Chapter 152: Invading the Hong Family

“Then what should I do? Put the spiritual stones back under the tree?” Shi Ji asked.

“Of course. Without the spiritual stones, it is simply too hard for the Spiritual Origin Tree to give birth to new spiritual stones. Only by piling them together can the spiritual stones start growing faster.”

“Alright. I will move the spiritual stones later,” Shi Ji did not want Cheng Yu to know where she had hidden the spiritual stones.

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Cheng Yu did not mind it as he looked at the sky and noticed it was already the morning. He could no longer fly straight to the city. Cheng Yu looked at Yao Na and recalled that he did not successfully teach Yao Na how to cultivate. Hence, he decided to do it now and return when it was night.

Shi Ji saw that Cheng Yu was teaching Yao Na how to cultivate, so she did not interrupt them and secretly went back to the pool. A while later, she took out a pile of spiritual stones and placed them under the Spiritual Origin Tree. She did this numerous times until she completely moved all the spiritual stones underneath the Spiritual Origin Tree.

Looking at the big pile of spiritual stones and the spiritual Qi becoming even denser, Shi Ji felt remorseful that she had moved them in the first place. Perhaps, she would have gotten more new spiritual stones if she hadn’t moved them.

It was only around 10 pm when Cheng Yu finished teaching Yao Na how to cultivate. Yao Na had gained a lot of benefits from this incident even though it was dangerous. Because there was lots of spiritual Qi accumulated in her body, she would be able to progress the fastest in terms of cultivation in the future among all of Cheng Yu’s women.

Waking up, Cheng Yu saw the huge pile of spiritual stones under the Spiritual Origin Tree and he immediately became excited. There were tens of thousands there! However, compared to Cheng Yu’s demand, this amount was still too little. He needed at least hundreds of thousands.

If only he had a spiritual vein could he achieve that goal easily. However, Cheng Yu did not have the intention to move this pile of spiritual stones yet. He intended to head over to Cultivation World to look for them and see if they used them as a form of currency.

If they were used as a form of currency, Cheng Yu would need to refine some extraordinary pills. This way, he would be able to exchange them for spiritual stones directly. However, Cheng Yu had no idea how many pills he would need to transact to accumulate what he needed. Aish! He started to have a headache.

When he saw that the human form Shi Ji was sitting at the center of the pile of spiritual stones while meditating, he did not interrupt her. Cheng Yu carried Yao Na while boarding his flying sword and flew towards Yunhai City.

As this was Yao Na’s first time sitting on it, she was extremely afraid. Simultaneously, she recalled that this morning, Cheng Yu was also on this flying sword when he came to save her.

“Cheng Yu, you can fly?” Yao Na asked excitedly. Yao Na had learnt a lot of things from Cheng Yu explanation, but when she experienced it, she still felt that this was too unbelievable.

“This is not true flight. Wait until you have reached Foundation Establishment Realm, and I will craft a flying sword for you as well. When the time comes, you can also do what I am doing now,” Cheng Yu smiled.

“Really? Then I will definitely cultivate painstakingly to reach the Foundation Establishment Realm earlier. In the future, when I head out, I will no longer need to take public transport or board an airplane anymore,” When Yao Na imagined herself stepping on the flying sword while travelling around the world, she couldn’t help feeling extremely excited.

“Haha! You cannot use this during the day. Otherwise, accidents might happen,” Mortals should not see this, so this could only be done during the night secretly.

Cheng Yu did not send Yao Na back to school, but sent her back to his villa. When he saw that he could no longer find any traces that were left behind by the battle, he did not give much thought to it.

But at this moment, Cheng Yu’s phone suddenly went off with lots of notifications. He took a look and saw that most of them were from his family. Cheng Yu was helpless as he called them back and explained the situation to them. It was only when his battery went out that he stopped.

What most of them told him was that he had become famous. He was on tv! This caused Cheng Yu to be extremely puzzled. Ultimately, he found the reason. It turns out that someone had taken a video of him fighting with the Hong brothers and posted it on the net. It caused a sensation, but was taken down after a while.

