the spiritual Qi from the Spiritual Origin Tree would be protected by the Three Core Layers of Spiritual Qi Array. This was the reason why the spiritual Qi at the bottom was so dense and when he went back up the cliff, he could no longer feel the dense spiritual Qi.

Cheng Yu no longer paid any attention to this, but continued to search for medical herbs in the valley. It was not until the second day that Cheng Yu suddenly saw a spiritual stone.

Spiritual stones were produced by spiritual Qi. They were able to absorb all kinds of spiritual Qi and the reason Cheng Yu needed to make a trip to the Cultivation World was also to look for spiritual stones. In Cheng Yu’s previous life, spiritual stones were used as a currency. All sorts of items could be bought by using spiritual stones. Of course, there was also an exchange of items. That only happened when both sides agreed to it.

However, spiritual stones were also categorized in grades. There were bottom-tier spiritual stones, mid-tier spiritual stones, upper-tier spiritual stones and top-tier spiritual stones. The exchange rate between the tiers of spiritual stones was 1:100. So a top-tier spiritual stone would be exchanged for 100 upper-tier spiritual stones.

In Cheng Yu’s hand was a bottom-tier spiritual stone, but he was still not very happy about it. The location Cheng Yu was at now was very far away from the Spiritual Origin Tree. Naturally, the spiritual Qi here would not be as dense as near the tree.

However, to be able to find a spiritual stone in this place was because the Spiritual Origin Tree was a source of the spiritual Qi. This also meant that we could treat the Spiritual Origin Tree as a spiritual vein. Since it is a spiritual vein, it would naturally be able to produce a large amount of spiritual stones and yet, Cheng Yu was not able to find any. Didn’t this seem a little strange?

“AAAHHHH!” It was at this moment, a frightened scream echoed from the valley. Cheng Yu was alarmed. That voice was Yao Na’s! Cheng Yu quickly used his flying sword and flew down.

It turned out that when Yao Na had woken up she saw a big snake’s head in front of her and her whole body was enveloped by the snake. Therefore, she screamed in a frightened and miserable voice.

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“Cheng Yu, save me! Sob! It’s such a big snake…sob!” When she saw Cheng Yu flying down from the sky, she had forgotten about the curiosity in her heart and only knew how to cry. Up until today, she had never seen such a big snake before, and it was at her side.

“I am not a snake…” When Shi Ji heard Yao Na calling her snake, she immediately became resentful. In the demon beast race, snakes were a lower grade than flood dragons. To call Shi Ji a snake was an insult to her.

When Yao Na, who was crying with all her effort, suddenly heard a woman’s voice from her side, she was stunned. She had forgotten about her cries as she looked at the big snake in a daze.

“I am a flood dragon. Not a snake…” Shi Ji’s immense head looked at Yao Na as she said.

“You… you… you…AAHHHH!!! Snake Demon!!! Sob! Cheng Yu, snake demon! I want to go home…Sob!” When Yao Na saw it was really the big dragon who was talking, she immediately fell into a state of panic as she kept on struggling.

Cheng Yu quickly descended as he carried Yao Na into his bosom and gently patted her back. Cheng Yu spoke gently, ”Nana, don’t be afraid. She is our friend and she was the one who saved you. She is called Shi Ji.”

While hiding inside Cheng Yu’s bosom, Yao Na finally managed to find comfort. She hugged Cheng Yu’s waist tightly as she hid her head in Cheng Yu’s bosom and dared not to peek out.

“I don’t want to. I don’t want to. It’s too scary. She is a snake demon,” Yao Na hid herself in Cheng Yu’s embrace as she kept on shaking her head.

“HAHA! You have misunderstood. She really is our friend. Take a look again. She will not hurt us. Besides, am I not around?” Cheng Yu patted Yao Na’s back and laughed.

“Really?” After getting Cheng Yu’s guarantee, Yao Na slowly turned her head from Cheng Yu’s bosom and looked at the big dragon. She saw the big dragon was coiled around the big tree and was looking at her. After that, Shi Ji opened her mouth and bit down.

“Aahh!” Yao Na screamed and hid her head into Cheng Yu’s bosom again.

“Shi Ji, stop fooling around! You have really frightened her!” Cheng Yu glared at Shi Ji for a moment as he hugged Yao Na tightly. “She is a flood dragon, not a snake. The reason why she was able to speak the human language was because she is a demon beast. Two days ago, when I was guiding you in your cultivation, we were interrupted and that caused Qi Deviation to happen. It was me who requested her to save you. She is your benefactor.”

“Really?” Yao Na remembered that Cheng Yu was guiding her in cultivating, but when she woke up, she realized she was at an unfamiliar place. Finally, she knew the reason.

After understanding what exactly happened, Yao Na finally calmed down. When she looked at the big dragon again, she was no longer as frightened as she was previously. However, women are born sensitive to this type of animal and besides, Shi Ji was also so enormous. How could Yao Na not be afraid of her when she saw Shi Ji?

“Shi Ji, catch. This is the Shapeshifting Pill. You should change to your human form. Your original body is too frightening,” Cheng Yu remembered that he had plucked a Huaxing Grass and had managed to refined a bottle of Shapeshifting Pill. He quickly threw one pill towards Shi Ji.

The Shapeshifting Pill was a kind of pill that was used to allow a demon beasts to change to human form. Of course, if a human used it, they would change to a beast’s appearance. As for what they wished to turn into would depend on their abilities. Because after changing to a demon beast, the spiritual Qi they have to consume would increase by several times and might even be more than 10 times. Therefore, there were no humans that would be willing to use the Shapeshifting Pill to transform into a demon beast. Wasn’t this just looking for trouble?