Cheng Yu was not happy about this. He would prefer if no one knew of this incident. After getting used to his current life, he had already gotten used to staying low profile. The most frightening thing to others was not knowing the limits of his strength. However, what Cheng Yu did not know was that the method he used to handle the Hong brothers was not low-key at all, but too eye-catching!

It seemed like in the future, Cheng Yu would have to be more cautious when choosing to handle these sorts of people. However, no matter how low-key he was going to be, he still had an issue that he needed to settle: the Hong Family. At that time, all of them covered up their faces, but the way they held a gun and their body structure was clearly only one that soldiers had. Since it was soldiers, they could only be people sent by the Hong Family. Cheng Yu had no intention to let them off so easily.

The next day, Cheng Yu got Qin Canghai to locate the address of the Hong Family as he decided to slaughter his way in.

For the past two days, due to the video, the higher ups had taken actions against the Hong Family. Hong Family’s eldest grandson, Hong Jun, had been investigated and fired by them. It caused Hong Jun to be depressed for the past few days. He would hang out with Hong Bing to mingle and during the night, they would head to the bars. His heart was filled with hatred. If it was not because of Cheng Yu, he would have never come to such an end. Today, all the Hong Family members were having their breakfast together.

“Jun’er, since you have already been fired by the platoon, don’t bother getting moody. I have a job for you. Go and learn from these group of people first,” Hong Guanlin said to Hong Jun while having their breakfast.

“Got it, grandpa,” Even though he was not willing, Hong Jun knew that he had no other choice. He did not dare to anger his grandfather again.

“Head, there’s someone causing trouble at the entrance,” A guard flew into the inner courtyard as he said in pain.

“Who dares to act so rampantly in our Hong Family?!” Hong Guanlin stood up and shouted to the entrance. The Hong Family had been in Yunhai for so many years. Never had there been someone who dared to create trouble at their place. No matter who this person was, he had truly provoked Hong Guanlin’s fury.

“It’s me…” Cheng Yu walked in from the courtyard slowly and appeared in front of all the Hong Family members.

“You are…Cheng Yu?” When he saw the person was so young, Hong Guanlin frowned. He narrowed his eyes as he realized the person in front of him looked exactly as Cheng Yu in the video.

“That’s right,” Cheng Yu’s voice was cold because this group of people truly touched his bottom line.

“Cheng Yu, I know that you are Zhao Minglong’s nephew and you are a generation younger than me, but this is my Hong Family’s house. Don’t you find it very rude for you to charge in here so suddenly? Could it be that your Zhao Family has never once placed us, the Hong Family, in your eyes at all?” The manifestation of Cheng Yu’s martial strength was very powerful, but he was currently in their house. Even though he might not have a company of people here, there were at least a dozen soldiers who had guns here. And these soldiers had long taken out their guns and pointed them at Cheng Yu the moment Cheng Yu charged in.

Having to suffer defeat in front of Zhao Minglong several times, Hong Guanlin was already extremely angry. Now that his nephew had also charged into his house to cause trouble, this was the biggest humiliation to the Hong Family to date. How could Hong Guanlin not be angered by this?

“Don’t pull the Zhao Family into my matters. Do you know why I am here?”

“I don’t know,” The incident of him sending people to capture Cheng Yu had been very secretive as Hong Guanlin did not wish for this incident to be exposed. At that time, he only wanted to send people to capture Cheng Yu and had also ordered those people not to open fire at all cost. However, Hong Guanlin did not expect the situation to not go according to his plans. In any case, this incident must never be revealed.

“I hate the most when someone is pointing a gun at me. If you do not wish for them to become like the group of people you sent, ask them to put their guns down,” Cheng Yu looked at the group of people who were pointing guns at him.