The Shapeshifting Pill’s effects would last for a month. Of course, that was the longest period. And if they wished to returned to their original appearance, they could do it anytime. But the Shapeshifting Pill they consumed would no longer be effective and they must consume another to be able to transform again.

Shi Ji swallowed the Shapeshifting Pill immediately. Her whole body was flashing in golden light. After the last ray of golden light flashed, a woman appeared. She wore a white silk dress and her skin color was fair. Her appearance was very seductive and on her forehead, there was a strange red tattoo making her look even prettier and flirtatious.

Aiyo! Just now, Yao Na had been stupefied by this miraculous incident, but when she suddenly felt water droplets falling on her face, she raised her head and took a look. To her surprise, it was Cheng Yu’s saliva! Yao Na immediately got angry as she pinched Cheng Yu’s waist hard, causing Cheng Yu to shriek in pain.

“Hehe. Shi Ji, can’t you make yourself look a little uglier? With you being like this, how am I going to speak to you in the future?” Feeling Yao Na’s jealousy, Cheng Yu smiled awkwardly as he spoke to Shi Ji.

“This is not something I can decide.”

“Do all flood dragon females become so pretty after they transform?” Cheng Yu asked. If all flood dragons were so pretty, Cheng Yu decided that he would find a few of them and bring them home. Not only could they be bodyguards, he could also appreciate them. It was truly killing two birds with one stone.

“How would I know? I have not met other flood dragons,” Since her youth, Shi Ji had been living in this valley. She basically had not met any other flood dragons, including her parents.

“Nana, are you still afraid? She already changed into her human form,” Cheng Yu hugged Yao Na and said.

“This… what exactly happened? How can she transform into a human?” Yao Na was still somewhat dazed. Cheng Yu explained everything in detail to Yao Na once again. He also explained Shi Ji’s situation to her. Finally, Yao Na managed to fully understand what was going on exactly.

“Shi Ji, thank you for saving me. I am sorry for what happened just now,” After understanding the ideology of the demon beasts, Yao Na apologized to Shi Ji. Actually, this was not Yao Na’s fault as she truly had no idea about this.

“It’s fine,” Shi Ji’s attitude was not cordial, but somewhat cold. Perhaps, this was because demon beasts have always had some misunderstanding towards humans because the way Shi Ji spoke to Cheng Yu was also indifferent.

“Oh right. Shi Ji, I have a very important question that I wish to ask you,” Cheng Yu suddenly remembered the spiritual stones and spoke solemnly.


“Are there a lot of spiritual stones below the Spiritual Origin Tree?” Cheng Yu took out the spiritual stone he found and asked.

“Spiritual stones? Yes. Previously there were a lot of these stones. What do you want them for?” Shi Ji looked at the spiritual stone in Cheng Yu’s hand and replied affirmatively. At the same time, she became very on guard towards Cheng Yu as she was able to sense the demand Cheng Yu needed for this kind of spiritual stone.

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“Then do you know where these spiritual stones are? This is very important to me,” Cheng Yu said excitedly.

“I will not tell that to you. All these are mine,” These spiritual stones contained a large amount of spiritual Qi that was extremely beneficial to Shi Ji’s cultivation. She would never be willing to hand over these spiritual stones.

“Shi Ji, don’t be like that. You already have such a big Spiritual Origin Tree. Isn’t it a waste for you to keep all of them?” Cheng Yu laughed as he tried to persuade Shi Ji to take out all the spiritual stones[1].

“Hmph! In any case, they are mine! Whether I am wasting them or not, how is that your business?” Shi Ji was not willing to compromise at all.

“Shi Ji, you do know that you are holding onto a treasure, but not utilizing it? This Spiritual Origin Tree is like a spiritual vein. Over a long period of time, it would be able to give birth to a real spiritual vein. If at its side, there were a pile of spiritual stones, it would be able to give birth to even more spiritual stones. Now that you separated them, aren’t you making it more difficult for the tree to give birth to more spiritual stones? Furthermore, the Spiritual Origin Tree and the spiritual stones are complementary to each other. Now that you have removed the spiritual stones, it will cause a big influence on the Spiritual Origin Tree as well. Just take this Spiritual Origin Fruit for example. The time taken for it to ripen is longer than what you expected. Tell me, is this a loss now?”

Cheng Yu did not lie to her. He was truly feeling distressed right now. Regardless of it being the Spiritual Origin Tree or the spiritual stone, Cheng Yu had always viewed them as treasures and also wished to possess all of them. However, the time was not right yet. Therefore, Cheng Yu definitely said that he wished to move all this away. Otherwise, Shi Ji would definitely turn mad.

After hearing Cheng Yu’s words, Shi Ji also started to ponder it seriously. Formerly, she have also felt the same way. She felt that the spiritual Qi released from the Spiritual Origin Tree have become lesser each day, but she had never knew the reason why.

Shi Ji was just a flood dragon. She had been living in this small little valley since her birth. She only knew that this Spiritual Origin Tree was something beneficial for her and the spiritual stones grown below the tree were as well. Before she became acquainted with Cheng Yu, she did not even know that this was a Spiritual Origin Tree and also that those stones were called spiritual stones. Therefore, how could she possibly know about the complementary nature of both the Spiritual Origin Tree and spiritual stones?

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