“Cheng Yu, you are too unbridled! This is my house. Whatever I do here, it’s not up to you to decide! All of you, put down your guns first,” Hong Guanlin was truly afraid of Cheng Yu’s way of handling things. However, he must now weaken his stance. By doing so, it had become Hong Guanlin who was giving Cheng Yu face and not because he felt threatened by Cheng Yu.

“For you to come over to our house, is there anything I can help you with?” Hong Guanlin said gloomily.

“It is regarding a compensation problem.”

“What compensation problem?” Hong Guanlin asked confusedly.

“You sent someone to sneak attack me during the night and almost caused my woman to lose her life. Don’t you think that I should demand some compensation?”

“Cheng Yu, don’t spout nonsense. Since when have I sent someone to sneak attack you during the night?” No matter what, Hong Guanlin would never admit to this. Besides, there were so many people present. Even though they were his bodyguards, they were not his people truly. As long as one of them spread what happened today, it would bring a calamity to his family.

“So you saying that you are not willing to compensate?”

“I have not done it, so why must I compensate for it?”

“Good! I was waiting for you to say this. Originally, I had not been able to find any excuse for me to make a move on you guys,” Cheng Yu laughed. He looked at the shivering Hong Bing hiding behind the back. ”This incident was caused by your grandson, then I shall let your grandson shoulder the compensation.”

The moment Cheng Yu finished speaking, he leapt passed everyone and grabbed Hong Bing’s neck and lifted him up.

“Grandpa, save me…” Hong Bing’s breathing started to become distorted as he spoke with a raspy voice in extreme pain.

“Put him down! Otherwise, don’t even think of leaving this courtyard today!” Hong Guanlin saw that Cheng Yu had grabbed hold of his grandson, and he was startled as he shouted angrily.

The previous group of people quickly raised their guns and pointed them at Cheng Yu.

“I do not wish to kill people. But since you are not willing to pay with money, then I can only use your grandson as compensation,” Cheng Yu lifted Hong Bing even higher and exerted more strength on his neck. Hong Bing immediately lost his breath and his complexion turned ashen.

“Wait! Put my grandson down first. Regarding the compensation, we can discuss it later.”

“You should have said so earlier! Why must you let your grandson experience this kind of suffering first?” Cheng Yu did not wish to kill Hong Bing. If he did kill him so openly, it would definitely bring trouble to him.

Cheng Yu loosened his hands. Hong Bing immediately collapsed on the ground as he patted his chest.

“Open fire!” However, just as Cheng Yu loosened his hand, Hong Guanlin ordered for shots to be fired.

These were all trained soldiers. Their reaction speed was extremely fast. The moment they heard instructions, they opened fire.

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Cheng Yu leapt and rotated himself in the sky continuously. After the shots stopped, Cheng Yu landed on the ground and stretched out a fist as he opened it up. Inside his hand were bullets that fell to the ground and rolled.

Everyone was startled. Previously, when they watched the video, they felt that it was too exaggerated. However, when everyone saw it with their own eyes, they were stupefied.

“I said before I hate it when someone points a gun at me and even more when someone shoots at me. Since you do not know how to appreciate my kindness, don’t blame me for being impolite,” Cheng Yu kicked Hong Bing, causing Hong Bing to fly up and bumped the obelisk out in the courtyard.

Cheng Yu did not stop. His figure flashed and arrived in front of Hong Jun. He grabbed Hong Jun’s right hand and pulled. Sounds of bones cracking resounded as Hong Jun cried out. After that, Cheng Yu sent a kick at him causing Hong Jun to fly out as well.

“This is the result of you not keeping to your words. Don’t provoke me any longer. Otherwise, the consequences will be more dire than what you can imagine,” Cheng Yu said calmly when he saw everyone present was looking at him with a frightened expression.

When Hong Guanlin saw both his grandsons had been beaten up in front of him, his heart ached. It was as if there was a dagger that stabbed his heart. However, Cheng Yu was too valiant! Previously, he felt that he had thought very highly of Cheng Yu, but judging from the current situation, he realized that he had actually underestimated Cheng Yu!

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